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Found 3 results

  1. New highlight video my made of our Dline from last year. Hopefully it can get us hype for the line we have now. With the new additions Takk and Vic just might look even better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq6sx7fznCY
  2. I wanted to drop a quick one, this time on a subject that's near to my heart: defensive line stunts. Please forgive me if I'm mining territory that's already been covered. I'm procrastinating right now. Dan Quinn cut his teeth as a defensive line coach, and defensive line coaches love stunts. They were not as prominent with the previous regime and really only scratched at the surface last season for I assume personnel reasons, because there is a particular art to executing them and it takes some cohesion along your defensive line because everyone has to be working as one unit. Now
  3. First let me say that this is the first thread I have made in years and was inactive for a few, but started here in 97.. I feel good about the draft with the exception of one major area..We were 21st against the run in 2012..We did not get one single Defensive Lineman or LB in the draft..How are we going to fix that terrible stat..Maybe our achilles heel next year.. Love to hear feedback and sorry if it's been addressed..
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