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Found 4 results

  1. Bring on the RAMS!!!! In my opinion, they are overrated as a team. Yeah they are SPEEDY where that division they are in which is a wreck, but they haven't seen anything like the Falcons speedy team if you wanna match speed as a deciding factor as to who you may think might win the game. Rams have Gurley, but they also have a young QB who's last name is GOLF, I think Takk will take away the mulligan from GOLF multiple times in this game and leave him in the BUNKER! NO GOLFING FOR GOLF! I wanted the Falcons to face the RAMS first int he playoffs, I got my wish, The Falcons c
  2. I'm here at the Kids and Pros clinic in Warner Robins. It's a great clinic, free of charge, and headed up by Falcons Greats Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler. Look it up and take your kids. They discuss proper hitting technique, concussions and team work. Buddy is an amazing public speaker. I am a long standing proud Falcons fan. Events like this make me prouder. And my nine year old freaking loves all the drills and interactions with the coaches and other kids.
  3. Why can't the Falcons just WIN IT ALL? Or will they ever? This thread is all about opinions and nothing else. So please reply with your thoughts. Nothing personal toward anyone's opinions.
  4. Here is a simple list, and feel free my Falcons Friends/Fans to add to it, or dispute it. Or that is, things THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN! OR WILL? Predictions? What's your thoughts on this stuff? MY LIST: #1 Peyton Manning Will not be an Atlanta Falcon, EVER! Forget that! Matt Ryan's got thing under control. #2: : Forget about Albert Hayensworth, the dude is way overrated and got payed way too soon before he had to earn what he got. JMO. #3 : Grimes will be gone, who needs a short CB in this new REALISTIC defensive scheme. Yeah, he's been a character, much like the old number 7, but it's all about
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