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Found 6 results

  1. 8 months off season preparing, hiring, firing, drafting rookies, signing free agents coaching players up and hardknocks, new stadium construction to geek us up even more and 4 weeks in--whoops we can't stop the run or 3rd down plays and what was that you said about QB pressure--are we allowed to do that?-- unbelieveable
  2. 40 year mother of two Kristie Lewis makes Saints cheerleader squad http://espn.go.com/espnw/athletes-life/article/11228320/espnw-new-orleans-saints-cheerleader-40-year-old-mother-two Good I guess? Is there no young hot women in New Orleans?
  3. Thought losing playoff games would make some fans puke and run, but when I looked into season tickets for the 2012 season, the Falcon web site wanted me to register & enter a wait list. Holy cow, the Dome is sold out? I never want to hear about Atlanta fans not being dedicated or loyal again. Does anyone want to split some lower level tics if you already got yours? Just wondering.
  4. First let me say, I love this country and know dam well freedom isn't free, but beyond that---my local politicians and those in Washington DC are lying to me when it comes to the real truth about tax payers money. They are playing both sides of the fence. In Washington and here in Atlanta, behind closed doors are budget meetings where everyone is out for themselves and the name of the game is "grab as much cash as you can in order to get re-elected". Then when facing the very people who put them in office they pretend to be fiscally responsible. Shame on you fat liars. The truth is that is if
  5. Come on Goodell---should we all wear skirts and play flag football? I am well aware of breast cancer as we all are but all the players, coaches and refs wearing pink too? I'm not making light of that horrible disease but what does wearing pink do? Awareness=money? Next week everyone has avocados on their uniforms
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