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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! Survival is back over on yahoo for this crazy upcoming season. If you're interested here is the link! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=3355&invitation_key=cce5dc24f443112e GroupdID: 3355 Password: falcons For anyone who hasn't played before, survival is a 1 shot pick'em from upcoming NFL matchups each week, you decide who you think has the best chance to win and you're done! If you are right you move forward, you can be wrong twice, 3rd time you're out of the game. Winner is the manager who lasts the longest. Note: you can only pick each team once a season so picks get more complicated with byes and previous selections in mind. PS: I am looking for one replacement manager for our ongoing Dynasty league hosted on Fleaflicker, this is a free league, if you are interested send me a DM, dynasty experience preferred. I can share the roster in private, it is a top 3 team in the league. Thanks!
  2. 18 regular season games and going down to 2 preseason games would be simpler, why IMHO, because then that's 6 games from your division as always, 4 games from another division in your conference, 4 games from another division in your conference, then 4 games from a division from the other conference. You wouldn't have to worry about drawing games from the teams you placed in from the divisions the previous year. There would have to be 2 bye weeks of course, but it would be worth it. For example, let's say in year 1, the Falcons play the AFC South (vs Jaguars, at Colts, vs Titans, at Texans), the NFC East (vs Eagles, at Giants, vs Redskins, at Cowboys), the NFC North (vs Packers, at Lions, vs Vikings, at Bears), and our entire division as always which is 6 more games. Then in year 2, the Falcons play the AFC West (vs Raiders, at Chargers, vs Broncos, at Chiefs), the NFC North (vs Lions, at Packers, vs Bears, at Vikings), the NFC West (vs 49ers, at Seahawks, vs Cardinals, at Rams), and our entire division as always which is 6 games. Then in year 3, the Falcons play the AFC East (vs Jets, at Dolphins, vs Patriots, at Bills), the NFC East (vs Giants, at Eagles, vs Cowboys, at Redskins), the NFC West (vs Seahawks, at 49ers, vs Rams, at Cardinals), and our entire division as always which is 6 games. and so forth I actually prefer this rotation over the current one honestly.
  3. There's Secured parking 3 blocks away with Shuttle Service for $35 if anyone's interested and can't find parking. They will drop you off and pick you up. That number is 678-538-7979 spaces are limited, call so maybe it can be reserved. I think it's a little more for the Super Bowl and I heard that there's Free Beer w/ parking.
  4. I'm calling it right now! We will destroy the sAint's in the Monday Night game! I'm predicting : Falcons 38 - sAint's 13......... Sorry no prizes being offered just bragging rights........ This is a PREDICTION ON THE SCORE THREAD with capital letters to make that point..... What do ya think? What's the score gonna be?
  5. http://insider.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/21411/matt-ryan-falcons-absolutely-can-average-30-points-per-game
  6. Let this thread serve as the official MBGT forum. It is time we not only vote on the game, but also get a head count. Please let us know if you plan on attending. I want to start contacting the hotel, etc and need a reasonably solid number to work with to get good rates, etc. For those unfamiliar, here is how it worked in the past: Hotel - Fairfield Inn and Suites in Dunwoody (off of Hammond Dr, walking distance to MARTA). Friday - Meet up and head out in the Roswell/Sandy Springs area. Taco Mac, Fred Bar, 5 Seasons at the Prado. Afterwards we do a small bottle share/drinking on the back deck or in the hotel cafeteria. Saturday - Early trip to Little 5 Points or Decatur for awesome beer. This is typically a Friday Night decision as to where we will go. Last year we hit Vortex (kinda), Wrecking Bar, Porter's Beer Bar, Beer Growler. In the past, we have hit Ale Yeah, Brickstore, Red Brick, etc. Early evening/Night we have a big cookout in the parking lot outside Fairfield Inn. Food, beer, fun. Fantastic time. Sunday - Game day. Some pair up and take MARTA to the GA Dome for some early festivities/tailgating, etc. Post-game, a few head out to Taco Mac at the Dome and dinner at Taco Mac in Sandy Springs. Vote for your game of choice and let's get a head count. This year should be a great event (we're even trying to get a beer brewed for it...). Let's all meet up, drink beer, and have a great time!
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