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Found 4 results

  1. Checkout #P4PATL video by Toby D..On 4 things he feels new #Falcons Defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi need to do. To have success out of the front in 2020. Share if you agree or not worth discussing? It was on my mind. So I wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, after the hit on Redskins TE Jordan Reed. Some may have been trying to label Safety Keanu Neal as a dirty player. I wanted to talk about. And would like your take as well.
  3. I'm not going to get caught up too much in the hype or trash talk. But I was checking out the Patriots forums today to see what they had to say about the Falcons. I'm not really surprised to see how their fans obviously "KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE FALCONS OR THEIR DEFENSE", or "OFFENSE" either. Seahawks beat the Patriots earlier in the year. And the Falcons were not supposed to be able to beat the Seahawks or their defense "IN THE PLAYOFFS" making it a more important game. So anybody who thinks the Falcons OFFENSE or DEFENSE got here out of PURE LUCK has no idea whatsoever. The Falcons can beat any team if they play their game. I was reading this thread and it just amazed me at how SIMPLE the Patriots fans make it sound for them to win with their comments. Things like "Falcons are speedy but they are undersized and the Patriots O-line will stop any pass rush, and the Patriots should and can run all over the Falcons defense because they can't stop the run because the Eagles showed that, or just look the the Falcons game vs. the Eagle" <----- Those are the type of comments in this thread. This is a Patriots thread LINK and what they think about the Falcons defense. Just thought some of you might find this interesting to see how the Patriots fans view the Falcons Defense at this point int time : NO RESPECT AT ALL. https://www.patsfans.com/new-england-patriots/messageboard/threads/atlantas-defense.1137371/ GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know Falcons fans can see the difference on defense that the stats aren’t quite bearing out yet, that this D is different than the bottom dwellers of years past. New players, new attitude, new culture. So after 5 games, I think enough time has passed to take a look at how the offseason moves are panning out. I'm still amazed that they quietly did what no one thought was possible, and brought this defense back to some respectability in just one offseason. First, only 15 of 26 active defensive players were retained from last year's roster: DT Paul Soliai DT Jonathan Babineaux DT Ra’Shede Hageman (promoted to starter) DE Tyson Jackson DE Kroy Biermann (demoted to back up/rotate) DE Malliciah Goodman MLB Paul Worrilow MLB Nate Stupar OLB Joplo Bartu (demoted to back up) SS William Moore SS Kemal Ishmael FS Ricardo Allen (promoted to starter) CB Desmond Trufant CB Robert Alford CB Desmond Southward *(bold = starter) Only 6 on the 2015 starting lineup were starting here last year, with Hageman and Allen emerging as new starters. We now know that all of these players can thrive at their roles in this system (with the exceptions of Allen, Southward and Bartu, who are still questionable players, but at least are being put in better positions and coached to better utilize their skill sets, and should at worst provide decent depth). As for the players that changed, we clearly upgraded big time in the front 7: DL OUT - Umenyiora, Peters, Matthews, Massaquoi, Maponga IN - Beasley, Claiborn, Jarrett LB OUT Shembo IN Schofield, Durant, Reed, Bradford DB OUT - Wilson, McClain, Arenas, Lowery, Baker IN - Adams, Collins, Therezie Note that of the defensive players replaced from 2014, the only starters lost were Umenyiora and Lowery (who I wouldn't have minded keeping, but as old as he is, fine with moving on). Peters flashed some, but was easily upgrade-able. The rest were all backups who were unlikely to ever amount to much. What did we get in return: 3 new players already listed as starters (Beasley, Schofield, Durant), 3 that rotate in a lot and figure to be key contributors for the forseeable future (Claiborn, Reed, Jarrett), and 1 who I really like in Bradford to lead depth that’s at least improved. Now let’s look at the 2015 depth chart as a whole, and you tell me if you see the same below average defense: LDE - Beasley, Clayborn, Biermann LDT - Hageman, Jarrett RDT - Soliai, Babineaux RDE - Jackson, Goodman WLB - Durant, Bartu MLB - Worrilow, Bradford, Stupar SLB - Schofield, Reed LCB - Trufant, Adams, Southward SS - Moore, Ismael FS - Allen, Therezie, Godfrey RCB- Alford, Collins There is talent, upside and depth all over this roster now. Secondary is clearly where there are no significant upgrades yet (until/unless Collins and a FS pan out this year, then the secondary would be scary), but you can compensate when you have a much improved front 7, shutdown corner, improving Alford, and Willy Mo laying wood. Sure it will probably take another offseason or 2 for this defense to really become a force in the league, but if the offense keeps rolling, they don’t have to be. Think how many games they would have won the last 2 years if the defense could have even gotten a single key stop or turnover. They just have to be good enough. This is a group who hasn’t even come close to reaching their potential that they can under Quinn. Lots of reason to be excited. Go Falcons!!
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