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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all P4PATL is back with another show. Jimmy and Mike do a breakdown of Atlanta Falcons coaching staff. Gives us your take on this topic as well.
  2. Hi all, J.R. and me have done a show on what we would like to see the Falcons running back group do. And hope that Todd Gurley can get more touchdowns on the ground. Let us know what you think about topic and video?
  3. Checkout #P4PATL the latest video with me Toby D. addressing a poll I put out on twitter. "Have 2 7-9 Seasons Damaged The confidence Of The Fan Base In 2020". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9NvR3yFlg
  4. Hi all, after the hit on Redskins TE Jordan Reed. Some may have been trying to label Safety Keanu Neal as a dirty player. I wanted to talk about. And would like your take as well.
  5. Look. We're Falcons Fans. This isn't for the faint of heart. Ask old man FFS70. You better be ready for the long haul. Yes, we had the Lombardi in our hands. Yes, this shlt hurts. Bad. Yes, this is going to be a nightmare for a long time. I'm expecting the pain to last about 364 days from when it happened. A lot of us going into this season didn't expect a Super Bowl berth. We all expected about a 10 win season and wild card ticket to be the ceiling. Nobody expected the #2 seed. Nobody expected an NFCCG game. Nobody expected an MVP season from Matt. A top ten offense all time. It was doom and gloom going into the season. Add in the hardest schedule in the league and it was easy to find another hobby besides the Falcons coming into this season. ESPECIALLY after the week one loss. But here we are, a couple days from trying to find the words/pieces/rationale for what happened on Sunday night. Forget 17-0, no Falcons fan will ever be able to see the numbers "28" and "3" together and not feel pain. Remorse. Sadness. Torture. It's going to hurt. Forever. But the pain won't last beyond 364 days. Why 364 days? Because the next Super Bowl is February 4, 2018. In Minnesota. The Falcons were being built for Super Bowl 52, not Super Bowl 51. They also were being built for sustainability. This wasn't like the flash in the pan Carolina was last year. This was more like Denver in SB 48. The main weakness of this team was youth, not talent. We started four rookies and multiple players with less than 2 years of starting experience on defense. They got better every single game. They are the primary reason we are hurting from the 28-3 lead. Because they are the reason the Pats only scored 3 points. They showed up and showed out in the Super Bowl. Yes, they ran out of gas. Not even the 85 Bears could hold up playing 93 plays. No defense could withstand that. But they still only allowed 28 points before overtime with the Pats essentially playing two games worth of plays against them. Think about that. Double the number of plays our offense ran and we come up 1 play short of the number of plays NE ran. Take for example Grady Jarrett. Grady balled out. Second year player. He balled out why? Because of the mere presence of Vic, the league leading sack artist, who was "quiet" in the Super Bowl. Look at the doubles and attention Vic garnered every snap. It allowed the pressure to get to Brady. Robert Alford, the much maligned, polarizing CB, balled out all game. Ricardo Allen didn't allow any big plays and made sure the Pats had to work for anything deep. Guys, we are really good on both sides of the ball and built for any offense. Remember the talk of Blount running all over us. Blount was useless, even getting stripped by a rookie. Neal, Campbell, and Poole didn't really impact as much as the other mentioned guys, but we've seen them do it. I know it hurts, but if we would have won, how many of you all would be expecting us to be back in the Super Bowl next year? Probably every single one of yall here. Same roster. The outcome of the game doesn't change that. We are built for January football and have the HC who can keep us in contention. We have the most complete roster in the NFC with very few holes after upgrading the RG spot. Seriously. Look at the roster. QB? WR? RB? TE? OL? CB? S? LB? Where do we need help? RG and the DL. We have $30MM and I honestly hope we don't spend over half of that. Roll it over or spend it on our players. I'm not saying stand pat with the roster like Smitty did post-2012 NFCCG. The difference is our young players will continue to grow and we can add to them this time. We're not adding a Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora and hoping for the best. Take a look at our 2017 opponents outside of the NFCS: HOME: Green Bay, Minnesota, Buffalo, Miami, Dallas AWAY: Chicago, Detroit, New England, New York, Seattle I know the draft and free agency hasn't happened yet, but do you really think we can't take these teams, regardless of who they add? Given the gauntlet we just went through this season, I'm willing to wager we can take on every one of those teams. Look up boys and girls. Sunday hurt. But the players didn't flinch at anything after the game. Look at the reaction of the Panthers last year and the Falcons this year. Like DQ said, we have to own that we came up short. But we'll be back. Very soon. These boys aren't going to let this be the story of the Falcons. Plenty of teams have lost the SB only to come back and be in it the next year. The beloved 1972 Dolphins went undefeated but lost the Super Bowl the year prior. 14% of SB losers have made back to back appearances. Considering we somehow found the .3% chance of losing on Sunday, I will take 14%. The way we are built, we will be like the other eight SB losers before Carolina and win at least 10 games. It hurts. I know. Feel the pain. But don't let it fester. We'll be back. We're built to be back. We are built to Rise Up.
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