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Found 16 results

  1. What up falconsfam? From Pound 4 Pound ATL. I released a song on our YouTube channel. That I believe is a great song and video to get you hype for this 2020 season and those all black home uniforms at the benz. Wanted your brutally honest thoughts. You like it or trash it. Song is called "ATL Blackout". It's not what we usually release on the channel, but wanted to share.
  2. Hi all, on Sunday it's going down. And with all the excitement about the big contract, Wr Julio Jones just received. I'm also excited about seeing also paid Falcons LB, Deion Jones. Hitting the field for the first time on Sunday vs Vikings. I did an audio-video on why I believe Deion Jones can have an even better year. Behind this defensive line. Then he did when Dontari Poe was here in 2017. If you have a chance to watch the video. That would be much appreciated. But I would like to know if you share the same sentiment about Deion Jone in 2019? Also, do you feel that Duke Riley can build off
  3. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/5/18/18627770/the-falcons-have-only-had-two-top-10-defenses-since-1998 The Falcons have only had two top 10 defenses since 1998 Expecting the Falcons to take a leap this year? Beware history. By Dave Choate May 18, 2019, 3:00pm EDT Having a good Saturday? Well, time to talk about the Falcons defense! There has been a lot of discussion about this Falcons defense and what we might reasonably expect from it. With better health and some key additions like Adrian Clayborn, Tyeler Davison, and depth in the secondary, it seem
  4. This is my first ever video of anything related to sports. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I know I'm late for this, and I know I have a lot to work on. I went detailed into every team on our schedule. Tell me what you think.
  5. Cj Mosley just got 17.5 per from the jets, just after Kwon got 14.5 per. Well, lol, I guess we can pencil in Deion for close to 20. That is insane, although I still would rather keep him over Grady. Something got to give with tjid years new money going out.
  6. 3 games into the season so far and the defense seems to be leaning heavily on Cover-1. I'm interested to see, as the season unfolds, how the coverages will evolve, but yesterday was more of the same and from watching the Monday night game (Lions/Giants) I knew they were going to try to use their backs isolated on our linebackers. I have to say, outside of one play down the stretch where it looked like Deion got jelly-legged, he looked good out there... real good. Play #1 - 2nd Quarter Detroit goes empty, with the back, Theo Riddick, flexed out in the slot. You can see the route combina
  7. Mine is Deion Jones. This guy is playmaker. The big hit on Cam Newton! The pick six for 90 yards vs Saints. The awesome pick 6 vs Rams. Almost had a td vs SD. This guy will fly to the ball. Can't wait to see how good he will become.
  8. Figured I'd put something together for the guy I'm pulling for us to draft but who most have seen little to nothing of. Note: This isn't a highlight video. There are a lot of plays where he's just in coverage, or showing how he handles himself in the run game, or how he guns for the QB, or simply plays where his closing speed is outrageous. It's not meant to make him look flawless (though it is mostly good plays), it's meant to show his style of play, which I think is a dead ringer for the defense Quinn is trying to build. So enjoy. Also, sorry that it might be hard to
  9. The Rams are a truly horrible offense, but believe it or not, I thought that came in with a solid gameplan on how to attack the Falcons this past Sunday. However, that plan was neutralized not just because they are a bad offense playing with a rookie quarterback -- as many here have often pointed out, Atlanta has made rookie quarterbacks and bad offenses look like world-beaters -- so, no, it wasn't just their ineptitude that left them on the coliseum floor leaking, but the continued maturity of Atlanta's young defense, bolstered by players that are now starting to feel the game and play with
  10. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2681402-nfl1000-the-unheralded-linebacker-who-should-win-defensive-rookie-of-the-year Hint: It's Deion Jones.
  11. The linebacker position -- specifically, the middle linebacker position is incredibly close to my heart. To me, and I will admit to being totally biased, it is THE position to play on defense. It's everything, because it encompassed every aspect of football from instincts, toughness, fundamentals, and intelligence. You gotta have it all to play middle linebacker. Part pass rusher, part defensive back, and all man. Everything flows through him. In short, your defense will look like your middle linebacker. Now has anyone ever watched a linebacker during the play and wondered how or wh
  12. Let me start off by saying that I am not in love with the Falcons' defense right now. There's a lot of ugly going right now, still a few sloppy fundamentals, still too many yards surrendered, BUT there are some things going on that I do like. There's actual teeth to this defense and I can see it coming together. With that I'd like to take a look at the key defensive play of the Monday night game vs. the Saints. 1st and 10 Atlanta's 11 Yard Line: Now this is the route combo. Pay no attention to the top of the screen; it's just window dressing. The read is to the bottom of the screen.
  13. So over the last few weeks I saw a few different video's of our young Falcons puttin' in work this off-season. Notably Keanu Neal who got this whole board excited when he posted the vid with Kam. So I just threw all the links together in one quick page for the fans who may have missed one or another. Here you go, enjoy! http://lastwordonsports.com/2016/07/28/atlanta-falcons-young-guns/ Love seeing Hag working with a Steelers vet like that. Same with when Alford was training with Ryan Clark last season. Those are the kind of pros we need!!
  14. I see two guys Alexander and Smith as fast twitch LB's. Can cover, hit, and make plays. I hope Deion Jones can have the potential like these guys. Would take our LB core to the next level. Now if Campbell and Jones display these abilities then i'll crown Dimi (which i never do) myself. We could potentialy have a Telvin Smith and Alexander on the same team from the same draft. Thoughts?
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