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Found 3 results

  1. Link to DQ’s video presser today. 35 minutes long. Link to video https://www.atlantafalcons.com/video/dan-quinn-gives-updates-and-talks-football-during-challenging-times
  2. Man, I always love the inside info we get on the Falcons. This article by MMQBSI, as usual, paints a very clear picture on how DQ feels about the coaching staff going forward. Some of us speculated on the positions, roles, etc. on the coaches that have been added. Some were right, some were wrong, but it's clear DQ is no fool and has no ego when it comes to errors he's made and looking for ways to correct them so he doesn't double down on them, making them worse. He's not infallible, but when I tell you he's one of the best coaches in the league, that is one of the reasons why. He's always looking to improve and surround himself with people who feel the same way and aren't above acknowledging they have room to improve as well as holding him accountable. He's not looking for a room full of yes men, and he dam sure got it right from the sound of this article. The part about Koetter and Mularkey got me most excited, because we've all speculated it. But the concerns DQ had about Koetter's propensity to want to go pass happy were clearly considered, which is exactly why he brought Mularkey, who we all know can create a running game out of thin air. That's what I'm talking about. DQ isn't arrogant or some fool. He sees what we see, and more, and works to make sure he can win with it. Koetter and Mularkey should be able to dismantle defenses on a regular basis with their football knowledge and the talent on the team. I can't wait. FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!
  3. So I was listening to a podcast that had Bleacher Report analyst Adam Lefkoe on. They started by talking about the Texans and how they can be good if Watson can stay upright. Lefkoe then said something along the lines of "How many teams have beaten the Atlanta Falcons badly the last few weeks, Dan Quinn is the worst DC in the game right now". He was asked why a team that was in the Superbowl not too long ago and made the playoffs after that loss could become so bad so quickly. His answer was interesting: "My theory is this: He was part of that Seattle coaching tree, Gus Bradley now with the chargers...it went all over the NFL because he was emulating the Seahawks and all of there other guys are a lesser form. They don't know why that defense worked but they just have to run this defense, and when has their defense been good under DQ? The best defenseive year they've had was when KS put up the 5th most points in league history and that defense gave up 35 in the SB but lets blame KS for not running it on one down" It certainly seems like this is a major key with DQ and something I never thought about. Yes he was the DC in Sea but it wasnt his defense, it wasnt his team. He had Carrols fingerprints all over that defense in SEA. I know there are plenty of OC/DC that become great HC's and can continue there same coaching ways but DQ isnt that guy. This, for me, is another reason DQ needs to go, and I really liked that hiring. His time here is done. On a better note, Lefkoe also mentioned Drew Brees and his 3 years of being 7-9 and that nobody mentions it. He flat out said what we have all said about Brees and that a lot of his stats those 3 years we garbage time stats. Made me chuckle a bit.
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