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Found 5 results

  1. We all know we are in knee deep with the salary cap. Granted, we can possibly restructure the contracts of Grady and Matthews to get some relief, as they are players we probably want to retain in the long term. MR2 contract is a hot mess and not sure how long we want to kick that can down the road. As far as Julio -yes, I love him, always have. This post is about business and the future of our team financially and from a player perspective. If we cut or trade Julio prior to June 1st, we are on the hook with his 23 million cap hit. This is off the table. My suggestion (and feel
  2. Sign Cam for the vet minimum to back up Ryan and maybe play some wildcat. He could........Oh ****, I almost finished that without laughing at yself.
  3. I've been crunching the numbers and as far as I can tell if we can win the next three games I think that we have a good shot at winning the superbowl. Like there are only eight team left, don't ask me were the other teams went cause I have no idea, next week there will half as many left. So that leaves us with... like... four? Four teams then... like... two? Then one then... I'm not sure but I think then we have I real shot after that. Dude we totally can do this. Simple math.
  4. Jim Mora Jr. called both the Colts, and the Pathers games for us. The Colts game was awkward to watch because Mora. Jr kept getting all nostalgic when he called players names. The Panthers game he didn't do that and actually called a great game for a change. Both of those games Julio Jones showed out in. He caught 2TD passes, and over 130+ yards in both so I would love to have JMJ call the rest of our games, too bad this last game was his final in the booth I believe.
  5. When you take an offense that went 13-3 last year, subtract one good lineman in Dahl, add Julio Jones, J. Rogers, get back Harry Douglas... how do you get worse? When you take a defense off of a 13-3 team and add Ray Edwards (better than JA98), add two experienced DB's in free agency and get you still get worse (and we weren't a good defensive team to begin with... the problem has to be coaching. Mike Smith is loyal to a fault. It has been years since we've been really good defeinsively (go back to the 1998 season). Our offensive problems are back and we just don't put together 4 solid quarter
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