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Found 1 result

  1. No 1st round draft pick. You can count on a good many FA signings. Meaning a few splashes. I do not see canoon balls though. To many teams who could out bid us for mario, etc. type players. But we could get a lot of mid range players, vets and young. If we play the cards right we may have a wonderful look ahead for seasons to come. For instance get Garrard as the back up. (Yes he had back surgery, yes he is 34; but we need only a back up). Sign him for two years and find a young QB to be training in that time and move him as the back up in 3 years. Our o-line is better then what you think. We had a horrible o line coach and OC. Svitek did a heck of a job for a back up. Look for Svitek to improve under better coachs and further training. Yes i do say get a back up LT and OT. let the line learn each other and become amazing. TE is something we need to look at. We better get a young player to train with Gonzales while we have the time. We can address these issues in our 2nd round draft. Maybe orson charles.(thoughts on who, i stink at who is good and not good for the draft. And yes I'm a homer for UGA I guess) Keep snelling. Mughelli is sadly probably done with the falcons. Injury, age, and contract is to much of a qestion. I think Cox did not preform as we thiught, and he failed us on picking up one yard. Snelling I think can do the job. Need a young WR, i fear someone is going to out bid us on Harry Douglas. A good DE. someone who we have a chance on. Maybe colts DE mathis. I think Sid is going to step up nicely, but we still need a DE to be rotation and/or injuries. a couple mid range CB's. Grimes wants to much and a lot are upset with his possible benching himself moves. Also his numbers were not good considering he missed 4 games and played 1 game for about ten seconds and got hurt in another. So 6 games basically, so of course his numbers will look good. 2 good seasons, 2 not so good. Not a repeat player. And if his knee is giving him that much trouble; a month and half, at playoffs, then clearly he is not a player who should be making more then 7. Cause you can only guess how his next season will be. Get a good mid range safety and re-sign sanders. Aparently falcons cannot keep healthy safaties. Re-sign Decoud as well. Not really anything better then him in FA. not saying he is awesome, just saying FA safties stink this year. We do need to look into a big boy DT. so we can see if 3-4 is something to look into. Cause with brees and newton, we need 3-4 to keep them from going deep. (So this one might hit us as the biggest splash). Thoughts?
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