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Found 6 results

  1. Let's just minus Amari Cooper,Pat Peterson,and LeVeon. I've seen the Karl Joseph interest thread, but could we possibly seek a trade partner to solidify the OL or DL. The Raiders are having a garage sell and they have a few I would like. Schrader is playing up and down and Levitre will be gone. Mack is getting older. So is now the time to get a replacement here that will be under contract? McClain IMO is a bust FA signing, and it has be someone better on the roster or help via trade. Beasley is the biggest tease we have defensively. 6'3 250lb 4.5 40, but plays like true freshman. He has a running mate in Takk, but Takk has more fight and dog in him than VB does. A 3rd pass rush option would help and 1 not named Reed or Means would be nice.
  2. This might be a question for someone like @PeytonMannings Forehead who understands the nuances of football a bit better than me. From what I gather listening to announcers and whatnot, Vic is a linebacker. I'm assuming he starts at WLB since Debo is our MLB and Campbell is the SLB. However, he rushes on almost every play. As far as I know, having a rush linebacker is more of a staple of 3-4 defenses. Demarcus Ware, Khalil Mack, and Von Miller are examples of 3-4 linebackers who rush all the time. Rushers in 4-3s are usually defensive ends. When Dallas brought in a 4-3 defense for example, Ware was "converted" to a hands in the dirt 4-3 defensive end. Our defense is different in that Vic is listed as a LB but he always has his hands in the dirt like an end. Could anyone explain why this is? Is this a staple of Quinn's defense? Or is this just an issue of semantics?
  3. Here's a little piece on 5 Training Camp & Start of Season Predictions for ours truly - comments or questions? Don't be afraid to spread this on social media for opinions. Mohamed Sanu liked one of my tweets about him last night too! Awesome team player!! http://lastwordonsports.com/2016/07/21/5-atlanta-falcons-training-camp-season-predictions/ Would've loved to get this pic in there, but copyright laws yadda yadda yadda...editors take over and do all that stuff. But this board is freedom land! So enjoy!
  4. This board hardly ever agrees on anything. Right now I think a thread on light vs dark beer could go on 9 pages with at least 3 bans. But one thing we can agree on is that season has been one of the toughest viewing experiences thus far. This was meant to be ‘our year’. To have that taken away (as it stands) is more painful than a Joey Harrington seam route. I’ve been off of the boards for a while for just that reason, but felt compelled to come back and state a view that I hope many others have. Put simply, I’m sick and tired of hearing “fire Smith, TD, boycott Home Depot, unfollow Thomas Decoud on instagram, and, even worse, tank the season for draft benefit.” I think it's time to really consider the facts. We knew that Mike Nolan's Defence was complex when he got here. That’s a gift and a curse. What do you need to run it? Smart football players for the most part, and a couple of real difference makers. We all loved seeing the Amoeba formation and destroying Peyton Manning. That feels like a long time ago doesn’t it? If executed correctly we have no qualms whatsoever. But it requires intelligence and experience in it to run it. But when you lose that many starters, you don't have a chance. It's that simple. Kroy was the joker. We now have no joker. Why... that’s so so serious. Say what you want about his sack totals, Kroy was, and is, non.stop.energy. We lost our Defensive leader in spoon. A defence lacking in leadership already. Asante was a huge loss, even though the young’uns stepped up on the outside. He brings attitude in buckets, and fires the guys up. The O is struggling, and is putting our young and inexperienced D on the field far too much is just making you more susceptible to errors and big plays. It’s the law of averages, and we haven’t played a bunch of jokers. It’s the NFL, and it’s a game of inches (insert more clichés here ad nauseum). Injuries are a part of the game, sure, but what I don’t understand is the hate towards innocent parties. The hate on Jackson’s hamstring is ridiculous. TD is getting some hate, but Let’s look at TD for a second. · Trufant and Alford are clearly well on their way. I’m personally very happy with the selections. · Osi has come in and been our best DE, and dare I say it, he’s been better than Abe. We haven’t heard it discussed, but he has quietly gone ahead and had a good start. 2FF, 1INT and 4 sacks really is not a bad stat line at this stage considering what we are paying him. Seriously. · Goodman has seen the field, and for a 4th rounder shouldn’t be expected to make the ground shake. I don’t see any justification for animosity towards him, other than from guys who think this is madden and we can throw out picks and trades to get all pros. He had a good offseason. Nolan Talk about being hamstrung, and it starts with the LBs. Spoon on the field sees the Rook LBs make less mistakes pre-snap. I don't think i've ever heard Nicholas say anything other than "Falcon faaans". He doesn't exactly strike me as a communicator/leader. Neither is Dent. Losing Akeem was also a blow, he is starting to shoot gaps nicely at times, and I bet on him vs an RB in pass pro. 9/10. Bartu has flashed, and Worrilow clearly has the heart for the game. But having two UDFAs starting is just crazy to me when you consider how invaluable game time experience is in this league. How do you install an effective D under these circumstances? Being a mental step behind is like running 5.2 40. Think about it. The guys who were playing Scout team D in TC are now starting. We are operating in miracles if we don’t expect a huge drop-off. In summation, I’d say that it’s easy to get angry. But this is, I think, is a series of very very unfortunate circumstances, most of which just cannot be planned for on a team that had a first team unit ready for a run at the big dance. So I choose optimism, not anger or blind homerism. I choose getting behind the rooks, and hoping that this year becomes one of the most valuable for the long term success of this D. I choose Mike Nolan over most D coordinators. I choose TD over nigh on all GMs. The nucleus is young. Let’s see what they’ve got. Understand that in these circumstances we can only hope for middle of the pack statistically. Sometimes it’s painful to watch, nay, excruciating (especially if you have #88 on your back). I for one am cautiously optimistic of the effect of a bye week on some of these guys, and am going to try my hardest to enjoy the rest of this season. Come on D, give me something to smile about this Sunday...
  5. I see a lot of people on here speculating whether Motta will be a LB, Safety, etc... Where do you see him fitting in? Me personally - I think he is hard to categorize (which may not be a good thing). Seems too weak (11 225 reps) to stop the run effectively in the NFL, yet also seems too stiff to play proper safety... Having a hard time seeing where he lines up in an NFL defense.
  6. Osi finally signed, how do our remaining needs rank 1. DE - Yes that's right, DE was our biggest need before we cut Abe, replacing him with Osi is an upgrade in terms of age, perhaps a slight downgrade in terms of talent. This position is still a big time need. The cheapest option at this point is to resign Abe, and it's one of the few options there are. Then we can draft a DE in the 1st or at latest the 2nd. Osi, Abe, a 1st or 2nd rounder, Biermann and Massaquoi is something resembling a playoff caliber line. 2. DT - DT is almost as big a need as DE, but we actually had a player there in Babineaux. Peters if he can come back healthy should be a solid #3. Robertson will get a chance to earn some run downs. Jerry will likely be cut in camp unless he actually looks healthy which is a long shot. We already passed on plenty of good FA DTs so will have to draft one. I think 3rd round is the latest to pick up a pure run stuffer, round 1 or 2 if we want an everydown player. 3. CB - With McClain likely to stay in the nickel, we need a starter opposite Samuel. The 3rd round is probably too late to wait for our guy unless we think McClain can be the starter in the base and play the slot in the nickel with the rookie outside. Round 1 or 2 is the place to grab a starter if we need him to be an impact rookie. Alternatively I think it would make a ton of sense to sign Mike Jenkins, a former 1st rounder, young athletic and has been productive but was benched last year. Rodgers-Cromartie only got 1 year 5M so Jenkins will probably get 3M at the most, we could plug him in opposite Samuel and take a CB in the 4th round to develop. 4. OG/C? - This is a question mark. If we're going to add an OL, it's got to be in the 1st 2 rounds. We have enough mid and late round OL on the roster. We can assume Konz will start, preferably at C but he may be played at G which he struggled with some as a rookie. If he is at G, Hawley would likely be the C. If Konz is the C, Johnson, Hawley and Reynolds (ughh) would presumably compete for RG. A possibility would be Clabo moving in to RG which would give us the size we need, and Holmes at RT. 5. LB - Run defense fell off quite a bit with Lofton out and Dent in. In addition to getting ran all over, the LBs couldn't cover anyone in the playoffs. Personally to me this about a terrible DL more than the LBs, and it wouldnt be the end of the world if we went into next season with Spoon and Nicholas as our top LBs, we have much bigger needs. However, I would have no problem with adding an athletic OLB and moving Spoon to MLB. Also, there are 3 FA LBs I think could really help this team. Karlos Dansby, a run stuffer, blitzer and cover guy, would be a great pickup and cheap compared to what he brings. Daryl Smith is a solid productive LB available for cheap. Thomas Howard once had 6 interceptions in a single season and would be a perfect weakside LB with Spoon in the middle. All are avaiable cheap and we could certainly afford them by giving Ryan his new deal but they are more luxuries. Dansby would be great though because he has legit pass rush ability and is just a solid playmaking LB 6. Return Specialist - Special teams were terrible we had no threat at all. Ideally one of the CBs we draft or maybe some RB or WR depth we pickup is a legit return threat. We definately need to get atleast 1 return weapon in the draft. Brandon Banks is a FA who is tiny but has blazing speed and is a legit return weapon. We could do far worse than signing him to compete with whoever we bring in in the draft. This team never got a boost from special teams last season 7. Depth - Beyond these needs it's really just depth across the roster. We should definately take 1 or 2 WRs in the mid-late rounds as we have no depth. We could use a speed back to develop as a receiving threat, we could use a talented TE to develop but I dont want 1 until atleast round 4. We could look at backup QB. When it comes to the OL and DL I only want to be drafting guys with the expectation of contributing in the first 3 rounds. You dont build a good team with late round linemen on either side of the ball. LB we could certainly use some depth also With that said, since TD has clearly annouced it's about the Super Bowl this season by paying Gonzalez and signing Jackson, I think the next step is giving Ryan his new deal so we can create 2013 and 2014 cap space Then we can reuse that to give Abe the respect he deserves and resign him, and then look at adding a solid starter on D who is available for cheap My top 2 targets would be Karlos Dansby and Mike Jenkins I think Dansbys the better player who would fix the run D, give us our 2nd nickel LB with Spoon, and be a quality blitzer and cover guy But the better value might be Jenkins, because then we don't need to draft a starting CB who we'd need to take early We could then go DE and DT in the 1st 2 rounds, and take an OLB in the 3rd **** just bringing back Abe atleast gives us a shot to enter the season with a decent D, which is all we need
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