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Found 6 results

  1. Simple. Improved the OL in FA and draft. We improved the run D in FA. Our OL now has 4 or 5 first round picks on it as well as a FA vet(Brown). This will make for intense practices, iron sharpening iron. If we can stop the run better that will help improve our pass rush. Just finally glad we have good depth and players on the OL....finally TD....finally
  2. Basically, what the title says, if we had who we thought could be/become top tier in this defense (those last 3 words are important) at nearly every position on defense sitting there at 14, who would you pick and why? Which position, if picked, would most put this defense over the top? A DL "Gap Penetrator"? A Tough big body NT type? A "Michael Bennett type" Edge rusher who can move inside? A "speedy" bend around the edge type rusher? A top tier WLB? A top coverage CB? A "rangy" top tier Free Safety? Note: I left out MLB and SS because I made these choices based off of who I generally see this board saying we need the most, the players that I most see people saying we need to get our defense over the hump. (Deion and Neal seem to be accepted as being satisfactory at their positions) If you have another type that you really think that I should add to the poll, say so, and I will try to accommodate depending.
  3. Our OL woes have been widely discussed here, and are clear to all. Our DL is what befuddles me. It seems like Peria Jerry is having a career year (of course it's his contract year too) Corey Peters has been getting sacks, TFLs, etc... he seems much improved. Babineaux is Babineaux... he's always been above average, if not great. So that to me, leaves our DEs... Osi has been good though. It seems Goodman has potential. It seems like this DL should be better than last years... but is it? What are we missing? I know our LB corps is non-existent. Could that be the main source of our issues, and not the front 4?
  4. Anyone who watched the game - What is happening with our defense? I'd like critical, and knowledgeable analysis of it. - My opinion is that for some reason we are blowing our coverage in the secondary, but that may be a result of us having seemingly 0 pass rush until the 2nd half. - Seems like we don't get a decent press until later in the game. - Where are Nolan's blitzes? We can't just rush 4 and expect rookie corners and LBs to cover people all day. We did the same **** with the Pats, etc... - Are our CBs blowing their coverage? I don't get it - Seems like Peters, Babineaux, and Osi are the only bright spots up front. Babs blew a tackle that cost us big, though.
  5. our biggest offseason question...... to me is our O line......... and it also seems that the NFL analyst, believe the same thing....... but I am not worried about our left tackle left guard or center ..... and with the right tackle position being less important in the NFL........ if our o-line plays light out does that guarantee a Super Bowl berth? with all the speed in our secondary and our defensive coordinator .... That our defense will be fine... I see our coverage sacks going sky high this season..... what yall think? P.s. Falcons are now a dynasty that will compete .... And provide a quality product week in week outout thank you TD......
  6. From GBB (I wrote it) http://gritsblitz.co...-round-two.html
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