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Found 1 result

  1. Kirby must realize this or nothing will change next season. I'm done with Jim Chaney, that's it. I've had it. He can't develop quarterbacks at all in the big games against good defenses when it matters most. All Chaney cares about is a strong run game working along with a game managing QB. Our O-line is the most talented it's ever been thanks to Sam Pittman and look at the the talented running backs we always have. UGA made history in the Sugar Bowl, it's the first time we have multiple running backs with 1000 yd rushing seasons back to back years. Chubb and Michel last year and now Swift and Holyfield this year. If Aaron Murray was in this offense behind his O-line and running game he'd be averaging 50 points a game. Jake Fromm is nothing but a game manager who relies on a strong run game and strong O-line, and if his run game doesn't work then our QB can do nothing when it matters most. This is an absolute Chaney problem. Fields may be more talented than Fromm, but he would have taken over against LSU or Texas had Kirby knew he was doing better in practice, but our coaches can't coach him up in this system. Fields would be just as bad as Fromm in this system TBH. I see the problem now. Our offensive philosophy is too conservative and outdated. It's like Bama's offense before Lane Kiffin got there, but that doesn't work with us because we don't have those #1 recruiting classes every year like Bama does. Saban has already realized that the game of college football is changing now. Until UGA changes it's offensive philosophy or has an offense similar to Clemson's system let's say, then we won't be winning a championship anytime soon. What if Swift and Holyfield don't have 1000+ yard rushing seasons next year. What if our O-line underachieves against tough defenses. Will Fromm raise to the occasion? We have a major coaching problem on the offensive side of the ball, specifically at the QB position. Which is why we blew leads to Bama twice in the same calendar year. Which is why we wasted the #1 QB recruit in the country from our own state of Georgia and now he's transferring. For the Fields haters out there. Watch Justin Fields win somewhere else just like Cam Newton and Deshaun Watson did from our own state, and watch our national championship drought continue. I've had enough of it. If Chaney doesn't get out of here we will continue to suffer. Mel Tucker was great at adjusting for the defensive side of the ball. Jim Chaney on the other hand has always been bad at adjusting. With Mel Tucker and Fields out now, 2019 could be a huge make or break year for us, and people have made the comparisons between Richt's first 3 years and Kirby's first 3 years, which means 2019 is projected to be like the 2004 Georgia team? That would mean Georgia doesn't even win the East next season and that would be a letdown.... I could see that if Chaney continues to be abysmal. Teams would have figured out Georgia's offense. I saw Texas blitzing and getting after Fromm the same way Bama did in the 2nd half against us. Remember this. Jake Fromm is way better than this if he has the right coordinator or QB's coach. Justin Fields is way better than this if he has the right offensive system. Jim Chaney is NOT that guy at all. Chaney looks good because of Sam Pittman recruiting that O-linemen combined with our highly talented running backs. When our talent gets matched up against defenses close to our talent, then Chaney gets exposed.