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Found 2 results

  1. 3 games into the season so far and the defense seems to be leaning heavily on Cover-1. I'm interested to see, as the season unfolds, how the coverages will evolve, but yesterday was more of the same and from watching the Monday night game (Lions/Giants) I knew they were going to try to use their backs isolated on our linebackers. I have to say, outside of one play down the stretch where it looked like Deion got jelly-legged, he looked good out there... real good. Play #1 - 2nd Quarter Detroit goes empty, with the back, Theo Riddick, flexed out in the slot. You can see the route combinations they have, but that's whatever. When I first looked at the play, I thought the Falcons were in Cover-1 Rat with Duke playing the Rat, but looking at the play a few more times, it looks like the Falcons are in some sort of split-field hybrid type coverage. Tru is playing man to the top. Alf is playing off. That signals split field. It could be a sort of Cloud coverage or something like Cover-9. It's tough to tell without the safety in the picture. But the essence of the post remains. Because of the deployment of the receivers, Deion is isolated in a man-on-man situation. At the snap, this is what I love. Deion plays this with the patience of a corner back. He doesn't panic. His feet don't start getting all jittery, he barely takes a step back. He understands perfectly what his leverage is supposed to be, and what he's guarding so he lets the back close the distance so that he can do this... ...so that he can get his hands on him and disrupt the timing of the route. Receivers like to do all that shuffling and faking with their shoulders to get you leaning and get an easy go. They hate it when you get hands on them. It just messes all their rhythm up. Also, the way he sinks his hips so that he can move in either direction and gets an eye back on Stafford is really savvy. Riddick does a good job of getting his hands over the top of Deion's jam and getting out in that break. But Deion is just a pure athlete. Look at the way he plays this. It's perfect. You can't expect many linebackers to make this kind of play consistently and he makes it look routine.
  2. For the bulk of the season fans have derided Quinn's base Cover-3 coverage and contended that the defense just needs to play more man and that would solve a lot of the problems. Fans tend to like things in black or white. If one thing isn't working, do the other. Nuance doesn't always get through. They tend to not want to accept that there are no easy answers and that you just have to eat the growing pains. Nothing proved that point more than what I say yesterday. There is no easy fix to becoming a good defense. There isn't some switch to flip that's going to magically make rookies stop playing like rookies. Play #1 - 1st Quarter Opening drive. Bad matchup. Play #2 - 2nd Quarter Collins gets beaten on a fade. Play #3 - 3rd Quarter Collins gets beaten on a fade. Play #4 - 4th Quarter - Game Clincher Alford gets beaten on the slant for the first down. Every one of those snaps was in Cover-1. There's more, but I not gonna gif all of them. But as you can see, the Falcons also have issues in man. And on another note, can we refrain from asking where the pass rush was yesterday. Take a look at those gif. Alex Smith was getting rid of the ball as soon as his back foot hit on all but a handful of passes, and on the few occasions he didn't, they max protected.
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