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Found 10 results

  1. There are four aspects of football that I wanted to get opinion on in regards to our preseason record. State your opinions. No one will be totally wrong or right. Just looking for more insight. Scouts: Is our scouting department to blame for not providing our roster with the necessary depth that the coaches need to be able to win in the preseason? How much of a factor is it if our scouting staff identifies better players (perceived) but FA’s/UDFA’s choose to go elsewhere. Will we ever know that answer? Coaching: Is it our coaches responsibility to be able to coach up the players that were provided to them via the front office/coaching staff and develop real depth that we can contribute to our roster? Are the coaches not calling the right plays to help our depth succeed in preseason games? If so are other teams able to coach and call plays better than us in preseason? Players: Does it ultimately fall on the players fault if they are indeed getting coached properly and the plays are called to the players strengths? Is it difficult because not much of game planning goes into preseason making it more on the players fault for whatever reason why they can’t succeed? Do other teams have better players/depth than us in general? Luck: Is this all a crapshoot and our preseason record is indicative of just very bad luck with the ball not necessarily going our way? Whether it be that final missed last tackle, the freak injury, that wrong route, or that forgotten play? What say you? Oh and before anyone says it.. preseason wins don’t matter.
  2. Personally, I am not comfortable with the current linebacker depth that we have. I feel like we are in a better position with DE than LB since we have Crawford and Cominsky that can play both DE and DT. I do like Bruce Carter but Ish I'm very on the fence about. He had an opportunity last year to step up and make a difference but wasn't able to make any type of impact. That means we will see a large dose of Duke Riley, which makes me cringe thinking about it... What are your thoughts on this?
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/atlanta-falcons-sign-safety-chris-cooper-to-two-year-contract/
  4. Low cap and a draft class with some nice pass rusher/tweener LB type. Not saying 1st round, but Josh Sweat,Lo Carter,Landry,Key,and Davenport all should be on our draft board. Secondly, we are potentially losing Clayborn and his 9 sacks. If we choose to let him walk we will need a 3rd pass rusher. I know a DT like Bryan would help with interior push, and that's what we need, but will he be there at 26? Do we sign a DE in FA?Dion Jordan,Curry(trade),Long,Barwin,C.Johnson,McPhee,and Oklafor are a few cost friendly options(except Curry). Thoughts?
  5. Our tandem of RBs have been the best in the league so far. Both Freeman and Teco provide different skill sets that complement each other very well, allowing the offense to be even more dynamic. With that being said, we went into game 3 with only 2 RBs on the roster, which isn't a good thing. When Coleman went down for a few plays, I was very concerned. We would of had to finish the game with Freeman only, which would have been fine, but also very risky against a D that already has a history of intentionally hurting players. We need another back, it's that simple. Here is a list of available RBs... Andre Williams Karlos Williams Pierre Thomas Tyler Vargas Ben Tate Cj Spiller Khiry Robinson Lache Seastrunk Any of these guys worth a look?
  6. I only have Redzone and a stat sheet so it's tough to get all the info, but who played nickle primarily yesterday? Poole? Did Alford move around at all or just get burnt outside?
  7. I have a crazy theory, so bear with me - I get the feeling one of the reasons that we seem to come off as regular season warriors is that we would get the lead or be fighting for one in games, and Smitty or whoever else is afraid of losing it (or gets "conservative") and doesn't cycle in his depth enough. One glaring example I felt was the TB game at the end of 2012. I was flipping the **** out that Smitty wouldn't put in our depth. I get the whole "We want to win every game and keep momentum" and I get that in 2012 we happened to get the furthest we ever have - which is why this is a theory. I just feel like rotating in our depth during the year is a necessary evil if you want to be ready come playoff time. You simply can't play your starters on a high % of snaps all season and expect people to come into the post-season tearing it up still... football is a rough game, and it wears people down, obviously. I hope the coaches learned this - and I think they did - but it still angers me. So many potential stars have or could have been passed over (looking at you Werrilew) because of this incessant need to always run w/ our starters or highest picks. /rant off... thoughts?
  8. Am I the only one that thinks had we not lost Julio, Jackson, biermann, baker, Weatherspoon, Johnson, and had a healthy Roddy we would not be discussing depth. It would be great to have starters sitting behind starters but if you lose that many of your main pieces that is going to make it difficult for any team. Every team has injuries but if you take away key players from any team it will in most cases cause a negative effect. We lost a lot of games by a touchdown or less. But we gave some teams a run for there money even with everything going against us. If you look at where we have been picking the last 5 or 6 years this may be a blessing in disguise. We have an opportunity to get a top prospect in the draft. So please stop with the Td is a failure threads it is far from the truth. We could be like the cowboys and be a 500 team for most of the last 15 years. Just saying we are in the playoffs almost every year since Td and Smith came don't take away from what they have done. But give them a chance to build on it and obviously you can tell that they are trying to get better year in and year out. One thing you can't say about our owner, gm, or coach is that they are not trying to better this team. Not trying to say you have to agree with every move but they have earned enough success to get a chance to fix it. Go Falcons!
  9. Who do you see making the 2014 roster as our pure pass rusher (as pure as a PR can be in a 3-4) I don't really get why we'd keep Osi, but it is nice to have a vet DE presence. Do you all see potential in Mass, Maponga, or Goodman? I feel like Mass has a lot of potential... he's honestly the only pass rush DE we have that I would trust right now, other than Osi to an extent. To me the jury is out on Goodman, he might be more suited to packing on pounds and lining up next to our DT. Maponga? I don't see him lasting long for us. In a 3-4, who out of our current stable has the edge rush moves and versatility to play a rushing DE? If no one, who would you bring in/hope would be brought in?
  10. I thought it would be interesting to have a thread on who your picks are to make the PS I think the practice squad will consist of: Sean Renfree Brian Banks Ryan Schraeder Terren Jones Robert James Josh Vaughan Neil Huynh Zeke Motta Feel free to post cuts / surprise 53-man roster players
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