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Found 3 results

  1. Usually when teams are losing they always talk about how the most popular player on the team is the backup QB. I decided that just for fun we could all name our favorite Falcons backup QB over the years. Here's mine, Steve DeBerg. I was just a kid back in 1998 (10 years old) and remember thinking how cool it was that the Falcons backup QB was 44 years old. Was even better when he got to actually start a game! LOL!! Here's a video of him playing with the Chiefs and throwing a long bomb TD to another guy that eventually played for the Falcons, J.J. Birden.
  2. This is your typical "I know it's the offseason and you have nothing better to do but what the fack is the point of this thread?" thread. With a good 300 days until we start taking the 2014 draft seriously, I'm wondering what it is that we will do. If we look into a crystal ball, what needs will we have? RB - Steven Jackson may start to decline this year, and that means RB might be a position we start to look at. Someone like Lache Seastrunk from Baylor who recently claimed his goal for the 2013 season was to win the Heisman could certainly be on our radar. WR - I know a lot of us fans were clamoring for a receiver to be taken as a replacement and improvement in the slot over Harry Douglas. Although this was not the case, we did pick up a few receivers afterwards. These guys have yet to show if they'll stick around over guys like Drew Davis and Kevin Cone so an early round pick could be used on a quality guy like Mike Evans from Texas A&M who at 6'5 220+ could be a huge receiving threat to pair with Julio. (Cover this, Richard Sherman!) TE - I know we just drafted Levine Toilolo but he's a project at this point. A project that makes me happy that we have. Though with the popularity of the dual TE sets and the constant chess game that is getting the mismatches you want, could the Falcons pass on having Toilolo and Austin Seferian-Jenkins on the field at the same time? At 6'6 and 6'8, that would give us massive TE's to wreak havoc with. LB - With me not being a UGA fan it was hard for me to give Dent a realistic chance at winning me over this season, and he didn't really help himself. We don't know if his play is going to improve or if Banks is going to really step up in a big way. If both guys are disappointing then we could look to move on. Spoon still needs some help, no matter how well our defense plays. DT - We have yet to really plug the line in the way we need to. Babs isn't going to be around forever and we have yet to put forward two guys who can competently run the middle of our line once he's gone. Timmy Jernigan from the Florida State defense that just lost so much talent could really step up this year is someone I've got my eye on. With CB and Safety locked down in the draft this year, QB locked down for the next 5-10 years, and the uncertainly of how our O-Line is going to shape up and play, what do you see us targeting next year despite it being so far ahead?
  3. Anybody care to try and predict the score? Falcons - 27 Giants - 24 Turner runs for 158 and 2 TD's and Matt Bryant wins it on a field goal for us on the final drive.
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