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Found 2 results

  1. So from the way FA is shaking out, it doesn't appear that we will be landing a starting SS, and given our needs at LB it also seems unlikely that we will go SS in the first round. So that leaves the big question of what we're going to do there... -- SS is very important in Quinn's scheme (IMO) - I would think this would not be left to chance. Maybe they are high on Ishmael and aren't as worried about it - I hope so. -- That leaves the questions: Are there any starting quality SS's that could be had in the 2nd or later this year? If so, who? And if not - do y'all think Ishmael is ready to take over that position?
  2. Let me start off by saying that this posting is not about how Ishmael should be the starter. He is a good backup and fill-in starter. That's the extent of his role. This is mostly about his play in yesterday's Jags game, most noticeably the interception at the goal line. He's always had pretty good instincts "in the box", within that 5 - 20 yard range and is around the ball frequently (except when it's going over his head deep! He truly jumped on that route and showed great instincts but I think mostly it was his familiarity to Bortles's tendacies. After all he did play against Bortles at practice everyday for the two years that they were at UCF together. We all know he is deficient in speed (I mean he did get run down by Bortles after the INT - albeit Bortles is a decent athlete and did have some good runs yesterday). Still not sure why Durant didn't lay him out. All in all I think Ishmael had a pretty good game (didn't get burnt really)and made a play here and there. Knew some posters on the board would overlook the good play by Ishmael only to talk about him being run down by Bortles. Never please some people on here.. All in all I'm glad that Atlanta got off the snide and won a game that they should of. I went to the Tampa game three weeks ago and think that was one of the games I left most disappointed. We should have won that game but the 3rd and a mile play that we let Winston play Tecmo Bowl with our Defense was pathetic. We didn't deserve to win at that point.
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