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  1. Good afternoon beautiful people. It's been too long. I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest buuttt... you know, 2020 and all. But the Falcons left me in a good mood Sunday so here we go. Let me just start off by saying, the first five games or so -- and I don't want to be too hyperbolic about this, but this was some of the sh**iest defense I have ever seen in my life. I don't wanna say they were the worst defense I had ever seen, but I can't think of too many worse off-hand. And the defensive play calling (whoever was doing it) was atrocious. It was a total repeat of l
  2. We always ask if it's the secondary or the pass rush that really makes the defense...so here we have our answer... Now that we know this...the question becomes do you invest more in the secondary or more in the pass rush? NFL.com - 10 biggest disappointing units in the NFL this season. Atlanta Falcons secondary Heading into the 2019 campaign, the Falcons were a pretty popular playoff pick. Then they lost seven of their first eight games. To Dan Quinn's credit, Atlanta did rally to finish at 7-9. But what happened in the first half of the season? And were the problems truly
  3. Greetings, beautiful people, it's been way too long, but finally, the Falcons have given me something interesting to dig into. I've made no secret over the years of my love for defensive football, so you can imagine how rough these past few seasons have been. Every football sensibility I have has been assaulted by these sumbitches in every way, but on Sunday... oh, boy, Sunday was a welcome respite. For ONE AFTERNOON, our defense was everything I ever wanted it to be, and against the Saints, no less. Now there was a whole lot of good football to break down Sunday, but for my own selfis
  4. #3. It man change tomorrow but after 2 weeks the Falcons have a defense...
  5. I posted a video I did about Dan Quinn. How I felt that he could become coach of the year. if this defense becomes what we all believe it can be. After the 2019 season. I would love to see what you all views are on the subject. If the video interests you in watching it. Thanks on behalf on Pound 4 Pound ATL.
  6. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/5/18/18627770/the-falcons-have-only-had-two-top-10-defenses-since-1998 The Falcons have only had two top 10 defenses since 1998 Expecting the Falcons to take a leap this year? Beware history. By Dave Choate May 18, 2019, 3:00pm EDT Having a good Saturday? Well, time to talk about the Falcons defense! There has been a lot of discussion about this Falcons defense and what we might reasonably expect from it. With better health and some key additions like Adrian Clayborn, Tyeler Davison, and depth in the secondary, it seem
  7. https://twitter.com/FOXSportsBraves/status/905556194730754049 Here is a great video to give you some insight into our club, and it's defensive improvements. This video is also why I believe Riley will improve drastically when he gets here.
  8. DEFENSE STILL WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE END OF THE DAY!!!!!! This Super Bowl was NOT about Tom Brady or even Julian Edelman (even tho he deserved MVP), this Super Bowl was about the Patriots top 10 scoring defense (ranked #7 all year). They overpowered that high powered Rams offense. All year long people thought this would finally be the year a high powered offense wins it all and the talk was this is becoming an offensively friendly league and defenses are going down the drain. Not so fast my friend. If you're a real fan of the sport, as much as you hate the Patriots, you got
  9. In the last decade, only one team has allowed a higher per game average: The 2010 Buffalo Bills at 169.6 YPG (who finished 4-12 BTW which is still possible for this current Falcons team). But, but... it's always "fast and physical" "speed and quickness ONLY!" "The lighter the better!" 4 seasons in Dan Quinn. 4 seasons of coaching, draft, and FA! This is what we get!
  10. Enough said. I know there are people on here who believe Manuel is not the guy, but our defenses were mediocre in 2015 and 2016 too before Manuel got here "fast and physical" my ***.
  11. Let's be honest people, coming from an extreme Sarkisian hater since he arrived here in the 2017 off season, I will say that this year Sarkisian has improved. He hasn't gotten any worse, and no, he will never be on the level of Shanahan, and that's okay. As long as the offense is productive enough we are good, and our offense has been really good this year. The 2018 O-line for the Falcons that Sark has to deal with is no where near as good or healthy as the 2016 O-line Shanahan had. People need to understand that no franchise in the NFL has a historical offense every year, not even the Patriot
  12. That’s an amazing task to do even with the Giants Oline struggles and the Cowboys line not being the dominant force of 2-3 year ago. I love what the Skins are doing from a draft/FA aspect of the Dline. Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Tim Settle, Matt Ionaddis, Caleb Brantley on the interior. WOW and the pass rushers... Preston Smith, Ryan Anderson, Kerrigan and co The falcons have their work cut out for them. I’d also like to see us add some athletics lineman without sacrificing size like the Skins do this offseason.
  13. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/10/2/17923576/dan-quinn-already-missed-his-chance-to-fix-the-atlanta-falcons-defense Remember last week? I sure do. It feels like only a few days ago. As per usual, the Atlanta Falcons were hit with another major injury to their defense after their defense had already hemorrhaged yards and points for four quarters and one awful overtime drive. We offered up some potential fixes for the team that would be just enough glue and tape to keep the defense together until Deion Jones returns. Those players included Eric Reid, John Simon, and Earl Thomas. Th
  14. So I saw that article about the secondaries rankings for the season, and we were #5. It made my blood boil with excitement. Since I received so much love from the Freeman highlight video I made, I decided to do one for the secondary. Do yah think we can have the best secondary in the league this year like the Broncos of 2015?
  15. I just wanted to say and would like to hear others opinions on this. I think Marquand Manuel has done a great job as Defensive Coodinator this year, he seems to keep getting better and better as the season has gone on. Along with the Falcons defense. I think he deserves some thanks and more respect for his hard work. I point this out, because I believe for as good as Shannahans offensive scheme was last season for the Falcons "As time went on, and it should be mentioned with Shannahan that his first season stunk with people calling for him to be fired at that time". I think M
  16. Count me in the group that thinks that the defense has played well this season. Now I have high expectations for this unit, but also realistic ones. I think they have clearly taken a step. I think they have kept this team in some games while the offense was figuring some things out, but Monday... ... it felt like one step forward, two steps back. Hopefully we're all still flushed with the joy of victory, a great victory in a tough place to play, but there was a lot wrong with that defensive performance Monday night from communication, to missed reads, to just poor fundamentals. I wann
  17. Two Short Years ago(three offseasons), we did not have: DE/OLB - Vic Beasley - #1 passrusher DT - Grady Jarrett - rising star DT - Dontari Poe - two time all-pro DE - Takkarist McKinley - crazy motor WLB - Duke Riley - makes plays at 100mph MLB - Deion Jones - Derrick Brooks HOF clone SLB - DeVondre Campbell - large man that can move SS - Keanu Neal - Kam Chancellor clone - MonsterMash hitter CB - Jalen Collins - still developing corner w/ size and is improving CB/S - Brian Poole - very good nickel player DE - Adrian Clayborn -
  18. We are really young on defense. Another good draft and FA and I believe we can be top 10 next season. That's it.
  19. In the words of Terrell Owens: That's my defense. 90+ plays and not much help from your offense in time of possession. They contended with Brady and the all-world Patriots. They deserve better. Champs in my heart.
  20. Pick one for each category, if u want someone else listed or a name changed just say so #RiseUp
  21. Look nothing is wrong with our defense. They're definitely playoff ready. Long as we don't have a gap intergrity & tackling collapse like against Philly which I highly doubt .. we'll beat anybody. We produce good push, Vic is the leagues sack man this year, Clayborn is gettin healthier, Hageman is producing, Brooks is solid, Jarrett is striding & Freeney will come back on hard with Clayborn back in the fold. The LBs are healthy, fast, really grasping the scheme and producing. The DBs are the most underrated bunch of them all! Alford has moved to #1 lock down mode like Truuu, Poole is m
  22. But...... Our defense held KC to 13 points. Matt threw a few bad passes and special teams can't run and hit. That's where we dropped the ball. But I think the defense is getting too much of the blame. What yall think?
  23. Defense will be the key to how far the Falcons go once they make the playoffs. If the defense can continue to improve week by week, we may have something special by playoff time.
  24. You're a fool... Rogers has killed the Falcons over his career. We have no pass rush and limited coverage when teams go five wide against us. When the Falcons play man and the DBs have their backs turned to Rogers he will slip out of the back field on 3rd down every time. They can never keep him in the pocket and make him make contested throws. The only chance the Falcons had to win this game was to win a track meet. And between their defense and ours I never have faith in the "bend but don't break" philosophy.
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