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Found 8 results

  1. I don't retract my disagreement with how we've spent our Draft and FA cumulatively. However, the picks themselves are something I think we may well look back on as really solidifying this line, potentially for the next decade. First off, some background. RAS stands for Relative Athletic Score. It's a metric created by Kent Platte, and it compares things like size, speed, explosion, and agility to previous prospects. It's remarkably effective at projecting future success for draft picks, especially on the OL. Of the 25 pro bowl tackles selected in the first round that have been measured by
  2. From the NY Post on one of the big factors in the Giants improved play, guard Will Hernandez available when the Falcons drafted last April. ================================== "Will Hernandez starting to show why Giants drafted him so high" The overhaul the Giants attempted this season with their offensive line didn’t take right away, but the unit’s drastic improvement has been a key factor in the team winning three of its past four games. Rookie left guard Will Hernandez certainly is among those whose play has steadily gotten better as his first NFL campaign has progressed.
  3. Dissecting our D-Line Lets start here shall we. Vic Beasley Grady Jarret Rasheede Hageman J. Babs Cliff Matthews (added in season) These are the ONLY guys on our D-line that have been drafted by the Falcons. Thats horrible! No if and or buts about it. Vic is having an awesome year and Grady is having a solid year, not great but solid. However Grady is doing his job as a NT which is what I personally can ask for, just not elite NT status. You're not going to have elite players at every level and thats understandable. Hageman...man majority of us had high hope
  4. http://www.atlantafa...81-19267c5cb8ae Could TD be hinting at a trade up for Clowney? Thoughts/Comments?
  5. It's kind of gone unmentioned with all the Clowney rumors swirling around, maybe for good reason. It does seem strange to me however that we're already hearing a lot of noise about who we really want to draft/trade up for. Obviously it's a no-brainer that we're interested in Clowney, who isn't? I'm here to question just how interested though. In the past Dimitroff has drafted in majority players that played all four years of college, and were team leaders/captains on their respective teams. Mack and Matthews fit that mold while Clowney and Robinson don't. Not saying this makes it a lock by any
  6. Just saw this video that's posted on the website. Sounds like man I'd want with a great deal of control in my war room. LINK NOTES -Might trade up, down or around our pick -Character isn't as big of an issue with certain positions. -Happy to have a full draft. Not just to pick, but maybe to deal picks. -Has good relationships around the league so conducive for trades. -Likes our pick at 30 because teams might want to make a run on a QB late in the first round. -After making a deal for Julio, teams now contact us to see if we are interested in trading up or down. They know we're willing make mo
  7. I'd mentioned in a couple of other threads that I'd posted on that I'd recently read the book - 'War Room'. The book is primarily written with a focus on the Patriots organization and Belichick's vision of how to build a team from the ground up. I found it be a pretty good read and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that was dedicated to Dimitroff and the Falcons. The information regarding Dimitroff primarily focuses on his earlier years (pre-New England and his time in New England). However, it covers his time here in Atlanta as well and is as current as last year's draft
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