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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/chris-lindstrom-i-want-to-win-a-super-bowl-and-be-the-best-guard-in-nfl When running through each rep at practice or a workout, Chris Lindstrom asks himself two questions: Is this decision making me a better football player? Is it helping make my team better? The 23-year-old is serious about his approach to the game and his quest to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Atlanta. He also has an ambitious personal goal, too. "I want to try and be the best guard in the NFL, I want to try and be the best player that I can be," Lindstrom said. "We w
  2. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/dirk-koetter-falcons-offense-played-its-worst-game No **** Sherlock! The Falcons’ offense appeared to be hitting their stride heading into the Week 7 matchup with the Rams. That changed on Sunday afternoon at Mercedes-Benz Stadium when Wade Phillips and the Rams’ defense gave Atlanta all they could handle. “We didn’t play well in any areas of the game on offense,” offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said on Monday. “We played our worst game of the year. We didn’t execute well across the board.”
  3. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/White-More-Animated-and-Energetic-in-Approach/84432b7a-8536-4c0c-bc58-35404b7dbaa0
  4. Q: After being able to watch a full practice, what is your impression of the 2015 Falcons? 
 AM: Not to knock the energy level of last year, but this is at a complete other level. It’s very different. I know that Seattle has been using a DJ before, but in 21 years of covering NFL practices; I have never actually seen a DJ spinning music at practice. When I talked to O’Brien Schofield and he said that guys ask him everyday, “Is this real, is this really happening?” I think players are really buying into the energy that Dan Quinn and his staff have here in Atlanta. And I think that is one of
  5. KC: What are some of the specific things you are looking for from Dan Quinn and the Falcons as you watch practice today? PK: I think one of the interesting things when a new coach comes in, especially a coach particularly on one side of the ball, is that I want to see Dan Quinn’s defensive personality. I really thought that there was a disconnect between the coaching staff and a lot of the players in terms of how aggressive an NFL defense should be and has to be. And I think that Dan Quinn has come in and basically said to these guys, ‘we are going to be the most attacking team in football.’
  6. The Falcons wrapped up the second day of XFINITY® Training Camp in front of a large crowd of fans Saturday morning. Although the team will not be in full-pads until Monday’s practice, head coach Dan Quinn showed excitement about what he has seen thus far. While implementing a new high-tempo practice style, the energetic coach puts his players in different situations that allows him to make specific evaluations. When asked who the biggest surprise of camp has been, Quinn didn’t just mention one or two names. Instead, he changed the format of the question to key-in on a group of people that
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