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Found 1 result

  1. It’s pretty crazy when you think about this but in looking at the Falcons coaching decisions by upper management it’s impossible to not start pointing the finger at Thomas Dimitroff. In many cases head coaches in the NFL coach a couple of teams in their tenure and have fairly good results. However if you look at the Falcons moves from a leadership perspective we always seem to be making the wrong decisions which the brunt of the blame needs to be TDs, Blanks are fault too but you can’t fire the owner. Look at these coaches, and what do they all have in common? Jim Mora Jr, Bobby Petrino, Mike Smith, Dan Quinn. These coaches span the last 16 years as the Falcons head coaches and NOT ONE has ever gotten another HC job for an NFL team (I’m including Quinn here because let’s get real, no other teams hiring the greatest choke artist in NFL history). Now let’s look at these coaches: Matt LaFleur and Kyle Shanahan - two coaches that were already on our staff that we let walk and are now the HC of winning teams with far less “on paper talent”. At some point the finger needs to be pointed at the person who has hired 4 incompetent coaches to fail and allowed two great coaches to leave and find success elsewhere. Just another Falcons year of the Falcons being the Falcons.