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Found 1 result

  1. I went back and looked at some tape. His line appear to be still using the 4-3 under techniques. One tackle playing two gap 4 technique. Nose playing two gap 1 technique and the other tackle playing 3 tech. These do change. In the diagram below, the techniques are different but the linebacker assignment is basically the same. Your outside linebackers have contain on run and pass rush in passing situations. On running plays your Mikes have Fill and Scrape duty. ( Fill gaps and Scrape the runner back inside). On passing plays the Mikes match up against the tight end and running backs. The example in the Falcon play above shows this. Quinn is running a 3-4 under with man behind it in a cover 1. He is playing a nickel. The Free Safety backpedals to his spot on the hash. The mikes pick up the running back and tight end, man by the corners. Its a very aggressive defense because you essentially can have 5 people coming at the qb in pass rush at any time. He can move the linebackers around and overload a gap. ( A specialty of Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan).
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