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Found 3 results

  1. Let’s say the Falcons has to fill out their roster with the best players from their state, i.e. those who played HS football in Georgia. What would the starting lineup for that team look like?? Would Cam Newton be QB & Calvin Johnson WR? Somebody help me out
  2. Ok so this great idea came to me in another thread and I figured I bring it here for discussion. Here are the two scenarios: Scenario 1: We have Matt announce to the world that he loves being with the falcons and #inbrotherhood he is willing to extend his current contract and essentially taking a paycut. Behind the scenes we have a secret contract paying matt the difference for "consulting work" for AM Blank group. We can keep it under the table the NFL couldnt dispute it and we would lock up all our players. Heck we can do this with Julio as well and any "loyal" Falcon Scenario 2: I was reading that performance based bonus that AREN'T likely to be earned do not count against the cap. So with that being said we can sign Ryan to a 100m dollar contract but have a 50m performance based bonus like throw 30 touchdowns WITH ONE EYE OPEN. Thats very unlikely (who throws touchdowns with one eye?) Have ryan pull it off...boom. Somebody get Dimitroff on the phone ASAP!
  3. We drafted Brett Hundley??? http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=119346&draftyear=2015&genpos=QB If so, why?
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