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Found 1 result

  1. Back in 2008 I had a passion with taking pictures. I noticed a lot of fans here were not able to attend the training camps, and also reporters were only reporting a small percent that took place at the camps. So in 2009 I started going to the training camps and writing down everything I noticed that day. It was not about being right or wrong, it was about giving the board members here a sense they were there. At times I got heckled, like saying how Antoine Smith was not looking good and that his calf muscles were different sizes (that was his 2015 season after returning from his injury, and he was let go shortly after). Other times I gave an insight of the fights that broke out, balls being dropped, amazing catches, picks and etc. The goal was to make everyone here feel like they were actually at the camp that day. So for 2016 I needed a break from the internet as well as reporting. I thought I was done, but I kept seeing threads/post through the years asking where the reports were and had people contacting me. So I am going to bring out my old reporting with photography skills for the 2017 season as much as I can. I may not be able to attend all of them like I used to, due to me being a travelling photographer for Pro MMA and Cheer Competitions. but I will try my hardest to be there as much as possible. Les Harper made this image all on his own. So maybe I can pull him back out to draw sometimes. And who knows, maybe other old hardcore members will come back.
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