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Found 2 results

  1. What are y'all looking for in Falcons content? Most people just start talking Falcons, but don't ask the people that are consuming said content what they want / like. As someone who works with other content creators and board members I didn't know what the peeps on here ( Who I used to be a regular member with ) wanted to hear about or watch. I'm not for everyone and neither are the style of videos, as I'm transitioning away from YouTube to go to Twitch, but regardless I wanted to know what the goal of for Falcons content overall. Mods if this is not ok pls delete post.
  2. http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/42531/260/tape-review-atlanta-falcons A few big takeaways from me: 1) The fan base is too high on Quizz's prospects as a RB, and we need to find a feature guy in FA (Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson) or in the draft (Eddie Lacy). Quizz is best used as a satellite back, because despite his willingness to run between the tackles -- and I truly love him for it and his reckless abandon in giving up his body -- he gets stuffed every time and isn't good at it. 5+ touches a game as a screen/swing pass guy, plus coming in to be a personal protector out of shotgun as he got much better at that throughout the season is an ideal role for him. It will keep our feature guy fresh and essentially out of harm's way from a blitzing LB, and Quizz can also release out of the block for a dump off and try to make something happen. The rest of this part A is my opinion, but if we think Eddie Lacy won't make it to our 1st rounder or if we have him rated as a 2nd rounder but he won't make it to our 2nd round pick, we should go hard after SJax or Reggie. SJax may be a better compliment to Quizz, and he would add great power to our offense as well as an uncanny receiving ability. But those goal-line drives that we struggled with all year could easily be resolved by a ramming Steven Jackson getting an inside handoff vs. a weak box because the defense is focused on Roddy, Julio, and TG who are all spread out. Reggie Bush could, imo, have a 2,000 all-purpose yard season in our offense with the way we want to use our RBs. He'd run, catch, and has speed to burn still. But maybe he isn't as good of a fit as SJax for our team's success because of the aforementioned power shortage we have. SJax would also seemingly cost a little less. 2) Our offensive line, while we had a mistake-free year, is average at best. An objective review of that probably holds true: we have a good RT in Clabo and a good LG in Blalock, but had a problem at starting RG and C last year and Baker has always been at best, average. We have an in-house center upgrade with Konz sliding into the spot, but then we need to figure out RG and LT. Lamar Holmes can play a part in this equation, because if he can man the LT spot then we only have one OL need. Or conversely, if he can man the RT spot we can slide Clabo into RG forming a dominant right side of the line imo and still only have one OL need. Part b of the big takeaway is to not be too high on Baker after an injury-free year just because our line play was "okay" and we were mistake-free. 3) Harry Douglas' constant offseason overhyping is apparent to not just me, so thank god for that. He's about to be 30 now, and he made an impact in only one game all year vs. a mid-round rookie who was known to be a gambler coming out of VT (Hosley). We need an upgrade at the slot position. Unsure if it is in-house with Drew Davis or Kevin Cone, but I personally think they both make a good #4 in a 4 wide set. Would love to see a mid-round pick used on a very good slot prospect (Tavon Austin, Marquise Goodwin, Josh Boyce, Chad Bumphis, Stedman Bailey), or even to find a way to trade down and pick up Percy Harvin from the Vikings. Either way, HD is a net-negative in the offense and we can stand for an upgrade, who is up to you. 4) Our defense isn't as good as we thought it was. If you take John Abraham, Sean Weatherspoon, Jon Babineaux, and William Moore off the field we field a surprisingly pathetic unit. I was surprised to read over and over, and this is only the latest example of it, that Stephen Nicholas has been a liability on the field. I always thought he was our underrated LB who did everything pretty well. If he is costing us in coverage and doesn't fill the hole like he once did, LB is a much bigger need that I originally scored. Dent was disappointing I suppose, but I was never high on him and imagined him as a Lofton clone. Lofton is actually better than Dent, which isn't too good for Dent's prospects. I'm a little more fond of prospects like Alec Ogletree and Kevin Minter at this point in time than I was a few weeks ago. Same for Arthur Brown and Khaseem Greene, but the first two have superstar LB written all over them. A guy to keep an eye on is Alabama's Nico Johnson. Could be an ideal MLB/SLB in a 4-3, for some reason he's out of the spotlight right now but a year ago he was penciled in as a Top 15 pick. 6'2, 250 lbs, 4.59 40. He had a very solid year for Alabama winning another national title, but he got lost vs. other more flashy prospects on his team and elsewhere. Rated as a 3rd/4th guy right now, could be a steal in the late 3rd. Admittedly he came out on passing downs for Alabama just because they were stacked with athletes, and his numbers aren't great because they all played in a rotation and in blowing out opponents they tend to pass a lot. This is projecting a developmental ability though. 5) Also pertaining to the defense, and this is obvious, we have no pass rush outside of Abraham. Kroy is a decent football player, but the kind of player that is supposed to be on special teams and come in occasionally and not be a big part of an NFL defense. We need to bring in DEs and DTs this offseason. I'd imagine that our big FA move, if not for one of the OTs (Albert or Long) will be for a DE. Avril, Johnson, Kruger and Spencer would all be great starters on our D-Line at LDE. Avril is my personal choice because he's the one that fits Nolan's scheme the best. He has a great track record as a 4-3 LDE, which is our base defense need, but can also stand up as a 3-4 OLB when we flex to those spots. He also didn't have a threat at DE opposite him, which Kruger had and played poorly without (Suggs) and same for Spencer (Ware), plus they both played in a 3-4 base D. Johnson is a great athlete, but he just had his best year in a career year so there are concerns there as well as a lack of positional versatility. He's a situational pass rusher only, and wouldn't be able to be an effective 3-4 OLB. He also isn't strong vs. the run. If I had my way, I'd bring in Avril to be a starter and target a talented pass rusher who is falling in the draft in the early mid-rounds (Tank Carradine or Brandon Jenkins from FSU). We also obviously need DT help, and this could be a Round 1 or Round 2 selection. Depending on the cuts and restructurings we make (DRob, Turner, etc) I think we can find a good starter in free agency. Terrance Knighton is an interesting selection as he can play 4-3 or 3-4 NT, same for Detroit's Sammie Lee Hill who may provide the most bang for our buck. Glenn Dorsey, if we are committed to sticking with a 4-3, could be a fantastic signing. If we got Avril, SLH, and Dorsey we have just added a ton of versatility and impact to our defense with 1 pick FA signing and two value ones. SLH and Dorsey, with Babs, would comprise the 3 man front in a 3-4, and Avril and Abe/Kroy/Carradine would be the OLBs. In a 4-3, depending on what scenario we are playing (run vs pass) SLH and Babs can start at DT with Avril and Abe at DE, or if it's vs. the run we can kick Babs out to LDE which we did sometimes last year, put Dorsey and SLH in at DT and swing Avril over to RDE, or we can blitz Avril from the 4-3 SLB spot like Denver uses Von Miller and keep Abe in at 4-3 RDE. 6) We need CB help. Asante was a nice pick up, but he certainly was burned throughout the year. He's only getting older, but he provides a game changing element at CB. Dunta may very well be at the end of line with his time in Atlanta. He's strong vs. the run, but brutal in pass coverage. His cap $ is exorbitant for a CB with that impact (or lack thereof). Robert McClain has been a heck of a find, but that nails down the nickel CB position that we drafted Chris Owens and Dominique Franks to fill. With DRob out, we need a starting outside CB. There are some big free agents (DRC) and also some value ones (Mike Jenkins, Greg Toler), but I personally think this could be our first round pick. At #30 CB could really be BPA if a guy like Xavier Rhodes is there and that would go a long way to improving our defense especially if we sign a major DE in FA. DeCoud had an above average year, but nothing special and was unfortunately abused vs. good passing teams. He also was never strong vs. the run, and that was apparent on film. He was supposed to be our ball hawking FS, but he hasn't really become that although he did have a good year. Consistency on the back end is important, although a guy like Jairus Byrd who's a true ballhawk and one of the best FS's in the game is mighty appealing from an on-paper standpoint.
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