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Found 5 results

  1. Let's talk about perception vs. reality. Thread title explains it all. I'm just going to post gifs and keep the talking to a minimum. Ya'll can see what's going on for yourselfs. vs. Detroit ...saw the Lions were tilting coverage to Julio. Called a switch concept that left Gabriel one on on while the free safety jumped on Julio to help the corner. "Sark just calls plays. He doesn't set anything up." -- this play comes right after an outside zone. Falcons were starting to run the ball. Shows another stretch play and... ...knew the Lions would be in man coverage. Takes advantage of the mismatch: Free on a linebacker.
  2. Offensive linemen generally don't get a lot of love when they're doing right, but they sure do catch it when they're messing up. So, I wanted to take a look a play stood out to me. Now I have not been in love with the way this offensive line has played this year, and it's been a little bit of everyone who has taken turns being the problem. But they were Gods in pass protection Monday night... (not so much the run game), but everything in pass pro was on point. They were picking up pressures, passing off stunts, the whole deal. I want to take a look at this play from the 1st quarter, namely Ryan Schraeder. He drew a monster of an assignment with the great Michael Bennett. It's 3rd and I believe 7. We're in the redzone trying to keep it alive. Seattle is in man coverage. They bring 5, which ultimately winds up being 6 as Wright green dogs. But we'll get to that later. Let's look at my man, Schraeder. They know pressure is coming. So Ryan has to be aware of Clarke in front of him, while not losing Bennett. This is a tough align when an end is kicked out this far that's your guy and you've got someone right in front of you. This is where d-line coaches get all kinds of creative running all manner of twists and stunts. At the snap you see Ryan instantly kick back into his kick-step, get his eyes on Bennett, while simultaneously extending that left arm to feel for Clarke just in case there is a game being run right there. This is beautiful stuff. Wes has Clarke. No game being run, so Bennett is all Ryan's Now this is the key moment in pass protection and it is a battle that goes on a hundred times a game... this moment right here before contact. As an offensive tackle, you spend the entire week in the film room and on the practice field studying the guy(s) that are going to be rushing. You try to clean everything from what move he does when his stance looks like this. If his back leg is a little tighter, does he have a tendency to use a spin? If he scratches his nuts before the play, does he have a tendency to use another move... anything. You're looking for anything, because until you get hands on him, any part of a pass rushers repetoire from speed rush, to bull rush, to club, swim, rip, etc. is on the table. Usually the battle comes down to who gets their hands on who first. If a defensive lineman can engage you and close distance, or get a punch to the chest and so the tackle can't get hands on him, or slap the tackles hands away, then he can control the play. This right here is a pretty sight. I happens quick in the gif I'm about to post, but Schrader shot his hands into Bennett's chest. For a pass rusher, this last place you want a tackle to get you at because he can just sit down, keep those long arms extended and move you. And here it is in motion. Mighta got a little handsy to the face, but ehh, so what. No flag, no foul, but just a really good looking play. He kicked out wide to get him at the snap, but stayed balanced and got that good punch right to the chest. Good football here.
  3. Count me in the group that thinks that the defense has played well this season. Now I have high expectations for this unit, but also realistic ones. I think they have clearly taken a step. I think they have kept this team in some games while the offense was figuring some things out, but Monday... ... it felt like one step forward, two steps back. Hopefully we're all still flushed with the joy of victory, a great victory in a tough place to play, but there was a lot wrong with that defensive performance Monday night from communication, to missed reads, to just poor fundamentals. I wanna take a look at a few plays that me gritting my teeth. PLAY #1 - Anyone remember from the Miami game down near the goal line were Miami ran an orbit motion with Jarvis Landry? Remember how he showed reverse then stopped in his tracks, turned and ran the other way and walked into the end zone? Well, guess what Seattle decided to try on Atlanta Monday night? You guessed it. Now let me say this... I got no idea wtf happened, as in it broke down so bad, and by so many of our guys, I barely have an idea who was supposed to do what. What I can tell is that it looked like a Cover-1 call. Seattle motioned into a bunch. That's where everything went FUBAR. You can see Neal gesturing. Now this is just my guess, but it looks like he might have been switching something off as in Deion was the RAT and now maybe Keanu is telling him he's now the RAT... IDK At the snap, Russell play-actions. Poole and Alf take their men. That looks like the only thing that went right. For a moment is looks like Deion had the back in man, but then he backed off like he was in zone. Neal just stands there after it's clear it's pass and it looks like he's playing the RAT too. Desmond... I got no idea what Desmond is going, he turns and sprints all the way across the field like he had the tight end in coverage, but that doesn't make a God's bit of sense. You can see Tyler Lockett faking the orbit motion and turning around. Meanwhile, Desmond, the guy who would have been in best position to stop him is going in the other direction. You know what happened from there. Ugly football. Terrible communication. And I would just chalk it up to the game if this wasn't a play-type they had seen before.
  4. Feel free to post gifs of your own rookies. Got these gif links from some awesome posters of the huddle.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has a GIF of that dance that Decoud did at the end of the game after getting that game sealing interception off of Cam? I'm not familiar with how to create GIFS, or the process behind it. Go falcons!
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