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Found 8 results

  1. New highlight video my made of our Dline from last year. Hopefully it can get us hype for the line we have now. With the new additions Takk and Vic just might look even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq6sx7fznCY
  2. Those fans need corrective surgery to their perception. Falcons are are in the middle of an injury riddled season after b2b seasons with playoff wins and a SB berth. It’s wrong to blame coaching so soon. Its a knee-jerk reaction & lacks imagination. Personnel issues due to injury & talent deficiencies have prevented this team from playing to it’s strengths. All the weaknesses are glaringly apparent to opponents and there is no way to mask them right now. There is nothing the coaches can do until they have the players. It’s frustrating for everyone
  3. Man did Shede, Babs, and Reed come to play or what? Include Freeney, Jarrett, and Beasley in there as well 3 sacks 17 hurries on 34 drop backs. Shutting down the run. 101 total yards with RW gaining half of those on scrambling, broken down plays from the pressure in the pocket. Pressure forcing bad throws, throw aways, and TOs. And the pursuit was relentless and kept coming all game. I think the light has switched on for Hageman. He has been more consistent this season and moreso after the bye. Has Freeney been working with him as well. I seen 1 photo that supports
  4. Dissecting our D-Line Lets start here shall we. Vic Beasley Grady Jarret Rasheede Hageman J. Babs Cliff Matthews (added in season) These are the ONLY guys on our D-line that have been drafted by the Falcons. Thats horrible! No if and or buts about it. Vic is having an awesome year and Grady is having a solid year, not great but solid. However Grady is doing his job as a NT which is what I personally can ask for, just not elite NT status. You're not going to have elite players at every level and thats understandable. Hageman...man majority of us had high hope
  5. Here's the link to the entire article: http://espn.go.com/nfl/trainingcamp14/story/_/id/11311542/tennessee-titans-showing-toughness-camp Some good/funny things were said about the Falcon's by the Professor John Clayton. I'm copying and pasting the relevant information about the Falcons below: Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard was infuriated when Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman ran over and through Titans safety George Wilson. The rules of engagement for this dual practice were no fighting, and running backs were not to finish runs. Fortunately, Wilson wasn't hurt, but Polla
  6. Just wondering what everyone's 2 cents were on what our main issues were tonight, and also post what you liked. Likes: Bradie Ewing is going to be great if he stays healthy Steven Jackson is shifty, powerful, and can catch. It's wonderful. Darius Johnson looked better than HD or Davis out there, wonder how he'd do with Matt at QB. Worrilow/Bartu are going to be awesome at Mike and Will Dislikes: Wtf was going on with our line?? I couldn't keep up with who missed their assignments but it seems like Baker and Konz were the only ones doing anything. Alford and Trufant got a big lesson tonight, I
  7. Just like the title says - what is your starting D-Line for the Falcons? I'd like to break it up into run downs, and passing downs. For me (first is 1st string, 2nd is depth) On running downs: LDE - Goodman/Massaquoi DT - Robertson/Babineaux DT - Peters/Jerry RDE - Osi/Matthews On passing downs: LDE - Goodman/Mass DT - Babineaux/Robertson DT- Jerry/Peters RDE - Osi/Maponga Alternative 3-4 set for passing: LDE - Babineaux / Goodman DT - Robertson / Peters RDE - Osi/Maponga Thoughts? Edit: I had Seymour in here, but for posterity's sake, took him out
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