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Found 1 result

  1. Full disclosure...I am not a dawgs fan. I am a tech fan. Let’s get to it. Gurley will thrive here because: 1. Probably the most important reason. This team has monitored Julio and his nagging injuries for quite some time now. They have done so well in making sure that he stays as healthy as possible. Julio has missed less time over the past couple of years than he did when he was a pup on this team. I will credit the FO for that (although our other players seem to get injured like nobody’s business). They will undoubtedly treat Gurley like Julio so that he is able to give us the goods during the season. 2. Opposing teams cannot load the box. Julio commands, at minimum, a double team. The rams did well with misdirection to allow Gurley to find lanes, but they didn’t have a Julio Jones. I believe more lanes will be open for Gurley because of this. 3. Gurley is a receiving option. If all else fails and Koetter does his stupid Koetter bs (abandoning the run), then at least Gurley will be a viable option. 4. Gurley did not seem to get as many reps last year as he did previous years. At one point McVay had Goff passing 50+ times a game. Less wear and tear could only be good for his knee. 5. At the end of the day the guy is a football player. He hasn’t forgotten how to play football, and contrary to popular belief, his body isn’t totally mush yet. With proper spelling and maintenance I believe this signing will pay dividends for us.
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