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Found 15 results

  1. Ours starts at 11:11 but the rest are funny as well.
  2. Just something I thought was hilarious I found that I figured I would share. Make more!
  3. This had me cracking up, everyone's response is so different and it's like a hard decision!! Except for Soliai haha
  4. Farts are funny, they stink but all the more reason to grade them depending on smell, sound, and place delivered. Me I love crop dusting my grocery store or a Dutch oven--ha Girls will never understand
  5. I figured you guys would really appreciate this. Didn't know where else to put it.
  6. My Uncle (best friend of my Father's) has recently taken up his passion for journalism and started a website. He just posted a story about my father, and about how the Falcons brought them together throughout the years. It's a great read if anyone's interested. Click the "Falcon Ernie" story on the right site of the page. http://wedgeword.com/
  7. http://www.nfl.com/v...defense-rise-up I didn't know how funny DeCoud was until this year. With his 'Meow' game on SC, his locker room and sideline antics, and now this, he's starting to become one of my favorite players. And he balls out every Sunday!
  8. I am not so sure this game will be as easy for us as they are thinking, but it is still funny to read. Dear Mr. Blank, On behalf of our "limp-d*ck" fan base, we would like to concede next weeks game. Due to the fact that we were beaten by a superior team September 20, 2012. Our fans belive that the fugging Mayan calendar predicted this, and therefore should all ingest anti-freeze, slit our wrist and move the franchise to Douchebagastan. So on September 30. 2012 when the Atlanta Falcons take the field for warm-ups. you will note that the visiting locker room is empty. Congratulations on winning the NFC South, the NFC Conference Championship, The Lombardi Trophey, and the fugging Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Signed Front Office Carolina Panthers (Soon To Be The Kabul Kanip-Kanaps)" and this one!!!! "jones/white versus our secondary"
  9. So the other day my little girl is playing a game on iPad and she wanted to show me. Basically your a kid spray painting a train and the security guard sees you at which point you run and try to get away collecting coins on the way. So she turns the game on and it goes to the player selection screen. They have a white kid a girl and a black kid. So my little girl is like I'm want to get the black guy, I was like oh yea? Why is that? She replied because he's the fastest. I replied jokingly "that's racist". She replied no it's not a race you run from the cops. Just thought this was hillarious her assuming her assuming race and racist meant the same thing. And she also points out it's not a race but you run from the police. Hilarious
  10. as per mine, Smitty wanted to be out of Atlanta. So he brought in Dirk Koetter. Fire off yours.
  11. We play solid game in the first two quarters and suddenly, in the 3rd Q, we give up our lead and let the opponents catch up and sometimes it may be possible for them to beat us too, if we continue this route. I was thinking and thought that MS should tell the players, that they are still playing 2nd Q in 3rd Q. That way players will play a solid game in 3rd Q. But I think MS might have already tried this trick. So I have another trick in my bag and that is: It is also possible to remove the entire 3rd Q and go to 4th straight away. This I think we need to petition to NFL that we do not need 3rd Q anymore and it affects Falcons for some reason and put lots of tense moments for Fans like me. These tense moments make me consume too many Buds. I understand, me consuming too many buds, is good for the economy and Budweiser group but also been advised by my doctor that is not in my best interest. What do you all suggest to reduce these tense moments of 3rd Quarter?
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