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Found 2 results

  1. I needed to take some to think about this last game. It was odd because usually I get really irritated after a L to the Saints, but yesterday I found myself much calmer about it. Probably because going into it, I knew it was a bad game at the perfect time for the Saints. We are working in some young guns on D and they had to learn going against a future HOF'er at QB who is notorious for getting the ball out super quick. Injuries on our D at the exact spots where we needed big games. In order to beat Bree's you have to pressure him off his spots, so we lost out best pass rusher. In order to the NO offensive attack you must have a dynamic safety/nickel back to take away the dink and dunk underneath stuff that is a staple of their offense. We lose Neal and Jones. Pretty much game over at that point. It just want enough time and reps for Riley and Oluokan and whoever else we put out there. Remember, Riley is in his 3rd game as a MLB. He took most reps in the preseason at OLB. That's a lot to ask of the young fella against a Drew Brees. Our guys are good, but this was an insurmountable effort. The fact that we didn't lose by 3 TD's is testament and actually a little hope for the future as our "new" look defense progresses through the year. It's the NFL and it's constantly changing. Before the season we all were excited for a potential top 5 defense as we anticipated huge progression from Keanu, Jones, Jarrett and Takk. Well, 3 out of those 4 were gone. None more important than Takk for this NO game. Not having a pass rush was the difference in the game. We can't rely on Vick to do it alone. Even losing Shelby was tough. 2 pass rushers down. What I had envisioned before the season was a fast, athletic defense capable of holding teams to less than 17 points per game. I thought the offense would continue to progress (they have) and we would need about 27 PPG from them. But now, I just need to adjust my expectations. We need our new young defense to get us 24 PPG. Our offense needs 30 PPG. That's a tight margin. But I don't know how much I can expect. I think the offense can get us 30 PPG. The onus has flipped. Preseason it was on the defense. Now it is on the offense as our defense tries to find their new identity. The defense is going to need to gel and figure out what they are as they learn their new assignments. The good news is that they won't be doing it against an offense like NO for a while. We have some easier tasks coming up and it's at the right time. Not time to give up. Plenty of time left and I think we are going to be fine.
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