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  1. Hi all, on Sunday it's going down. And with all the excitement about the big contract, Wr Julio Jones just received. I'm also excited about seeing also paid Falcons LB, Deion Jones. Hitting the field for the first time on Sunday vs Vikings. I did an audio-video on why I believe Deion Jones can have an even better year. Behind this defensive line. Then he did when Dontari Poe was here in 2017. If you have a chance to watch the video. That would be much appreciated. But I would like to know if you share the same sentiment about Deion Jone in 2019? Also, do you feel that Duke Riley can build off of what he showed in the 3rd preseason dress rehearsal game? #Riseup
  2. 2018 Pro Bowl wide receiver Julio Jones finished his season racking up 1,677 yards with 8 TDs after scoring all 8 in the last 9 weeks of the season. Rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley finished his 2018 season with 821 yards and leading all rookie receivers with 10 TDs. Finishing 7th of all receiving TD leaders. Slot receiver Mohamed Sanu finished his season with 838 yards and 4 TDs. Do you believe under the coaching of Dirk Koetter the Falcons can have the best Trio of receivers in 2019? Check out my new highlight video and decide for yourself.
  3. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/5/18/18627770/the-falcons-have-only-had-two-top-10-defenses-since-1998 The Falcons have only had two top 10 defenses since 1998 Expecting the Falcons to take a leap this year? Beware history. By Dave Choate May 18, 2019, 3:00pm EDT Having a good Saturday? Well, time to talk about the Falcons defense! There has been a lot of discussion about this Falcons defense and what we might reasonably expect from it. With better health and some key additions like Adrian Clayborn, Tyeler Davison, and depth in the secondary, it seems reasonable to expect it will not be a massive liability the way it was throughout much of the first half of the 2018 season, but can it be the (at least on paper) top ten unit it was in 2017? The chief reason to be skeptical (and I am) hinges on history. Here is the complete list of defenses that have been top ten in points and yards allowed since 1998. 2017: Points: 8, Yards: 9 1998: Points: 4, Yards: 8 Here’s the complete list of Falcons defenses that have been top ten in either points or yards allowed since 1998. 2012: Points: 5, Yards: 24 2010: Points: 5, Yards: 16 2002: Points: 8, Yards: 19 That’s it! That’s the list. This tells a pretty somber story, but not one that is going to surprise the bulk of Falcons fans. This team has had some superlative talent on defense over the years, but rarely enough to push them into being what we would consider a good defense. The 1998 Super Bowl team boasted a phenomenal unit, that 2017 team was stingy and dangerous and nearly smothered the Eagles in the playoffs, and the team was opportunistic enough to hold teams in check in 2010 and 2012. But that really has been about it, and any chance of the team repeating their success in 2017 was destroyed by the cumulative loss of Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, and Deion Jones, plus injuries and ineffectiveness for key players like Robert Alford and Vic Beasley. This is why the Falcons, despite their evident talent and Dan Quinn’s hands-onedness, shouldn’t be counted on to take a major leap on that side of the ball in 2019. I’m confident they’ll be much better than they were a year ago, and I’m equally confident that being top ten in points and yards isn’t the end-all, be-all story for a defense. But I’m also pretty hard-pressed to be confident that the team will reach those lofty heights given that they’ve done so just twice in 1998, and they’ve only been top ten in points five times and yards just the two times in that span. With the offense in place, even modest improvement will do the trick, but the grandest surprise would be one of the league’s best rankings for a unit that could do it despite the weight of history.
  4. https://youtu.be/NRJtM1nsokg Check out the highlights I created for a Julio's 6th Probowl season.
  5. 293 yards is all Julio needs to break 1000 receiving yards for the season. I right this thread only to bring attention to how valuable Julio is to this franchise despite our struggles. No we are not trading Julio Jones; he is our workhorse and is will be a Falcon for life. Face it, NFL teams always face adversity. So buckle up Falcons fans, a photo finish to make the playoffs is in our near future.
  6. Touchdowns. With the skill set that he has, it’s absolutely absurd to think that this man hasn’t had over 10 TD’s since his second year in the league. If I were Julio, it would be absolutely infuriating. It infuriated me when I would watch players like Andre and Calvin Johnson as well. Which Calvin did have a few 10-plus TD seasons, some of those 4-5 TD seasons were kinda baffling. Andre tho? Dude went his whole career without 10 TD’s and he’s someone that in my mind had first ballot HOF talent. Julio’s career seems to have that same statistical defect as far as him not being able to get TD’s in the red zone. Or maybe my standards are a lil bit too high for him? Moss and T.O. and the amount of times they’ve gotten in the end zone... I kinda expected that production from Julio. ****, everyone did. Moss and T.O. were characters but their numbers do speak for themselves. Jerry Rice, although not a distraction, absolutely demanded the ball when in the red zone. To me there’s nothing wrong with that. Your purpose as an offensive skill player is to get TD’s period. Getting in that end zone should be your number 1 desire on that football field. If I’m looking at the stats at the end of the year and I only see I got 3 TD’s? Bruh, that a problem. Who do I need to talk to and who do I need to curse out to get them to give me that ball in the red zone? Forget the respect and the top 100 bull-ish, get me my TD’s. Antonio Brown may not be the physical specimen that Julio is but that doesn’t stop him from getting TD’s. Heck, Josh Gordon when on the field and healthy can put up TD’s and he was the ONLY threat on the Browns? What is up with that? This is why I was happy to find out JJ was working with TO. Julio wants more money? That’s cool. You need to get more TD’s bruh. 3 TD’s for a man of his talent level is absolutely ridiculous and borderline pitiful.
  7. As an avid fan for the past 41 years, I feel empowered to say it. Come on Julio, lets do everything in our power to finally win it all! GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. Just a fun vid about WWWWWHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO-------LLLLLLLIIIIOOOOOO Bad joke is bad. But Julio beat the packers up. Let me know what y'all think he will do next sunday. Email us suggestions and comments at unintentionalgrounding@gmail.com YouTube: UnintentionalGrounding - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClCI... Twitter:@UnGrShow - https://twitter.com/UnGrShow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unintentiona... Instagram - ungr_show Go support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/UnGrShow
  9. http://bloggingdirty.com/2017/04/25/julio-jones-hall-of-fame/
  10. Picks that Matt has.... J. Jones is responsible for 3 of them! But nobody has nothing to say about it. We don't need the old brick hands from UA.. Julio. We need the we spent 5 draft picks and millions on you JULIO! WE ALREADY WINNING WITHOUT THE OFFENSE GOING THROUGH HIM....he better tighten up.
  11. Enough said. And by the way, the trade was worth it.
  12. http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2016/09/28/falconsjulio-jones-involved-in-large-mixed-use.html This is great to see, hear. Especially the way a lot of athletes blow their funds and opportunities.
  13. Robert Mays (formerly of Grantland) penned this feature about Julio Jones for new website The Ringer. Click this link (because Mays is cool and deserves your clicks): https://theringer.com/julio-jones-atlanta-falcons-3fa47fb03461#.iolreef9r and read the article.
  14. The only reason I can think of to watch this team anymore. I mean really. I can't think of another reason. I used to think it was to watch the team win. But those wins seem to be getting harder to come by. The team as a whole is not very talented. Matt Ryan is having a down year.The offensive line is still in large part a disaster. They might be doing a better job at keeping Ryan upright. But he constantly has pressure in his face. Which doesn't help a struggling QB. The defense is playing with more intensity, but still can't get to the opposing QB. And outside of Trufant I don't think they have another above average talent. I still have faith in Quinn but I haven't been a TD guy for a long time. So I'm not banking on him to make the correct decisions in the off season to help turn this team around Julio Jones is by far my favorite player and if he could have comedown with that ridiculous catch on the final drive he may have saved the game for this team. Devonta Freeman has been more than a pleasant surprise this year and I'm excited to see what the future holds for him. Hopefully he's okay. But like the intro says. Being able to watch these two guys every Sunday is the only reason I decide to put my self through the torture of watching the Falcons struggle not to shoot themselves in the foot.
  15. Full article: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25189843/agents-take-forecasting-wr-market-for-dez-demaryius-julio-and-aj
  16. 15 games missed in his first four years in the league. Does he overcome it..........ala Thomas Davis..? or.... Does he continue down that path, like DeAngelo Williams? I like JJ , even if he's on a dried turd of a team. I hope his first four years is only a short string of bad luck when it comes to the injuries and he can put them all in the rearview mirror moving forward.
  17. Julio Jones (Optimus Prime) vs Calvin Johnson (Megatron). Can we promote this for the game coming up in London? Jay Adams? To make a long story short. Some friends of mine saw Julio on Sports Science, we're amazed.
  18. Not sure if you guys have seen this yet. http://m.youtube.com...h?v=U6YGm2yKJjk
  19. I'm not sure if any of the announcers have mentioned why since he's been injured but you never see Julio on the sideline. You're guaranteed to get a few shots of Roddy per game and the show Weatherspoon every once in awhile so I assume that if Julio's there, they'd show him too. I'm sure it's not big deal but I was just wondering where he's been.
  20. Here's the link. Here's the list Johnson, Fitzgerald, Green, Jones, Marshall, Bryant, Thomas, Smith,White, Harvin. You can read the other's write ups at the link, here's Jones and White: 4. Julio Jones, Atlanta: It's not often that a player is as good as advertised, but Jones has been exactly that for the Falcons. A lot of people were stunned when Atlanta moved up to select him with the sixth overall pick in the 2011 draft (the Falcons traded five picks to Cleveland for that opportunity), but nobody is complaining now. Jones came into the league with a professional attitude, and he's also benefited from being coached by Atlanta receivers coach Terry Robiskie, who's one of the best in the business. From everything I've heard, Jones comes ready to work every day and has a grind-it-out attitude. There's no diva in this guy, even though he made the Pro Bowl in his second season. He's all about being as good as he possibly can be. 9. Roddy White, Atlanta: White is the consummate professional and a player who has really developed since coming into the league. He has great hands. He is a very good route-runner. And he's become a receiver who understands football at a higher level, especially when you see his feel for when to sit down in zone coverage and how to set up defenders. The more I think about it, White actually would be higher on this list if he wasn't playing with Julio Jones Falcons only team with 2 on the list.
  21. When asked about his rookie season, Jones said only, “I was all right.” On a scale of 1 to 10? “Maybe five or six.” And how do you feel now? “I’m a 10. I feel 100 percent."
  22. Jerry Rice is often asked about today's young receivers. According to the Hall of Fame wideout, the next big thing is playing down in Atlanta. Rice has a developing man-crush on Julio Jones, and nominated the Atlanta Falcons weapon as his breakout pass-catcher for 2012. http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d82a7fddd
  23. Which sophomore wide receiver will have a better season? (Espn Vote) A.J. Green or Julio Jones http://espn.go.com/s...ion/_/id/140605 map http://sports.espn.g...l&pollId=140605
  24. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--2012-ultimate-mock-draft--aaron-rodgers--jim-irsay-make-sweet-music.html;_ylt=AuBZjRafau30nr.FSwNiyx05nYcB 1. Indianapolis Colts – Aaron Rodgers, QB: It seems that, in the wake of a 1-15 season and Peyton Manning's departure, the Colts are having some trouble selling tickets. The presence of the reigning MVP at Lucas Oil Stadium might help remedy that situation. Rodgers, 28, is at the top of his game and seemingly ascending. Last December, on Showtime's Inside the NFL, a Rodgers admirer declared that "it's impossible to play the quarterback position any better than he is playing right now." I don't know about you, but I tend to defer to Tom Brady's analysis on such matters.
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