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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all P4PATL is back with another show. Jimmy and Mike do a breakdown of Atlanta Falcons coaching staff. Gives us your take on this topic as well.
  2. Hi all, J.R. and me have done a show on what we would like to see the Falcons running back group do. And hope that Todd Gurley can get more touchdowns on the ground. Let us know what you think about topic and video?
  3. Checkout #P4PATL the latest video with me Toby D. addressing a poll I put out on twitter. "Have 2 7-9 Seasons Damaged The confidence Of The Fan Base In 2020". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9NvR3yFlg
  4. Hi all, after the hit on Redskins TE Jordan Reed. Some may have been trying to label Safety Keanu Neal as a dirty player. I wanted to talk about. And would like your take as well.
  5. Look. We're Falcons Fans. This isn't for the faint of heart. Ask old man FFS70. You better be ready for the long haul. Yes, we had the Lombardi in our hands. Yes, this shlt hurts. Bad. Yes, this is going to be a nightmare for a long time. I'm expecting the pain to last about 364 days from when it happened. A lot of us going into this season didn't expect a Super Bowl berth. We all expected about a 10 win season and wild card ticket to be the ceiling. Nobody expected the #2 seed. Nobody expected an NFCCG game. Nobody expected an MVP season from Matt. A top ten offense all time. It w
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