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  1. What up, fam? It's been too long. I've actually been itching to do one of these for a few weeks now to get into some of the new coverages I expect to see this season, but Dean Pees didn't show nothing during the preseason. He finally gave me a little taste Sunday. Now there was some good defensively and a fair amount of bad. Fundamentals were lacking. We lost leverage, a few times we had trouble getting lined up, tackling wasn't as crisp as I like, but schematically, it was solid. Dean Pees's scheme is evolved from Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. It's some of the nastiest stuff you'll see anywhere. It's simple on the surface with a ton of complexity under the hood. This call from Sunday personifies that, a little beauty right out of Saban's playbook called Bobby 1 Rat (and no I'm sure if this is what Pees calls it in his playbook, but this is how I know it)... for all you UGA fans, Kirby has this in his package, too. He calls it Buddha. Basically, it is a straight up Cover-1 with a Rat underneath. In any other set, the middle linebacker will be the Rat. Here, we're still bringing 4, but we're changing who the rat is. We're changing up the pre-snap look with a sim pressure where the linebackers mug the LOS in a sugar look to mess with the MIKE declaration. Now the way Saban does it, he'll bring both inside linebackers if there is no motion by the running back, and the weak side linebacker will drop to become the Rat, while the Mike comes. And there's all kinds of checks and adjustments based on offensive formation, pre-snap motion, etc. Confused yet? Good. So was Jalen Hurts. Here, Dean Pees put a little twist on it, putting Means and Fowler on the same side. Foye is mugged up over the guard. Secondary is showing single high across the board. This look screams cover-1 with Deion as the Rat. But not so fast. Means drops and Foye is the 4th rusher. Because of the Mike declaration, the back has Deion, who doesn't come, so he releases into the pattern... basically this is a blitz, but not treated as a blitz by the protection. I'm not a fan of dropping pass rushers into coverage, and there were a few too many times where our guys looked awkward doing it -- we don't really have the true 3-4 backers to do it IMO, but this one wasn't too bad. A little ugly, but I think Means did a good job her bracketing the #2 receiver. Little bit better view of Means's drop, taking away anything quick. Foye and Grady are working a game on the guard and center, and JTM's rush is really good here. You'll see in the video how he works half a man, and immediately gets leverage to the outside of the LT, who winds up leaning (which is a big no-no). You can see right here the entire defense working as one, front and back. Everything is locked up, although one little question I have is Terrell doing what looks like a zone turn then getting into a trail tech like he's handing off to the safety, but the safety isn't really in position for that. I don't know if he missed the call, or he's playing 5 trap where he's reading #2 to jump anything out, but it looked odd. A couple of Terrell's plays looked odd Sunday. But back to the gif. We're locked up in man. Means's drop takes away the quick game. The LT actually somewhat recovered and rode JTM around the arc, but the interior rush did it's job. Really athletic play for Jalen to escape through there, and hold onto the ball off that hit. All in all, this is what we need to see more of.
  2. Good afternoon beautiful people. It's been too long. I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest buuttt... you know, 2020 and all. But the Falcons left me in a good mood Sunday so here we go. Let me just start off by saying, the first five games or so -- and I don't want to be too hyperbolic about this, but this was some of the sh**iest defense I have ever seen in my life. I don't wanna say they were the worst defense I had ever seen, but I can't think of too many worse off-hand. And the defensive play calling (whoever was doing it) was atrocious. It was a total repeat of last season's first quarter where everyone was in the wrong position. We were blitzing when we should have been playing coverage. We were playing coverage when we should have been blitzing. There was no anticipation as to what the offense was doing. For all the mess Dirk takes around here for his play calling, the defensive play calling was worse. I'm not totally sure if Jeff has been completely handed the keys or if it's another one of those combinations like last year where Jeff calls early downs and Raheem calls the 3rd down stuff, but it's been working. It's been working like a mother******. The thing I think that has really stood out lately has been the 3rd down package. We've really mixed it up nicely with this fire zone stuff that we'll roll out from time to time to keep offenses off balance. There are a couple of calls I want to look at -- this might be the only one I get to, so bear with me -- but this first one from the opening quarter was a beauty. 3rd and 3 - Raiders are close to mid-field. Now usually, and predictably, we usually just go man right here, which is what it looks exactly what the Raiders were expecting. Hence the bunch formation. To the bottom of the screen we got a vertical that's not really part of the read. He's just there to clear out the underneath coverage to hopefully find some space for the drag route coming from the top. To the top is another vertical from the #1 receiver designed to do the same thing; clear out the underneath coverage for Renfro on that speed out. It's a very well designed play, actually. Should be money on 3rd and 3. This is what we answer with -- Buck Zone 3 out of Nickel. Usually we show a double-A Gap pressure look with both linebacker's mugging the line of scrimmage, but here, and because of the formation, plus down and distance, Deion has to play off the LOS. We got a five-man pressure. Foye is coming on the blitz where he's going to fake up the middle then run a twist all the way around to the C-Gap. Coverage-wise we're in our customary 3-deep shell. Because of the loss of Foye, we only have one hook defender, Deion. Two curl-flat players in Neal and the Nickel corner, two corners playing deep 1/3's and of course the deep safety. Now this play should work for a first down, but it's the lights out execution that gets us off the field. This right here is what I LOVE about defense. It is the essence of football -- communication and execution. Simple stuff. Look at Deion and Neal's eyes. Right on their assignments. They're not trying to do the next man's job. Neal ain't jumping up to take #15, even though his initial steps take him right to the marker, because that's Deion's man. Instead, he plays his assignment. We're not spot-dropping here, we're reading patterns, so Neal is playing that curl area first and letting the throw take him to the flat. He's fading with #11 on the vertical route, while keeping eyes on Renfro. Now in a spot-drop concept, the hook defender (Deion) has a 10-12 yard drop with 1-2 yards wide of the hashmark, but again, here's we're reading patterns. That's the only way this type of zone blitz works. We're letting our guys be athletes. Deion has the first receiver that comes inside. Renfro throws an obligatory chip and stumbles, while #15 runs the drag right to Deion's zone. To the bottom of the screen, you got the Nickel, who is the other curl/flat defender, getting a jam on the receiver. This is key when you're curl flat... you never let a receiver run up the seam untouched. You get hands on him and physically displace him on his route to help out the safety. Meanwhile, Foye is looping while the end to his side takes an inside move, clearing the way. Now this is the part I'm really in love with. These two made the play -- Deion jumps the drag. Most linebackers just don't have the mobility to run with a receiver there, but Deion actually cuts in front of that route. And Neal plays this perfect. He knows the situation, he knows what the offense needs, and he knows exactly where Carr wants to go... The ball isn't even out and Neal has already gotten his foot into the ground and is driving downhill. Thing-of-beauty... Neal knows he's got help behind him. Passes #1 to the corner, takes the second man through the zone. Exactly the way it's drawn up and a beautiful hit. And step over him like a piece of garbage for good measure... punk. This is football right here. This is what we've been missing. Details. Fundamentals. You don't have to have some exotic scheme or all-pro's at every position if you can get your guys playing clean and on the same page.
  3. We always ask if it's the secondary or the pass rush that really makes the defense...so here we have our answer... Now that we know this...the question becomes do you invest more in the secondary or more in the pass rush? NFL.com - 10 biggest disappointing units in the NFL this season. Atlanta Falcons secondary Heading into the 2019 campaign, the Falcons were a pretty popular playoff pick. Then they lost seven of their first eight games. To Dan Quinn's credit, Atlanta did rally to finish at 7-9. But what happened in the first half of the season? And were the problems truly fixed down the stretch? Well, the turnaround reveals some traditional stats that need more context for a real understanding. In Weeks 1-8, the Falcons had just two interceptions (tied for the fewest) while allowing 19 receiving touchdowns (second-most) and yielding a 53 percent third-down conversion rate (highest in NFL). After the Falcons' Week 9 bye, they snagged 10 interceptions while giving up just nine passing touchdowns. And Atlanta allowed just a 25.8 percent third-down conversion rate (lowest in NFL in Weeks 10-17). Did the secondary really step it up in the back half of the season? Well, interceptions can be misleading. Over these same time periods, Atlanta went from notching just seven sacks in the first eight games to 21 over the final eight. Using computer vision, my measurements show that the uptick in disruptions (monitoring the 5-foot halo around the quarterback) went from 9.8 percent of opposing dropbacks to 34.9 percent. Meanwhile, the pass catcher separation allowed stayed pretty similar throughout the whole season. So it appears that the positive difference in the second half of the season came from the front of the defense, not the back. And going through the film with two NFL coaches further supported this notion.
  4. Greetings, beautiful people, it's been way too long, but finally, the Falcons have given me something interesting to dig into. I've made no secret over the years of my love for defensive football, so you can imagine how rough these past few seasons have been. Every football sensibility I have has been assaulted by these sumbitches in every way, but on Sunday... oh, boy, Sunday was a welcome respite. For ONE AFTERNOON, our defense was everything I ever wanted it to be, and against the Saints, no less. Now there was a whole lot of good football to break down Sunday, but for my own selfish reasons, I'm gonna dig into one of my favorite parts of the game: Stunts. I love me some defensive line stunts. Not as much as I love run fits, but it's a close second -- kinda like that middle child you love to death, but maybe not quite as much as that first born. You know what I'm talking about? Yes? No? Ok, you don't have to admit it. Just in case there are any questions as to what a defensive line stunt is, it's basically where your pass rushers will exchange rush lanes to confuse the protections. Almost like when the offense aligns their receivers tight to create a natural pick. Here, we're doing the same thing. We're trying to create a free runner, to the QB. It can wreak havoc on a offensive line if it's well timed and executed. People talk about being creative on defense, being aggressive, bringing pressure... this is a way to accomplish all of that, while rushing four and not compromising your coverage. There are literally endless combinations of them you can bring: E/T, T/E, Double Tex. You can E/T on one side and T/E on the other, you can run Pirate, Charlie, then you can bring a backer into it add even more combinations. The only limit is your imagination. But for the sake of brevity, I'm gonna focus on this one from the 2nd quarter. 3rd and 4 - 2nd quarter: Now we want to look at the alignment first and the personnel. Vic's in a wide-9, Takk is next to him inside in a 4 technique on the offensive tackle, Grady is in a 1 tech, and Clay is aaalllll the way to the other side in no-man's land in a 9. This is a really creative use of personnel. Your two most athletic pass rushers to one side, next to your best interior rusher, and your best overall pass rusher all by himself. What do you do as an offensive line with this -- three to one side, one to the other? Naturally you're gonna want to slide your protection, which way? And if you do, it's gonna leave you thin somewhere else. It's almost like when the offense puts three receivers to one side, and Julio all by himself wide to the other. It forces the coverage to adjust in ways that stresses them. You dictate terms when you do stuff like that. But here, we are dictating to the offense and forcing them to adjust. This is the game that we have on. We've got a TEX stunt to the left side of the screen where the Tackle will go first, hard to the outside, while the End will fake a rush upfield, then loop around inside where the defensive tackle used to be and find the hole. On the other side we have an Exit stunt where the End will go first. Here, Clay will take a hard inside move and it's Grady who is supposed to be the looper. Here is how it actually plays out. New Orleans slides their line to Takk and Vic's side, which makes sense. Clay on the end, makes a hard inside move at the snap. No wasted motion. He's going right now to pull that offensive tackle inside. The back, Murray, is in a check release on the Campbell. Campbell didn't blitz, so he's gonna release into the pattern. Kamara to the other side in the wing, gets out immediately, so it's a straight 5 man protection. It's all on their linemen to beat ours. This is the key part of this play. Grady starts from a 1tech and slants all the way over to the left guard (pictured right) and engages him. Because he engages him, that guard now cannot pick up Clay coming on the loop. The tackle on Clay correctly looks to pass him off to the guard and pick up Grady, but Grady ain't coming quite yet. The game to this side ain't exactly playing out as designed, but that's part of it. Defensive line coaches tell their guys all the time, "I can't tell you were the hole is going to open up", you just gotta keep rushing and find it. Be a football player. This right here is just pure beauty. Poor #75 at guard is just all in pieces. Ain't in position to block nobody. His man Grady done looped around, and Clay done came out of nowhere and knocked the s*** out of him. Another thing to look at is because of the alignment and the slide to Takk and Vic, the Center has to block to that side. So he can't help to the side where our most dangerous rushers are --Clay, and Grady. He's gotta help out to the other side. No commentary needed. #75 is dog food... ... And Drew is dead. Now to be fair, #75 is in a bad spot. Usually, and especially when you're a guard, you've got a man over you, so you naturally can pick up those games better. But this is just an awesome design to screw with the protection of the Saints, knowing they would slide the line to Takk and Vic and that would create one-on-ones for Grady and Clay. More of this, please. Credit @SPITFIRE for looking out on that All-22.
  5. #3. It man change tomorrow but after 2 weeks the Falcons have a defense...
  6. I posted a video I did about Dan Quinn. How I felt that he could become coach of the year. if this defense becomes what we all believe it can be. After the 2019 season. I would love to see what you all views are on the subject. If the video interests you in watching it. Thanks on behalf on Pound 4 Pound ATL.
  7. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/5/18/18627770/the-falcons-have-only-had-two-top-10-defenses-since-1998 The Falcons have only had two top 10 defenses since 1998 Expecting the Falcons to take a leap this year? Beware history. By Dave Choate May 18, 2019, 3:00pm EDT Having a good Saturday? Well, time to talk about the Falcons defense! There has been a lot of discussion about this Falcons defense and what we might reasonably expect from it. With better health and some key additions like Adrian Clayborn, Tyeler Davison, and depth in the secondary, it seems reasonable to expect it will not be a massive liability the way it was throughout much of the first half of the 2018 season, but can it be the (at least on paper) top ten unit it was in 2017? The chief reason to be skeptical (and I am) hinges on history. Here is the complete list of defenses that have been top ten in points and yards allowed since 1998. 2017: Points: 8, Yards: 9 1998: Points: 4, Yards: 8 Here’s the complete list of Falcons defenses that have been top ten in either points or yards allowed since 1998. 2012: Points: 5, Yards: 24 2010: Points: 5, Yards: 16 2002: Points: 8, Yards: 19 That’s it! That’s the list. This tells a pretty somber story, but not one that is going to surprise the bulk of Falcons fans. This team has had some superlative talent on defense over the years, but rarely enough to push them into being what we would consider a good defense. The 1998 Super Bowl team boasted a phenomenal unit, that 2017 team was stingy and dangerous and nearly smothered the Eagles in the playoffs, and the team was opportunistic enough to hold teams in check in 2010 and 2012. But that really has been about it, and any chance of the team repeating their success in 2017 was destroyed by the cumulative loss of Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, and Deion Jones, plus injuries and ineffectiveness for key players like Robert Alford and Vic Beasley. This is why the Falcons, despite their evident talent and Dan Quinn’s hands-onedness, shouldn’t be counted on to take a major leap on that side of the ball in 2019. I’m confident they’ll be much better than they were a year ago, and I’m equally confident that being top ten in points and yards isn’t the end-all, be-all story for a defense. But I’m also pretty hard-pressed to be confident that the team will reach those lofty heights given that they’ve done so just twice in 1998, and they’ve only been top ten in points five times and yards just the two times in that span. With the offense in place, even modest improvement will do the trick, but the grandest surprise would be one of the league’s best rankings for a unit that could do it despite the weight of history.
  8. https://twitter.com/FOXSportsBraves/status/905556194730754049 Here is a great video to give you some insight into our club, and it's defensive improvements. This video is also why I believe Riley will improve drastically when he gets here.
  9. DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!!! This Super Bowl was NOT about Tom Brady or even Julian Edelman (even tho he deserved MVP), this Super Bowl was about the Patriots top 10 scoring defense (ranked #7 all year). They overpowered that high powered Rams offense. All year long people thought this would finally be the year a high powered offense wins it all and the talk was this is becoming an offensively friendly league and defenses are going down the drain. Not so fast my friend. If you're a real fan of the sport, as much as you hate the Patriots, you gotten love the defensive scheme and the packages they brought in to take away what the Rams did best. This reminded me of what the #1 defense of Broncos did to Cam Newton and the Panther's high powered offense a few years back. The Falcons have only had 1 top 10 scoring defense after our first Super Bowl appearance, which was in a year that wasn't Matt Ryan's best season and that defense still didn't get enough turnovers. That's unacceptable. Despite how good the 2017 Falcons defense was, I still believe the 1998 Falcons was the last team that gave this city a defense worth getting really excited for. We've had talent like John Abraham, Brent Grimes, Willy Moore, Dwight Freeney, Grady Jarrett, Corey Peters, and so forth, but with the scheme we've had and most of our personnel, we have been a mediocre or average at best defense. As long as Matt Ryan is our quarterback, until our front office can finally put together a great defense, a defense with great leaders that have that dawg and fire in them, we aren't going back to the Super Bowl anytime soon. I don't believe it. High scoring offenses will set all these records in the regular season, but once they get in the playoffs or get deep in the playoffs, a top 10 scoring defense always beats them somehow someway. You don't have a historical offense every year, but you can have no worse than a top 10 scoring defense every year if you have the right scheme, personnel, and coaching staff, and with the amount of numbers Matt Ryan has put up in his 11 seasons in Atlanta, it's a shame that we can't ever give him a defense and it angers me TBH. I don't care how it happens. Dan Quinn should be taking notes here. @JD dirtybird21 You are right. Tom Brady is a great player, but he doesn't deserve all the credit for the Patriots success over the years when you have those top 10 scoring defenses combined with the success of Bill Belichick (the Saban of the NFL) taking away what an opposing opponent does best.
  10. In the last decade, only one team has allowed a higher per game average: The 2010 Buffalo Bills at 169.6 YPG (who finished 4-12 BTW which is still possible for this current Falcons team). But, but... it's always "fast and physical" "speed and quickness ONLY!" "The lighter the better!" 4 seasons in Dan Quinn. 4 seasons of coaching, draft, and FA! This is what we get!
  11. Enough said. I know there are people on here who believe Manuel is not the guy, but our defenses were mediocre in 2015 and 2016 too before Manuel got here "fast and physical" my ***.
  12. Let's be honest people, coming from an extreme Sarkisian hater since he arrived here in the 2017 off season, I will say that this year Sarkisian has improved. He hasn't gotten any worse, and no, he will never be on the level of Shanahan, and that's okay. As long as the offense is productive enough we are good, and our offense has been really good this year. The 2018 O-line for the Falcons that Sark has to deal with is no where near as good or healthy as the 2016 O-line Shanahan had. People need to understand that no franchise in the NFL has a historical offense every year, not even the Patriots. Only the Rams from 1999-2001 were be able to accomplish that feat in a 3 year span. Look at the 2015 Broncos when their offense was a complete shell of their former selves compared to 2013, but their championship defense prevailed them. It's the defense that has been the biggest problem with the Falcons ONCE AGAIN, and our special teams (especially the kick coverage and return game) is very poor. I'm very disappointed in Dan Quinn. FOUR seasons in and you haven't given us a good defense yet? Even in 2017 the numbers say we were top 10 in scoring D, but our D still couldn't get enough turnovers. The difference is that our defense was clutch at the end of a lot of games such as the Bears in Chicago, Lions in Detroit, or Saints at home. I fully understand all the injuries that have happened, but when it comes to our long term injuries like Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Ricardo Allen, 2 of those 3 guys are from the secondary, and only 1 is from the D-line. Our D-line depth was already soft and weak coming into this season. People may continue to disagree, but the losses of Poe, Clayborn, and Upshaw hurts the D-line more than people want to believe. I believe Trufant and Alford have been so bad this year because they are missing the leadership of Neal and Rico on the field. Throughout 2017 I believe Neal and Rico being there helped elevate Trufant and Alford's game, in fact, I think most would agree that last year was the best season of Robert Alford's career, but this year he's right back to mediocrity like he was earlier in his career. Trufant has been the biggest disappointment for me, and he wasn't even that good last year coming off injury. Now he's a lot worse. Making him the highest paid corner after a SEASON ENDING injury was the dumbest move the front office as ever made for a long term player on our team in recent memory. Trufant before the injury was never on the level of a Norman or Sherman, so what was the point of that stupid contract? Despite all of what I've said, Trufant and Alford have been here since 2013, and for 2 veteran corners there are no more excuses for playing at such a poor level. That 3 game win streak we had, people acted like our dominant win over the Redskins in Washington was like the previous 2 games in our streak. If it wasn't for those long field goals towards the end of the Bucs and Giants games by Bryant and Tavecchio, we would have started 1-5 after the Bucs and the Giants would have tied us up and forced OT and who knows what would have happened. Dan Quinn continues to get out coached in the 2nd half and choke away late leads in the 4th quarter. We haven't been clutch in the 4th quarter lately, and we find ways to lose or almost lose. We should have sealed the Bucs game 31-29 with a 1st down but we made it harder on ourselves. We should have sealed the Giants game 20-12 with a 1st down but we also made that one harder on ourselves. See the problem? The Redskins game made it seem like we were impressive in that 3 game win streak but if you go back to the Bucs and Giants game you'll know we were just as vulnerable against the Browns in Cleveland. As long as Matt Ryan is still our QB, until we can finally put together a championship defense (which we HAVEN'T, not even 2012 or 2017) we will never get a Super Bowl with Matt Ryan. It's not happening. Until Quinn and Dimitroff can get BIG PHYSICAL guys up front instead of just focusing on speed and skill position all the time, we will continue to suffer as well. Matt Ryan, you have enough weapons, how many more guys do you need? As for the defensive side of the ball, speed is good, but you need big guys too and not just small guys. Or you will continue to get warn out in the 2nd half of games or get pushed around by big physical O-lines or ran over by big backs.
  13. That’s an amazing task to do even with the Giants Oline struggles and the Cowboys line not being the dominant force of 2-3 year ago. I love what the Skins are doing from a draft/FA aspect of the Dline. Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Tim Settle, Matt Ionaddis, Caleb Brantley on the interior. WOW and the pass rushers... Preston Smith, Ryan Anderson, Kerrigan and co The falcons have their work cut out for them. I’d also like to see us add some athletics lineman without sacrificing size like the Skins do this offseason.
  14. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/10/2/17923576/dan-quinn-already-missed-his-chance-to-fix-the-atlanta-falcons-defense Remember last week? I sure do. It feels like only a few days ago. As per usual, the Atlanta Falcons were hit with another major injury to their defense after their defense had already hemorrhaged yards and points for four quarters and one awful overtime drive. We offered up some potential fixes for the team that would be just enough glue and tape to keep the defense together until Deion Jones returns. Those players included Eric Reid, John Simon, and Earl Thomas. Those players have been signed by the Carolina Panthers, broken their leg, and signed by the New England Patriots, respectively. It looks like Quinn missed his opportunity entirely to shore up the problematic secondary. There were options, but he was not interested in any starters. Well, lets see how that plan worked out. Kemal Ishmael only played on special teams. Jordan Richards only played 19 defensive snaps. Last Monday’s plan didn’t last six days. Instead, Brian Poole played a lot of safety, pushing the very raw Isaiah Oliver into action. None of that worked. Andy Dalton toss up 37 points. You don’t end up at 1-3 without some problems. Criticism will come naturally from that record. Unfortunately, Quinn painted himself into a corner. The easiest moves are gone. The Falcons were struggling with the loss of Adrian Clayborn and Dontari Poe, then they lost Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, and Ricardo Allen. That’s five starters from 2017, and the Falcons have signed Sharrod Neasman. Sorry, but that’s a bad move. This is reminiscent of watching the league’s worst defense in 2014. We heard each week the staff would look at personnel, scheme, and play calling, and we saw the exact same result every week. Sometimes teams need to be aggressive. Last week was Atlanta’s time to do that. The Falcons defense may improve, but it’s not going to bounce back to a strength with this personnel.
  15. So I saw that article about the secondaries rankings for the season, and we were #5. It made my blood boil with excitement. Since I received so much love from the Freeman highlight video I made, I decided to do one for the secondary. Do yah think we can have the best secondary in the league this year like the Broncos of 2015?
  16. I just wanted to say and would like to hear others opinions on this. I think Marquand Manuel has done a great job as Defensive Coodinator this year, he seems to keep getting better and better as the season has gone on. Along with the Falcons defense. I think he deserves some thanks and more respect for his hard work. I point this out, because I believe for as good as Shannahans offensive scheme was last season for the Falcons "As time went on, and it should be mentioned with Shannahan that his first season stunk with people calling for him to be fired at that time". I think Marquand Manuel has done an exceptional job this year. He's like the Shannahan of last year only as a Defensive Coordinator. Thank you Marquand Manuel for doing a great JOB! And that's mainly what this thread is about, the man deserves some respect for the job he has done and I can't help but feel he is under appreciated at this point in time. If the Falcons lose in the playoffs, even in the first game, I believe their defense will be ready. And while it isn't pointed out much, if you really go back and watch the games the Falcons lost it's not so much the defense that cost them the lose, it's the offense, and penalties. Either way, I want to stay on subject. I think Marquand Manuel has done an AWESOME job as DC this season, and I believe the Falcons have found a real GEM at DC, simply based on the improvement the Falcons defense has made over time, that's coaching in my opinion. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Count me in the group that thinks that the defense has played well this season. Now I have high expectations for this unit, but also realistic ones. I think they have clearly taken a step. I think they have kept this team in some games while the offense was figuring some things out, but Monday... ... it felt like one step forward, two steps back. Hopefully we're all still flushed with the joy of victory, a great victory in a tough place to play, but there was a lot wrong with that defensive performance Monday night from communication, to missed reads, to just poor fundamentals. I wanna take a look at a few plays that me gritting my teeth. PLAY #1 - Anyone remember from the Miami game down near the goal line were Miami ran an orbit motion with Jarvis Landry? Remember how he showed reverse then stopped in his tracks, turned and ran the other way and walked into the end zone? Well, guess what Seattle decided to try on Atlanta Monday night? You guessed it. Now let me say this... I got no idea wtf happened, as in it broke down so bad, and by so many of our guys, I barely have an idea who was supposed to do what. What I can tell is that it looked like a Cover-1 call. Seattle motioned into a bunch. That's where everything went FUBAR. You can see Neal gesturing. Now this is just my guess, but it looks like he might have been switching something off as in Deion was the RAT and now maybe Keanu is telling him he's now the RAT... IDK At the snap, Russell play-actions. Poole and Alf take their men. That looks like the only thing that went right. For a moment is looks like Deion had the back in man, but then he backed off like he was in zone. Neal just stands there after it's clear it's pass and it looks like he's playing the RAT too. Desmond... I got no idea what Desmond is going, he turns and sprints all the way across the field like he had the tight end in coverage, but that doesn't make a God's bit of sense. You can see Tyler Lockett faking the orbit motion and turning around. Meanwhile, Desmond, the guy who would have been in best position to stop him is going in the other direction. You know what happened from there. Ugly football. Terrible communication. And I would just chalk it up to the game if this wasn't a play-type they had seen before.
  18. Two Short Years ago(three offseasons), we did not have: DE/OLB - Vic Beasley - #1 passrusher DT - Grady Jarrett - rising star DT - Dontari Poe - two time all-pro DE - Takkarist McKinley - crazy motor WLB - Duke Riley - makes plays at 100mph MLB - Deion Jones - Derrick Brooks HOF clone SLB - DeVondre Campbell - large man that can move SS - Keanu Neal - Kam Chancellor clone - MonsterMash hitter CB - Jalen Collins - still developing corner w/ size and is improving CB/S - Brian Poole - very good nickel player DE - Adrian Clayborn - decent #3 type passrusher Other Role Players: Derrick Shelby(DT), Courtney Upshaw(DT), Brooks Reed(DE/OLB), Damonte Kazee(CB/FS), CJ Goodwin(CB), Deji Olatoye(CB) That is an INSANE amount of talent to add in three offseasons on one side of the ball. Basically only real holdovers of significance are Trufant, Alford and Ricardo Allen. I am not putting Hageman in there yet as of being significant - he certainly could be. I still marvel at this. What changed? Dan Quinn changed EVERYTHING. We knew he was a good coach - but DQ's ability to articulate to scouting staff/GM and Pioli what he needs - traits, speed, size, competitive toughness - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Assuming Duke/Takk move into starting roles at some point in 2017 - you are talking 8 starters. These are heady times to be a Falcons fan.
  19. We are really young on defense. Another good draft and FA and I believe we can be top 10 next season. That's it.
  20. In the words of Terrell Owens: That's my defense. 90+ plays and not much help from your offense in time of possession. They contended with Brady and the all-world Patriots. They deserve better. Champs in my heart.
  21. Pick one for each category, if u want someone else listed or a name changed just say so #RiseUp
  22. Look nothing is wrong with our defense. They're definitely playoff ready. Long as we don't have a gap intergrity & tackling collapse like against Philly which I highly doubt .. we'll beat anybody. We produce good push, Vic is the leagues sack man this year, Clayborn is gettin healthier, Hageman is producing, Brooks is solid, Jarrett is striding & Freeney will come back on hard with Clayborn back in the fold. The LBs are healthy, fast, really grasping the scheme and producing. The DBs are the most underrated bunch of them all! Alford has moved to #1 lock down mode like Truuu, Poole is more than solid, Neal don't really have much to say about him top10 SS as a rookie.. He'll be rocking heads in the post & the dawg of them all Collins!! He has been playing out of his mind. Very Sherman like as far as style .. Big CB who can cover ground, lanky & most of all physical! He's really contributing down the stretch and I feel like he's hitting his stride at the right time. Finishing opponents haven't been a problem for us this year. NE has won with 7 double digit leads to our 6. That is #1 & #2 in the league for double digit finishes. I also highly doubt if we're up 35-13 in the playoffs against anyone we'll go kill clock DQ comes from champion bloodlines he knows better. It's the "playoffs" we'll be all out on both sides. Alotta points & cover 1 man that actually works for us in the playoffs ! **** it feels great to have a D that can man up & win been praying for one for 8 years.
  23. But...... Our defense held KC to 13 points. Matt threw a few bad passes and special teams can't run and hit. That's where we dropped the ball. But I think the defense is getting too much of the blame. What yall think?
  24. Defense will be the key to how far the Falcons go once they make the playoffs. If the defense can continue to improve week by week, we may have something special by playoff time.
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