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Found 6 results

  1. QB: "It's Ice" : Phish FB: "Headstrong": Trapt HB1: "Free": Phish HB2: "This or That" : Black Sheep WR1: "Simply the Best": Tina Turner WR2: "12": ICP WR3: "Turbo Lover": Judas Priest TE1: "The Young Ones": Cliff Richard TE2: "Chip off the Block": Machine Gun Kelly LT: "Banana Pancakes": Jack Johnson LG: "I'll Be Gone": Linkin Park C: "Steady as She Goes": The Raconteurs RG: "The Thing that Should Not Be": Metallica RT: "Right Hand Man": Joan Osbourne *LDE: "The Number of the Beast": Iron Maiden DT: "I'm Fat": "Weird" Al Yankovic DT: "Getting Better All the Time": The Beatles RDE: "Who Are You?": The Who *Sam: "Diary of a MADMAN": Ozzy Mike: "Stuck in the Middle with You": Stealers Wheel Will: "Would?": AIC CB: "True": Spandau Ballet FS: "Already Gone": The Eagles SS: "Crush": DMB CB: "Keep Your Hand to Yourself": The Georgia Satellites NB: "ANY SONG BUT NICKLEBACK": Anyone P: "Drops of Jupiter": Train K: "Time After Time": Cyndi Lauper LS: "The Power": SNAP KR: "Survivor": Destiny's Kid PR: "I'll Stick Around": Foo Fighters ST: "Brass in Pocket" (I'm Special): The Pretenders
  2. Just thought I would start a thread to where Falcons Fans can make poetic thoughts in the form of Confucius that others might find entertaining. They can be funny or inspirational. Whatever you want, please keep it clean. Remember there are kids who view this stuff and you don't have to be a DIRTY BIRD to make a clean thought. For example : Confucius say : Falcon with pointy toe, not make goal line with Seahawks slippery mess in the way. Or Confucius say : Falcons not fly when bird not know why.... Have some fun with it, that's the whole point. Just remember to make it a CONFUCIUS type of thought. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Confucius say - Falcons have been going quite frequently here lately, where that may be, only Falcons fans know.
  3. I figure we could have some fun around here with a thread that isn't about choosing players. It's about choosing actors to play the role of our players. If the Falcons had a movie about the franchise as we know it, what actors would you choose to play the role of our players, coaches, and FO? I think William Forsythe could play Arthur Blank and Leonardo DiCaprio could be TD. Have some fun with it!!
  4. Since all of us Fans are arm chair coaches. I thought I would ask if you were the Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith given these questions by the media at this point in time what your answers might be to these questions? This is just for fun of course. Media Question : "What is the current status of your players who were injured sunday?" 1 Answer : In terms of injuries - "ANSWER HERE " Media Question : "Do you consider the offensive line a step back from last season by comparison?" 2 Answer : In terms of the offensive line : "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Was it a mistake to not resign Abraham at this point coach?" 3 Answer : In terms of Abraham - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Do you expect to give Trueblood some playing time given the status of the offense line anytime soon?" 4 Answer : In terms of Blood - "ANSWER HERE' Media Question : "Do you have any intentions of giving some of the RB's that have yet to see regular season playing time considering the Falcons are carrying so many RB's?" 5 Answer : In terms of playing RB's - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Is the loss of Kroy B. for the season something that should be a serious concern for the Falcons?" 6 Answer : In terms of Kroy - "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : " Can you explain the 2nd half woes of the Falcons when getting a substantial lead going into halftime?" 7 Answer : In term of leads and scoring - "ANSWER HERE". Feel free to add to this list, please answer as though you were coach first though. This is all just for fun. I'm not knocking Mike Smith at all, I'm just wondering how some of you might answer these questions if you were the coach of the Falcons at this point in time. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The rules are simple: 1) Cannot use core players or recent high draft picks the team would never trade: Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Sean Weatherspoon, Asante Samuel, Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson, William Moore, John Abraham, Peter Konz, Lamar Holmes. 2) Cannot trade the 1st or 2nd round picks in the 2013 draft. 3) No Clark Kent lol. I encourage you to post your own. I've mainly highlighted these needs in the trades I've been formulating: DT, RB, #4 WR, TE, left tackle, SLB, DE Here's one example of a new hypothetical trade with detailed analysis: The Falcons trade a 2013 5th round pick and a 2013 6th round pick for RB Reggie Bush, WR Clyde Gates, and a 2013 7th round pick. The NFL pushed the trade backline back from Week 6 to Week 8, and I think this will result in more trades that occur in the MLB and NBA near the trade deadline: teams that are effectively out of the hunt for playoffs will be much more open to dealing talented players, particularly those who are on expiring contracts. By Week 6 only the god awful team or 2 in the NFL new that they were out of it -- it isn't unfeasible to make the playoffs after starting 1-4 or 2-3. But if you're 2-5 or 1-6, or god forbid 0-7, you have a much better idea if you are not going to make the playoffs or if you are a lousy team that needs some rebuilding. One team that I think will find themselves in this dilemma is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins may have an improved defense, but they have no WRs to put up points with and will likely be rolling with a rookie QB (although Garrard has been getting the most 1st team reps to date). If they start off that bad in a division with 3 teams with postseason aspirations, they may want to get as many draft picks as possible to continue the rebuild. There are a few interesting names on this roster, but the one that sticks out to me is Reggie Bush. Bush is on the last year of his deal and won't help bring fans to the stadium if they're that bad -- what's also important is that the NEW regime in Miami drafted Lamar Miller in the 3rd round and were astounded he was available since they had him rated as a late 1st round/early 2nd round RB in the draft. They also have Daniel Thomas from last year's second round of the draft, but the new regime doesn't seem to think he fits the scheme and aren't too high on him -- I'd consider going after him but he isn't explosive and is identical to Jason Snelling, just younger. Lamar Miller is going to have a big role as a rookie, whether as a slot WR, return man, or RB. If their season is in the gutter, they may want to get Miller more touches as the future of the RB position in Miami so he's ready to be the featured guy in Year 2. Gauging what Bush's value is is a little more formulaic than other trades I've posted since he was traded to the Dolphins from the Saints. The Dolphins gave the Saints safety Jon Amaya and swapped 6th round picks with the Saints, allowing the Saints to move up. That was a very marginal price, but Bush had a very nice year last year showing that he's finally capable of running inside and outside which would seemingly boost his trade value. Then you factor in that Bush is a year older and the Dolhpins would get a financial reprieve from moving Bush in a lost season and not having to pay the second half of the last year of his contract (the Falcons would) and the Dolphins' owner is typically cost-conscious. Let's say for arguments sake that a 5th round pick would definitely do it because that's clearing his trade value. A 6th round pick should also get it done if we negotiate well. If we want anything additional, we'd have to go with the 5th round pick -- and we may have to swap an additional pick depending on what we're going after. The new regime has soured on Clyde Gates, a popular name around here a year ago who ended up drafted by the old Dolphins regime. The new regime doesn't like him and he's plummeting down the depth chart. That was written before they brought in Ochocinco to get snaps ahead of Gates. He could end up getting cut, but then I think that a team with a higher waiver slot than us like the Colts would claim him since they need WRs. Gates is a speed demon and could be an interesting pick up for us. He could compete for the #4 WR job and he certainly has the talent to win it. We are pretty thin after our Top 3 WRs and I'm all for bringing in quality depth. By allowing the Dolphins to move up from their 7th round pick to our 6th round pick, we get Gates instead of them cutting him and sitting him on the bench for the entire year. Atlanta trades for Bush because it gets a running back who excels in the screen game which is a major part of our offense this year. We also lack a premier return man and Bush is one of the best in the game. We'll get 7 weeks to see how Quizz handles his role, and if he doesn't excel then we will probably scour the trade market or the free agent for a back who could do a great job. I expect Quizz to do well, but I'd expect that Bush would be better. A backfield with Turner, Bush, Quizz, and Snelling has many facets and is deep and talented. Bush would give us a great weapon on our turf and he also showed last year that he can run with power inside the tackles. What's best about this is that Bush is on the last year of his deal so it would be a half season try out. If we really like his fit in the offense we could extend him in the offseason, or if we don't/we like the other free agent options like Jonathan Stewart or Matt Forte better than we can take a run at them and bring them in to be the feature back. A win-win for both teams, as the Dolphins get another draft pick to rebuild after a lost season and the Falcons get a great scheme-fitting piece to Koetter's offensive puzzle as well as a great return man without any long-term commitment.
  6. I just wanted to take a moment to thank my fellow message board members and the team that is the Atlanta Falcons. I come here in fun and although sometimes I can cross the line (just a little bit) it is all in fun. I have my doubts and criticisms of the team and it's players but enjoy the entertainment they provide year round through the draft, off-season moves, conversation on this message board and finally the season. I truly hope that we win a Lombardi this year and then we can all be happy go lucky holding hands under the rainbow like the homers on this board like to be ( I kid I kid). Let's all take a moment to appreciate the entertainment they provide by posting one of your favoriote highlights from the last 4 years. here's mine... I miss this guy and his playmaking ability
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