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Found 1 result

  1. Morgan Shaw Parker, the falcons marketing chief was on 92.9 shedding some light into the new look of the falcons - towards the last third of the video some main points from interview new design is staying true to the soul of Atlanta. They literally gleamed over fan insight from the internet going back to a decade simplicity is important, not trying to be a college team will be a significant redesign, true to atlanta and the soul of the team but will be an evolution Won't say if logo will be tweaked (so possibly?) Nike doesn't have full say on look, unlike other teams have had, we have a falcons designer within the Nike team we can get 4 all new looks with 4 jerseys and 4 different pants. Socks are really important to players Can only use one helmet for now but Rick Mckay is prodding the league to change that up Jerseys should have a look that goes for young & old, Men & women not going to make players do corny poses on a stage to show off new look