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Found 1 result

  1. The defense has been solid thus far. We still leave alot to be desired in the push department but I feel as if it'd pick up if we made these moves. 1st .. Get Vic off the LOS in the nickel, I still have tons of faith in him to make an impact on the end but he needs to get healthy & he needs to develope his game more before we put him on an island by himself. Until then I feel he should be next to Campbell in the nickel where we can blitz him or let him play in coverage(where he's more than capable.) He can come down to give the OTs a change of scenery but having him there full time isn't ideal at this point. 2. .. Let Shelby get more snaps in the nickel at his natural DE position on the end at least 40/60, he's a *** beater I understand why DQ would want him on the interior plowing into guards but bullrushing Guards & Tackles are two different beast. Last year in Miami Shelby excelled rushing from both spots, putting him at DT strictly in the nickel is going to neutralize his power & heavy hand usage because it's expected. On the end he's just quick enough to get around but strong enough to go through that's why I think he's more valuable playing both inside & out. 3. .. Abandon the whole speed rush idea. I read on Twitter the speed rush package is Vic, Shelby, Clayborn & Freeney. Rushing 3 fast guys and one power player at 5 OL who are just as quick & strong is idiotic to me because once a hand get puts on them they'll become neutralized. I'll use the way we played Clayborn last year as an example. He's a bigger guy & quick so rushing him at a guard is ideal when you're looking for a Michael Bennett type but MB is a special player and everyone who fits that mold isn't him. This is along the lines of what I said about Shelby. The nickel should have an equal blend of power and speed across the board. A speed rush is a contradiction to fast & physical if they're just gonna be fast. Call me crazy but the nickel should be .. Nordly/Reed at DE Jarrett/Babs at DT Hageman/Johnson at DT Freeney/Shelby at DE With a sprinkling of Beasley at DE & Shelby at DT. This is just my take on what we could do to improve the passrush. Maybe DQ will do this maybe he won't but it's my idea of why we're lacking in that department & I've been standing by it since last season.
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