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Found 5 results

  1. RISEEEEEEE UP FALCONS FANS!!!! We are now approaching our first game in just a couple of short weeks and I could not be more excited! We are in need of 50+ reliable, friendly,upbeat volunteers to assist working the stands during the Falcons home games throughout the season. As a volunteer you will receive FREE Entry into all games that you work, 1 FREE meal and get released around the beginning to mid of 3rd quarter of EVERY game. All volunteers must be 18+ and have a valid state ID. If you are a falcons fan, a college student that needs volunteer hours, just someone looking for something to do or know anyone that fits those descriptions... CONTACT ME! Please email me at glvolunteersquad@gmail.com if interested. LET'S GET READY FOR A KICKASS SEASON!
  2. http://on.freep.com/2wvcpot http://wearefanatics.com/nfl-dating-deal-breakers/ Meanwhile, the five least dateable franchises - the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons - have won a combined 20 Super Bowls. And the Falcons - the lone team in that list without a Super Bowl win - went to the Super Bowl earlier this year (and blew a 28-3 lead to the Patriots). Endure Celibacy or Date a Rival Fan? Baltimore Ravens fans, again, are No. 1 on a “would you rather” list. This time, nearly a quarter of them would rather live without sex for an entire year than date a fan of a rival team. That’s the epitome of dedication! Chicago Bears fans aren’t too far behind, with more than a fifth saying they’d do without, rather than date a rival fan. Houston Texans fans feel the same, with exactly 20 percent saying, “Nope,” and Bills fans are right behind them at just under 20 percent. Other fan bases on the list weren’t quite ready to give up sex for a year, though over 12 percent of each agreed that celibacy would be better than dating a fan of a rival team. More than 16 percent of Falcons fans would choose to go without sex instead of dating a rival fan, along with nearly 15 percent of Saints fans, Dolphins fans, and fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  3. I just watched a recent press conference with Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn, and at the start of the press conference one of the replies by Thomas D. he replied to Dan Quinn as "Q" around 2:29 or 2:30. What do you think about that? Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Who cares? I grew up a big Star Trek fan and "THE Q" was an all powerful being who could control everything. SO when someone says someone is the "Q" that's what it means to me. But it might have different meanings to others. Thoughts? http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/5-Things-Quinn--Dimitroff-Pre-Draft-Presser/2d965c3c-b163-41d0-9baa-ced30975c72c Personally, I hate it when people try and create new catch phrases and symbolize someone doing such manners and things. I have a name and don't like it when somebody thinks it's okay to call me otherwise, it's disrespectful, and demeaning in my opinion. BTW: This is all in good fun and not some SERIOUS so let's get riled up about it Falcons fan's post. LOL!!!! First, post your thoughts on this, and second post a one word or letter name you feel that you would be replying to TD if he addressed you as a ONE LETTER PERSON.
  4. In fact, Falcons can still win division. Atlanta is still 2-0 in division play! If Atlanta wins vs TB and Carolina, it would set up a chance to win this division and a big game vs our nemesis Saints in Week 17. We as fans have been giving very, very, negative energy (including myself, unfortunately) to this football team despite most of the the facts that fans validly been proven time and time. Its time to encourage this team instead of reminding their faults,because we got some very good people that wants to win this game and division as much as us fans want too. Besides, the more negative energy you spew the more discord they feel. We ARE the 12th man. Lets do our job. Encouragement and hope always helps people, so why not here in Atlanta?
  5. In my search to see what the atmosphere is like over there and whether Brandon Flowers will return or not, I found this little forum. http://fans.kcchiefs.com/service/displayDiscussionThreads.kickAction?as=118586&w=252128&d=891041&ac=new They are really not liking the fact they have to come into this game without Hali and possibly Flowers. I didn't know they had a new OC (If it is not NFC South I probably don't know). Im gonna do some research on this guy. Sorry if already posted.
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