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Found 13 results

  1. A few different things available below: Yahoo FF Redraft League: I've been hosting a free 16 team full PPR league over on yahoo for TATF members for 8 years, going in to year 9. We have 5 spots available this season! Roster: 1QB - 1RB - 2WR - 1TE - 1 W/R - 2 W/R/T - 1K - 1DEF - 7BN - 5IR Some changes for this year, we have one less starting RB and 2 new Flex spots to give more flexibility to managers. 1 new bench spot and 4 new IR spots to help manage any Covid related emergencies and crucial handcuffs. Draft will be held next week, once league is full we will hold a vote on exact day. DM me if interested! Fleaflicker Dynasty League: I've been hosting a free 12 team superflex dynasty league for TATF members over on fleaflicker for 5 seasons now, we had one member drop out. The team is stacked, roster below QB: Brady, Newton, Roethlisberger, Herbert, Brisett, Tyrod Taylor, Allen, Walker, Luton RB: Kamara, Aaron Jones, Damien Williams, Kerryon Johnson, Deandre Washington, Justin Jackson, Travis Homer, Lamichael Perine, Mike Warren WR: Michael Thomas, Devante Adams, John Brown, Jalen Reagor, Van Jefferson, Antonio Gandy Golden, Jamison Crowder, Zach Pascal, Adam Humphries, Quartney Davis, Jeff Thomas TE: Zach Ertz, Jonnu Smith, Cole Kmet, Vance McDonald, Drew Sample, Josh Oliver Dm me if interested, requirement is that you have previous dynasty experience Survival Football on Yahoo: The yearly survival battle is back, join with the link below! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=3355&invitation_key=cce5dc24f443112e group id: 3355 password: falcons
  2. It's gotta be like 20 years old. I think it might be the sauce that gets the offense cooking.
  3. I'm here at the Kids and Pros clinic in Warner Robins. It's a great clinic, free of charge, and headed up by Falcons Greats Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler. Look it up and take your kids. They discuss proper hitting technique, concussions and team work. Buddy is an amazing public speaker. I am a long standing proud Falcons fan. Events like this make me prouder. And my nine year old freaking loves all the drills and interactions with the coaches and other kids.
  4. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  5. OK so this will be a dream ideal situation that could tremendously help outo and boost the team we all truly love and care so much for in to deep playoff and even SB conversations. I know you will all have different options but welcome all fellow Riser upers to comment. ENJOY!!!! So basically I'm not going to give you guys a long read (Actually maybe A Lil ). I'm going to get right to the point. With 5 picks in the draft, 4 being in 1st 4 rounds, I say we gamble back picks and some of next year's picks for 4 bonified picks in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Sounds crazy? It is! But when we pull it off our team will be set. So here's how it goes. 17th pick- Leonard Floyd-Olb.....get the "passrussher" we need. **TRADE** 26TH pick- Jaylon smith-lb...yes bubble dip..he also sure fire top 5 talent and we get future stud lb core....give seahawks 3rd and 6th this year and 5th or 4th next.... **Trade** 38th pick- Robert Nkemdiche-DT...now get another Atl native and a heck of a player who will stuff the inside and drop down the lead leading 20 rushing tds we gave up...we give Jacksonville 4th this year and 2nd or 3rd next (which ever works). 50th pick- Su'a Cravens or Keanu Neal-SS...with last pick in our draft now we get our stud SS for years to come you guys can flip on who you would rather have if both is there. So in the end it may sound crazy but very possible and in my trade we still keep next year's 1st and 2nd round picks, which we all know is the money picks. And yes I went all defense. We sorely need it. Defensive Starter DE-VIC BEASLEY DT-ROBERT NKEMDICHE DT-DERRICK SHELBY DE-ADRIAN CLAYBORN OLB-LEONARD FLOYD ILB-SEAN WEATHERSPOON /JAYLON SMITH OLB-COURTNEY UPSHAW CB-DESMOND TRUUUUFANT CB-ROBERT ALFORD/JALEN COLLINS SS-SU'A CRAVENS OR KEANU NEAL FS-RICARDO ALLEN Would be a scary defense for years in the new stadium. But just a thought of mines. Hey a Falcon Fan can dream right . Hope you all enjoy the read and comment comment comment. RISE UP!!!
  6. Facts of negativity 1) National Spotlight Embarrassment 2) Most Hated Rival gives us our first loss 3) Undefeated season dream dies 4) Opponent has not been good, rocks us. 5) 10 days we must wait for any redemption. 6) Panthers are still undefeated. My Personal Fun Fantasy Football Facts 1) I have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Matt Bryant. All 3 really underwhelmed, Ryan was alright. 2) I drafted, dropped wk 1, passed on waivers for week 3 on Devonta Freeman, who is killing it, including tonight. 3) My bro-in-law has enjoyed him thoroughly and of course just whipped/played me with Freeman, while the Falcons lose. 4) I had to start B Cooks due to a ton of Q markings on players on my team and had to go with what I knew on a Thursday. Lame. Facts of positivity 1) Saints are still 2-4 2) We are still 5-1 3) Julio, Person, Durant, etc. gets to rest 4) Our schedule isn't daunting Poop. Hurry up Monday night Star Wars trailer....
  7. A few things I would like to know from some of you. I understand football more than the average fan with having some background playing in college, coaching, and having friends as professional coaches that I have lost touch with (or I'd ask them). Many of you watch these games over and see more technical things than I do; so I'll be hesitant to say I have 'never' seen these things. I'm thinking about these things and I can't remember seeing some of these things after watching every play every season. Help me out. I'll be chasing a check soon! LOL I'm pulling for the birds as always...but I wonder.... In the last two years; haven't seen (or seen much of...): 1) Two tight end, or tackle eligible formations- I do remember the first series having a tackle eligible; but that's all I can remember. We like to think back to Michael turner; but it was also that mind set. We would catch teams in a nickel zone coverage, and bring in a TE (or add OL) and go no huddle and just slam a defense into submission. Not seeing anything like that. 2) Our offense in a spread/ spreading defenses. Our offensive formations are merely variations of WR sets (3/4/ FB) etc We used to do this, and run true delay/ draws. These would slow down a rush immensely. Running out of our basic set allows pass rushers to push up field with little gap responsibility. The opposing DLs can play 'on their toes' and we have to block them when they have leverage. Our attack comes from the middle early in the play and the defensive 'attack' is more concentrated. We do not 'spread' the defense's responsibility. Doing that would make the opposing DL play flat footed. Has anyone seen anything that is different than what I am seeing? 3) Counters. Do we ever get the DL moving one way and go back against the grain with a run? On the rare occasion we run a double reverse...our line still moves with the eventual ball carrier. Other than an occasional double reverse; not seeing any misdirection. Any of you that have ever played know you can get ff a block or make a block of a bigger opponent if their feet are moving. This is how to play bigger (and better) lines. Even in a fit if you get the opponents body moving, and feet (they lose leverage)...you got 'em! 4) Raising arms and hands during the pass rush. We did this a little early against NYG and we got some batted balls. Haven't seen much other than that. Have you? 5) Sweeps. Have we done any of this? We have smaller and more athletic OL than most teams we play. Why not getting them moving (again) on a sweep to the weak side of the defense. Good old fashioned numbers game which the offense has a better chance to win. Not to mention it makes LBs and DL players pursue...which will work on their 'wind' late in the game. 6) DL 'stunts'. Anyone seeing any type of stunts or variations in the location of our pass rush? Our pass rush is predictable and the OL can 'play on their toes'...block downhill; as we ty to push that player back. This is just pure physics. Not to mention; are you seeing many variations in our blitz packages. Its generally a delayed blitzed. We ahve 1-2 defenders 'lost' (caught between blitzing or coverage as compared to playing true LB placement) on every play. 7) 'Pressing' corners/ disrupting of routes. I can't remember seeing any of our players ever knocking a WR or TE off their route; even a little. No nudge...nothing. We have 5 yards. We can at least change their timing. I know we dont lay a lot of press coverage; but we can still 'squat' on the opposing routes. This is a matter of good scouting and catching tendencies. 8) Adjustments - I'll let you all fill in the 'blanks'. No pun intended...Arthur. 9) Offensive pass routes - We have been running the same routes that last 2 years. You think NFL coordinators haven't caught this and had their coverage people on our routes. How often do you see our receivers with any space at all? You will notice opposing defenders are always at our receivers when the ball arrives. often they are there early. Referees around the league have been allowing a slight early arrival if the defender is in position. MR2 has to put the ball in an exact place (while under a heavy rush) for the receivers t have any chance. Then there's the dropped balls. Much of that ahs to do with the anticipation of close coverage/ hits. A predictable catch point (such as 10-12 yards down for the TE stopping and turning on a spot for the catch). Safeties can predict the spot and start theor hit early. They are coming in delivering a full load of wood (thats what she said last night). 10) QB roll outs. MR2 can move. I agree we dont need him running like Cammy Cam or anything; but a roll out and he can decide the risk will slow the rush don as well. Plus...on a 3rd, 4th and short....and the defense is bunched in with 9 in the box is begging for a roll out. Maybe FB or TE rolling down field to keep a snooping safety honest. 11) the grossly obvious. Why aren't we playing ASmith more? I mean...really. His big plays and presence in the back field will slow down a rush as well. Not to mention; we are a better team with him in the game. I dont necessarily mean making him the bell cow...but dang! Did he pizz MS or MN off somehow? PS- I know I never want to see another defensive lineman covering a receiver. Ever. Ever! Add your thoughts. I would love for Dirk Diggler, MN, MS; or any of you to tell me where I'm off base here and give me some real answers.
  8. First - a word from Big Ben. Second - I've been looking around the internet, Most are saying the Panthers should steamroll the Steelers.. What most don't understand is we don't have the type of offense that will steamroll a team. We have a ball control offense that tries to take 8 to 10 minutes off the clock per drive. Under Chud? I could see a steamroll happening since Chud had us scoring on 2-4 minute drives a lot of the times. Shula throw, prefers to take it slow, and it does suck sometimes, but I can't argue much about it yet. Regardless.. it normally means that at the start of the fourth, the scores will be close and the other team can still win the game. So.. no steamroll happening, imo. Unless the Steelers find a way through our defense, while it is unlikely, no defense is immune to every offensive strategy. I think this game will play out how most of our games are played out. Close score...until the end, unless our defense gives our offense some short fields to work with via turnovers.
  9. Good evening Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  10. ?............. Well me too! SO WHAT COLLEGE TEAM ARE YOU PULLIN 4 IN THIS UP COMING SEASON.????......
  11. Happy 4th of July Falcons fans! Here's my season preview for you guys. Good luck this year! Em
  12. Great showing. I think that game may be the turning point for Klinsmann's tenure as coach. I hope the upward trajectory continues. Altidore is finally using his athleticism and big frame to out-muscle defenders, among other positive developments. What do you think?
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