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Found 2 results

  1. DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!!! This Super Bowl was NOT about Tom Brady or even Julian Edelman (even tho he deserved MVP), this Super Bowl was about the Patriots top 10 scoring defense (ranked #7 all year). They overpowered that high powered Rams offense. All year long people thought this would finally be the year a high powered offense wins it all and the talk was this is becoming an offensively friendly league and defenses are going down the drain. Not so fast my friend. If you're a real fan of the sport, as much as you hate the Patriots, you gotten love the defensive scheme and the packages they brought in to take away what the Rams did best. This reminded me of what the #1 defense of Broncos did to Cam Newton and the Panther's high powered offense a few years back. The Falcons have only had 1 top 10 scoring defense after our first Super Bowl appearance, which was in a year that wasn't Matt Ryan's best season and that defense still didn't get enough turnovers. That's unacceptable. Despite how good the 2017 Falcons defense was, I still believe the 1998 Falcons was the last team that gave this city a defense worth getting really excited for. We've had talent like John Abraham, Brent Grimes, Willy Moore, Dwight Freeney, Grady Jarrett, Corey Peters, and so forth, but with the scheme we've had and most of our personnel, we have been a mediocre or average at best defense. As long as Matt Ryan is our quarterback, until our front office can finally put together a great defense, a defense with great leaders that have that dawg and fire in them, we aren't going back to the Super Bowl anytime soon. I don't believe it. High scoring offenses will set all these records in the regular season, but once they get in the playoffs or get deep in the playoffs, a top 10 scoring defense always beats them somehow someway. You don't have a historical offense every year, but you can have no worse than a top 10 scoring defense every year if you have the right scheme, personnel, and coaching staff, and with the amount of numbers Matt Ryan has put up in his 11 seasons in Atlanta, it's a shame that we can't ever give him a defense and it angers me TBH. I don't care how it happens. Dan Quinn should be taking notes here. @JD dirtybird21 You are right. Tom Brady is a great player, but he doesn't deserve all the credit for the Patriots success over the years when you have those top 10 scoring defenses combined with the success of Bill Belichick (the Saban of the NFL) taking away what an opposing opponent does best.
  2. 5-19 against the spread vs. AFC opponents since 2013. Lost this one to the Ravens.... AGAIN. The Falcons are 1-11 at home vs. the AFC since 2013 and have lost 7 straight AFC home games under Dan Quinn as the head coach! We have lost 10 out of our last 11 AFC games overall since the Chargers in 2016. We are 0-8 vs. the AFC North since 2014, which means in all of the home to home series between the Steelers, Bengals, Browns, and Ravens... the Falcons have been SWEPT completely! Even the Bucs could win at least one game vs. the AFC North in 2014 and 2018... sad! We were 1-3 vs. the AFC East in 2013 and 1-3 vs. the AFC East again last season! WTF is up with that! If you think going 0-4 vs. the AFC South next season isn't possible, then you're sorely mistaken! The Colts own us in the series just like the Browns do, and we're not beating Andrew Luck in Indianapolis. We aren't beaten Deshaun Watson in Houston because we don't ever win in Houston period (even in the SB collapse). We probably won't beat the Jaguars and Titans because we suck at home vs. AFC opponents. Now seriously, can someone explain to me why the Falcons have been so poor against the AFC for the 6th season in a row!? Hmmmm.... maybe it's because the Falcons continued to get bullied at the line of scrimmage against bigger sized guys! Especially against the AFC North teams...