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Found 8 results

  1. Baaaahahahaha!!! Btw, great review of the game on this twitter account.
  2. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/_mobileview/news/quickest-to-10-000-yards-julio-jones-set-to-blow-past-all-time-greats keep in mind he missed 13 games in 2013.
  3. The offseason started immediately Sunday of last week for me....soooooo.... I heard during the vikes beat down..that dome teams record in outdoor games (in the NFC championship game) are 0-13 (now). So my question... Do you guys think the falcons would need home field advantage in order to make it to the Super bowl next year?
  4. I've been a Falcons fan all of my life, but I just wanted to start a thread on how the Falcons got here and try and share some past videos about the subject. I must say, I sure wish there was a link to some of the old "FREDDY COUGH COUGH MAC SHOW" Videos we used to be able to see. Those were AWESOME! If they are available to watch here at Atlantafalcons.com I just don't see them anywhere. This is an appreciation thread through video idea is what I am getting at to share and let others see how the Falcons got here from the start. Here's an OLD SCHOOL video I found that I thought some of my fellow Falcons fans might like watching, I miss this show. Here's another Falcons Old School Video, Deon Sanders with the MC Hammer tune 2 legit 2 quite! The Great Morten Anderson,
  5. Atlanta Falcons should avoid another Henning Thirty-two years ago, the Atlanta Falcons fired the best head coach they had ever had. Leeman Bennett had taken the Falcons to the playoffs in three of the six seasons he coached the team, but it was not enough. The Falcons had gone 52-99-4 in the first 12 seasons of the franchise before Bennett took over. Norb Hecker, Norm Van Brocklin, Marion Campbell and Pat Peppler all had failed, while Bennett went 46-41 from 1977 through 1982. Comparatively, the Falcons should have built a statue for Bennett instead of firing him. Dan Henning was picked as Bennett’s replacement. Henning had been the offensive coordinator for Joe Gibbs and the Super Bowl XVII-winning Washington Redskins. Henning was the hotshot assistant coach in the NFL, destined to get a head coaching job. Instead, Henning was a disaster. He ended Steve Bartkowski’s tenure as Atlanta’s quarterback, and the Falcons went backwards instead of making progress. Henning was 22-41-1 between 1983 and 1986. Ask any Falcons fan, and they’ll tell you that firing Bennett was a huge mistake and mainly because his successor was much like the first four coaches in Atlanta’s history -- a failure. Now fast forward to today, as the Falcons are trying to replace the best head coach they have ever had. Mike Smith deserved to be fired, but not if the Falcons kept around the man who hired him -- general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Arthur Blank is making a mistake in keeping Dimitroff, who constructed the roster that led to two dismal seasons. A clean sweep was necessary, but for some reason, Dimitroff is still around. The Falcons lost out on Rex Ryan, reportedly because Ryan did not feel Dimitroff was in his corner during last week’s five-hour interview. It seems they are now only considering current NFL assistant coaches, hotshots who seem destined to get a head coaching job somewhere. Maybe Todd Bowles, Teryl Austin or Dan Quinn -- the reported finalists -- will make a great head coach. Maybe we will apologize to them if they are successful for doubting their ability in the first place. Remember, not many people knew who Smith was when he was hired as head coach in 2008. He had been Jacksonville’s defensive coordinator, and much like these coaches, he was one of the hot names on the coaching candidate board. But there is one difference. Seven years ago not many people cared who was hired as Atlanta’s coach. The Falcons had just come off the worst season in their history -- with a scandal involving quarterback Michael Vick and a less-than-one-season stint of head coach Bobby Petrino that left fans numb. It probably wouldn’t have mattered who got the job, as long as it was somebody brand new. Blank said he needs Smith’s replacement to get the team where Smith had failed to go -- the Super Bowl. He needs the next head coach to take this team to the next level. At the same time, and let’s be honest, Blank also needs someone to excite the fan base, which will soon be asked to write a big check for a personal seat license at the new dome. That’s why Ryan was such a good candidate. He could have possibly filled both requirements. Now the Falcons are evidently left with these assistants. The search firm Blank hired obviously has not come up with a better candidate who has head coaching experience, so he’s left to choose from the flavors-of-the-month. Maybe they’ll be fine. Maybe they’ll be the next best head coach the Falcons have ever had. But don’t blame some fans who remember the 1980s and hope the next coach won’t be the next Henning. Listen to “The Bill Shanks Show” from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on WPLA Fox Sports 1670 AM in Macon and online at www.foxsports1670.com/. Follow Bill at twitter.com/BillShanks and email him at thebillshanksshow@yahoo.com Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2015/01/13/3528684_atlanta-falcons-should-avoid-another.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy
  6. My Uncle (best friend of my Father's) has recently taken up his passion for journalism and started a website. He just posted a story about my father, and about how the Falcons brought them together throughout the years. It's a great read if anyone's interested. Click the "Falcon Ernie" story on the right site of the page. http://wedgeword.com/
  7. I like Head Coach Mike Smith. Love the way he says "we." I like Matt Ryan; new record for passing yards, right. I live far away (JAPAN), but I've known the FALCONs from the beginning. I remember when we couldn't beat anybody, and then the SAINTs came into the league, and we could run up the score on them regularly. I remember the Gritz Blitz. Loved that defense. I remember there was one season when Jerry Glanville coached defense while Leeman Bennett was the head man, and the team set a record for fewest points allowed ('77) but still didn't go to the playoffs. Ancient history! The game or the league has changed in a way that has turned offense into defense. Follow me now. Falcons still had a fair chance late, but the Giants started a long slow drive that actually resulted in zero points. However, time consumed by that drive (6 or 8 minutes) sealed the deal for the Giants. Keeping the other team's offense off the field really seems to be the NEW DEFENSE. Denver was driving and burning clock and then fumbled to give the Steelers a chance to send the game into OT. Tebow took care of the overtime period. Back to history again. Somewhere in the 80s, and the Falcons were out of it. The Bears would go to the Super Bowl and I think win it. Seeing a tiny few seconds of a game on TV where Mike Ditka would harshly scold his own QB Jim McMahon from the sideline, and McMahon would just go back into the game and do his thing gave me the simplest key to winning: The Head Coach must passionately and obviously and demonstrably be the boss, and the quarterback must passionately and obviously and demonstrably be the boss. The only line that separates the two IS that sideline. I like Head Coach Mike Smith. I like Matt Ryan. But, is Ryan really the boss on the field, and is Smith really the boss off? Everything looks GOOD, but there is still something missing somewhere. What do you think it is?
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