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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all P4PATL is back with another show. Jimmy and Mike do a breakdown of Atlanta Falcons coaching staff. Gives us your take on this topic as well.
  2. The fact remains that the Atlanta Falcons are currently strapped for cap space. However, without making any resounding moves they will need to get creative to improve the defensive line. I believe that this offseason will be the perfect test for this team and show they elect to move forward. The following are three defensive line free agents the Falcons should target. Charlotte Observer 1. DT Gerald McCoy After signing a 1-yr deal with the Carolina Panthers Gerald McCoy finds himself in a similar situation. He finished the season with five sacks, seven tackles for loss, and 13 quarterback hits. For example, Grady Jarrett finished the season with 7.5 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, and 16 quarterback hits. Adding another dynamic player to the interior could be the key to unlocking the Falcons pass rush. Link to full article - https://www.overtimeheroics.net/index.php/2020/03/14/3-defensive-line-free-agents-the-falcons-should-target/ Definitely wondering what yall think. Honestly, the TD way has been to sign lower-tier guys and get the most out of them. I'm not sure who those guys are in this year's crop. Who do you think the Falcons should target? Cuts definitely need to be made for moves to happen but I expect those to come soon.
  3. Checkout #P4PATL video by Toby D..On 4 things he feels new #Falcons Defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi need to do. To have success out of the front in 2020. Share if you agree or not worth discussing? It was on my mind. So I wanted to share my thoughts. Thank you!
  4. Checkout #P4PATL the latest video with me Toby D. addressing a poll I put out on twitter. "Have 2 7-9 Seasons Damaged The confidence Of The Fan Base In 2020". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9NvR3yFlg
  5. Hi all, Pound 4 Pound ATL is back. We haven't posted in a while. There hasn't been alot of new to talk about. Other then th 2 weeks of winning. But if you have time. Check us out. Share your thoughts on some of the topics we cover about our Falcons.
  6. I posted a video I did about Dan Quinn. How I felt that he could become coach of the year. if this defense becomes what we all believe it can be. After the 2019 season. I would love to see what you all views are on the subject. If the video interests you in watching it. Thanks on behalf on Pound 4 Pound ATL.
  7. Enough said. I know there are people on here who believe Manuel is not the guy, but our defenses were mediocre in 2015 and 2016 too before Manuel got here "fast and physical" my ***.
  8. Dear Mr. Blank - If Dan Quinn remains head coach after today’s game, I will not spend another second watching this team or giving you my hard-earned money. How many more games will you allow your HEAD COACH to cost your team games? After years of questionable decisions and then insanely boneheaded decisions the past two weeks — last weekend him not challenging a clear touchdown and today giving the Cowboys at extra 8 yards, which was just enough for a hooking field goal to go through the uprights — he must go. Dan Quinn seems like a nice fella but he is fully incapable of leading us to a championship. As a head coach in the National Football League, he clearly doesn’t understand the basics of football…when to call time outs, how to eat clock with a lead, when to challenge and not challenge calls, etc., etc., etc. And as importantly, Coach Quinn is obviously unable to get his team ready to beat teams like Cleveland (who doesn’t beat anybody) and Dallas at home, with the entire season on the line. Do I need to go into the 28–3 lead that he wilted away in the SUPER BOWL? Nope, everyone knows that story, but since every. single. opposing. fan. constantly reminds us of that atrocious meltdown, let me remind you…Dan Quinn blew THE BIGGEST LEAD IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY. All he had to do was run three times, kick a field goal (he must have forgot that we have one of the most consistent kickers in NFL history), and the Atlanta Falcons are Super Bowl champions. Yep, the basics. You do realize that Falcon fans will never live this down right? Well that is unless we finally hoist that beautiful Vince Lombardi trophy. We are wasting the golden years of our Hall of Fame talent. How much longer do you think Matt and Julio will play at this level? The past few seasons we’ve lost a slew of games to teams that we should not be losing to, in pretty horrific ways. Let me ask you something…do you ever feel overly confident going into a football game? I sure don’t, even when on paper we have a more talented team. Why? Because our head coach doesn’t properly prepare this team. We are an undisciplined, unfocused bunch far too often. Sure we had injuries this year, but Dan Quinn is supposed to be a brilliant defensive mind and his defenses have looked clueless all year. Loyalty is a great quality but not when it’s to a fault. Perhaps others won’t say it but I will…you are too loyal Arthur. Where did your loyalties get you with Mike Smith? Dan Quinn is Mike Smith 2.0 to a T. He’s a good talent evaluator but a terrible head coach. Look at where Smitty is now. Out of yet another job having recently been fired in Tampa Bay. You kept that guy around for far too long and I fear the same thing happening here. I’m tired of Quinn’s bland, repetitive answers when questioned about why we lost a game. I’m tired of his clichés and empty slogans (like “In Brotherhood”). I’m tired of his lack of fire when his team does stupid $hit game in, game out. I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Being a Falcon fan is completely exhausting. My family and I have been watching this team since year one. We had season tickets up until you point when you decided to build an unneeded stadium, charge an insane amount for PSL’s (effectively pricing us out), and turn our football field into an amusement park, creating empty seats throughout leading to zero energy and fan noise. My family was able to look past that though. While sitting in our seats at NRG Stadium during halftime of the Super Bowl, my brother, father, and I, finally felt that that the 50 years of hardship were worth it. We were finally going to see our beloved team win a title. Enter Dan Quinn. But hey, at least we have $2 hot dogs. Please Mr. Blank…I’m a 42 year old man virtually begging you at this point. Please bring us a proven winner. Please bring in a coach who understands the most simple aspects of the game. Please bring us a coach who doesn’t isn’t satisfied with a small lead and who doesn’t seem to enjoy every game going down to the wire. Please bring in a coach who has that Bill Belichick killer instinct and who goes for the jugular. MY jugular, and heart, simply can’t take it anyone. The fans deserve better. The franchise deserves better. You deserve better. Please. Sincerely, A lifelong Atlanta Falcon’s fan who can’t take more losing
  9. This is what I had to say when we drafted a dude who's name I had barely even heard before our pick. I didn't like it. Guess what, the dude is the next Kam Chancellor lol. If DQ wants Takk, he is gonna be good. All the more if he was willing to give up a third to go up and get him. At this point, we don't have any room to talk. This coach took us to the SB in his second season. In Quinn I trust.
  10. This article says what I think most of us already knew instinctively. Koetter is one of the most conservative coaches and Quinn is one of the most aggressive. http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-nfl-coaches-take-no-chances-1482880499 Why NFL Coaches Take No Chances Rex Ryan, fired on Tuesday, stuck with a conservative style that most math experts say doesn’t add up but remains the league norm. ENLARGE Rex Ryan was fired by the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday. PHOTO: BRETT CARLSEN/GETTY IMAGES By MICHAEL SALFINO and JIM CHAIRUSMI Updated Dec. 27, 2016 6:19 p.m. ET 20 COMMENTS Rex Ryan faced the most crucial call of his coaching tenure in Buffalo on Saturday. Needing a win to stay in playoff contention, the Bills had a fourth-and-2 on their own 41 with 4:09 left in overtime. Buffalo’s offense had set a team record with 589 net yards. But Ryan opted to punt. The Bills never got the ball back and lost the game. Ryan was fired Tuesday morning. “I thought I’d pin them deep and then get the ball back,” Ryan said after the game. “But every coach in America would have done the same thing.” It turns out that Ryan is right. The NFL’s current roster of coaches is a very conservative bunch. And that might not be a formula for success. A Wall Street Journal analysis of NFL play calling this season shows that—despite a legion of mathematicians, economists and win probability models urging them to take more chances—most of the league’s coaches still reach for the conventional choice by habit. The Journal analysis examines how coaches played their hand this season across three broad categories of game management: fourth downs; play calling (blitzing on defense; passing on early downs or with the lead on offense) and special teams (going for a 2-point conversion and onside kicks when ahead). Since the data in the analysis is relative to what average coaches did in each situation, it didn’t take much to stand out. ENLARGE The analysis shows that the four most aggressive coaches are on track to guide teams to the playoffs—the New York Giants’ Ben McAdoo, Detroit’s Jim Caldwell, Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy and Atlanta’s Dan Quinn. Eight of the top 10 most risk-averse coaches, will watch the playoffs from home. University of Pennsylvania professor Cade Massey, who researches behavior and judgment, said many NFL coaches habitually choose to postpone the certainty of losing in football for as long as possible—even if doing so actually lowers the odds of losing in the end, such as opting to punt on fourth-and-short in overtime. The best example of the mystifying conformity among the NFL’s head coaches occurs in the fourth quarter when a team is losing by two possessions—between nine and 16 points (factoring in the chance for 2-point conversions)—with more than four minutes remaining. On 4th and 10 yards or less outside of their opponent’s 40-yard line, teams punt 80% of the time— 32 times in 40 chances. Strangely, when faced with fourth and five or less, coaches opt to punt about as frequently (9 times out of 12). The New York Jets’ Todd Bowles has been in the latter situation three times this year and punted each time. After one such instance in October against the Steelers, Bowles said, “If it was the same situation again, I’d probably punt it. I still stand by that decision.” Bowles’ conservative mindset was on full display earlier this month. With the Jets trailing the Dolphins by 24 (three possessions) and facing a fourth-and-4 from the Miami 18, Bowles opted to kick a 36-yard field goal—meaning the Jets still needed three touchdowns to potentially tie the game. He then kicked off deep rather than attempt an onside kick. Saturday, he kicked a field goal on fourth down and goal—down 41-0. Adi Wyner, a professor of statistics at the University of Pennsylvania said, “I watch the Jets get pummeled and I think, ‘Why don’t you try something? It’s fourth- and-3 and you’re punting? Go for it. Try onside kicks. Try to win the game.” The coaching fraternity has also put up a mighty defense against rule changes designed to encourage more risk taking. In 2015, the league moved the extra-point—traditionally snapped from the 2-yard-line—back to the 15. That makes it a 33-yard kick rather than the chip shot 19-yard kick of old. This year kickers have made just 93.6% of extra points, down from 99.3% in the last year of the shorter kick. With fewer one-point kicks being made, a team that converts 46.9% of two-point attempts would hypothetically be better off always going for two; since 2010, the league-wide conversion rate on 2-point attempts is 48.2%, according to Stats LLC. Yet coaches aren’t going for two at a significantly higher rate. This season, there have been 97 two-point tries (8.0%) in 1,213 extra-point opportunities. Teams went for two 4.5% of the time in 2014. The primary exception is Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin. The Steelers went for two a league-high 11 times last season, and lead the NFL with eight attempts in 2016. The Steelers made the playoffs last season. In college, Chip Kelly was known as an aggressive coach at Oregon, often opting for non-conventional calls. In the 2011 national championship game, Kelly opted to go for a two-point conversion after the Ducks’ first touchdown, but in the NFL with the Eagles and 49ers, hasn’t often taken that risk. “I think the NFL is a different game,” Kelly said. “A lot of the things we did in Oregon in going for two involved our extra-point team, and with the extra point being on the 15-yard line and now it’s a 33-yard kick, you can’t do it,” he said. But after his team scored a touchdown in the closing seconds on Saturday, Kelly opted to go for a 2-point conversion and the win instead of playing for overtime against the Rams. The 49ers converted and got their second win of the season. Most coaches also can’t resist sending a kicker out for a field goal, rather than go for a touchdown that would significantly increase their team’s chances to win. On fourth-and-goal situations inside the opponent’s 3-yard-line, coaches usually opt to kick the field goal (55%). The case for going for the touchdown is that failing to get it means that the other team is still pinned down near the goal line. But only the Colts’ Chuck Pagano seems to understand this, going for the touchdown both times it occurred this year. There is some evidence that coaches are seeing the benefits of riskier decisions. They are just becoming more aggressive at a very conservative pace. In a 2002 paper, University of California Berkeley economist David Romer expressed hope that coaches would begin acting rationally in maximizing odds of victory when the related data became more widely available. And this year, coaches have gone for it on fourth down needing two yards or less 29.7% of the time—converting nearly two-thirds of attempt). That’s up from 23% just before Romer published a paper entitled, “It’s Fourth Down and What Does the Bellman Equation Say?” Alas, at the present rate, going for it nearly all the time as the models advise would take over 100 years. HOW THE ANALYSIS WORKS The conservatism of coaches was determined by how they make decisions compared with the league average coach in three broad categories: 4th downs, general offensive and defensive playcalling (passing and blitzing for example), special teams (extra points and kickoffs/onsides). The expected score in each category is exactly zero (average aggressiveness). The higher the score, the more conservative the coach. Negative numbers mean more aggressive vs. league average. Game situations including score and time remaining in the game were taken into account.
  11. I am so sick and tired of hearing about The Atlanta Seahawks defense. Ever since DQ has stepped foot in the Falcons facility, our defense has been known as the second coming of the Seahawks D. I mean that is what is expected, it is very apparent that we are no where near as solid on D as they are but I digress. I wished that every news outlet that begins a sentence about our D always starts out " you know DQ is trying to bring the D he put together in Seattle, down to the dirty south" or something along those lines. Every time we sign a player, draft a player, anything to do with a player who plays a lick of D, we are doing it because that is what DQ is trying to do, get fast and physical, just like he had in SEATTLE. "Oh Keanu Neal, perfect fit for the Falcons and that D DQ is trying to build, similar to the one in Seattle". I am just over it completely, I don't know if other Atlanta fans feel the same way, but I want to throw up every time I hear it. So, you can imagine I want to throw up a lot. I just want to say WE are the ATLANTA FALCONS and we are just that. We are no one else but ourselves. I want that to be the case however, as long as DQ is the head coach we will always be known as the Seattle Falcons. Also, I am not hating on DQ I think that he is a good coach. I like his intensity. Hopefully in year 2 he can take even a bigger step forward. He took a last place D and turned it into a mediocre D, (That's a pretty good turn around in my book). Really looking forward to this season. I read the forums other people post being over critical of Vic Beasley. I am a big advocate of getting him with our 8th pick but if you don't think he has lived up to his potential then I believe you are right. There are not many DE's that come into the league straight out of college and dominate. His learning curve may be a little steeper than previously anticipated however, I think that in the long run he will become a very good pass rusher. I mean JJ Watt only had 5.5 sacks his rookie year. PUMP YOUR BRAKES I'm not saying he is another JJ Watt. I am just saying, feel me. This year I predict that we CAN be a 10-6 team, but then again depending we CAN ALSO be a 6-10 team. I think that everything hinges on 1. Our pass rush. Not necessarily getting sacks but getting hurries, pressures, hits, make the QBs we play against uncomfortable. 2. Matt Ryan getting his act together. I know he is better than what he has shown, I hope and think he will have 4500 yds passing, 28 TDs, 8 Ints.
  12. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar has written a new column setting forth how he would build his "Dream Coaching Staff" http://www.si.com/article-list/best-nfl-coaches-bill-belichick-bruce-arians-wade-phillips Dan Quinn was one of eleven coaches named. Click to read the article. Here's the DQ piece:
  13. OK so this will be a dream ideal situation that could tremendously help outo and boost the team we all truly love and care so much for in to deep playoff and even SB conversations. I know you will all have different options but welcome all fellow Riser upers to comment. ENJOY!!!! So basically I'm not going to give you guys a long read (Actually maybe A Lil ). I'm going to get right to the point. With 5 picks in the draft, 4 being in 1st 4 rounds, I say we gamble back picks and some of next year's picks for 4 bonified picks in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Sounds crazy? It is! But when we pull it off our team will be set. So here's how it goes. 17th pick- Leonard Floyd-Olb.....get the "passrussher" we need. **TRADE** 26TH pick- Jaylon smith-lb...yes bubble dip..he also sure fire top 5 talent and we get future stud lb core....give seahawks 3rd and 6th this year and 5th or 4th next.... **Trade** 38th pick- Robert Nkemdiche-DT...now get another Atl native and a heck of a player who will stuff the inside and drop down the lead leading 20 rushing tds we gave up...we give Jacksonville 4th this year and 2nd or 3rd next (which ever works). 50th pick- Su'a Cravens or Keanu Neal-SS...with last pick in our draft now we get our stud SS for years to come you guys can flip on who you would rather have if both is there. So in the end it may sound crazy but very possible and in my trade we still keep next year's 1st and 2nd round picks, which we all know is the money picks. And yes I went all defense. We sorely need it. Defensive Starter DE-VIC BEASLEY DT-ROBERT NKEMDICHE DT-DERRICK SHELBY DE-ADRIAN CLAYBORN OLB-LEONARD FLOYD ILB-SEAN WEATHERSPOON /JAYLON SMITH OLB-COURTNEY UPSHAW CB-DESMOND TRUUUUFANT CB-ROBERT ALFORD/JALEN COLLINS SS-SU'A CRAVENS OR KEANU NEAL FS-RICARDO ALLEN Would be a scary defense for years in the new stadium. But just a thought of mines. Hey a Falcon Fan can dream right . Hope you all enjoy the read and comment comment comment. RISE UP!!!
  14. Looking back on this play call, do people still think this was a good move? I was cursing at the TV when we decided to go for it, and ecstatic when we made it. Everyone seemed to agree at the time that it was a great, gutsy call by our Coach. However, I never really saw it that way, but I guess I was too pumped up about the win to really get too critical. Now that the sweet warm feeling of victory has faded however, I think it's time to go back to this play and define it for what it truly was... A horrible call at the end of the game by Dan Quinn. To do this let's go back and look at the context of the decision and it's statistical implications. This is going to be a long post but bear with me: The Context: After inexplicably being unable to run down the clock with the ball on the Carolina 40 yard line and 1:40 seconds left in the game; it's fourth down and everyone including the in game commentators are stunned when instead of punting and forcing Carolina to march 90 yards with no timeouts for a TD, Shayne Graham, a 38 kicker who had recently been signed as a FA, goes in the game to attempt a career long FG. The kick was good, and Atlanta stops Carolina in their final drive to win the game. Dan Quinn is a hero... Or is he really? Let's look at the statistical implications of this decision. Breaking down the call: I am going to be using the statistics I found in Advanced Football Analytics regarding the odds of scoring a TD with under two minutes left. http://archive.advancedfootballanalytics.com/2009/11/two-minute-drill.html First let's look at our odds of winning if we had decided to punt. According to their graph; The odds of scoring a TD with under two minutes left from the 10 yard line (likely field position after Bosher punt) are at around 10-15%. So let's assume we had punted there and that it wasn't blocked (which has only happened once in 60 attempts this season) we are looking at around an 85% chance of winning the ball game. These are great odds. Now let's look at how the made FG impacted our chances of winning: Well. Instead of having to drive 90 yards for a win, now Carolina must first drive 80 yards to tie the game, then win it in overtime. The first event has a 20% of happening now (up from 10% in the previous scenario), However now Carolina is relying on another event altogether which is winning in overtime. To calculate the aggregate odds of both of these events occurring let's assume what the odds would be of Carolina winning in OT once they had tied it. Let's be kind here and give them a 40% of winning had the game gone to overtime. Considering this we can calculate the aggregate odds of a Carolina win after the FG make as (20% x 40%) = 8%. Which means the decision to Kick netted the team, at the very most, an extra 2-7% chance of winning the game. But what if we had missed? We are looking at Carolina possession from our 40 yard line now, which gives them a 30% of winning the game. This is by far Carolina's best case scenario, as the swing in probability from punting to missing the FG, is a whopping 20% (10%-30%). To summarize: By Kicking instead of punting Dan Quinn is risking a 20% swing in odds for a 2-7% advantage. Not only that but Dan is putting that crucial 20% swing on the shoulders of a player who had never made a FG from that distance in his entire 15 year career! This is not good a good decision. In fact it’s downright terrible. This decision was only marginally better than the one to Kick a FG on fourth and goal in San Fran. Anyway, Just felt it was important to point out that in just 16 games we have had two of the worst late game decisions I have ever witnessed by a Falcons coach. Considering the main reason that we fired Mike Smith to begin with was this very same issue, to me this has been the single most disappointing facet of the Dan Quinn era so far, and it confuses me why he gets a free pass from people on this.
  15. When I saw that I said to myself WOW. We have the same front office, same QB, same team name but WOW... mike smith would NEVER. EVER. EVER. have had the balls to do that. (yes bryant missed the kick) BUT WOW. DAN QUINN AND THE FALCONS ARE FREAL
  16. Prior to the hiring of Dan Quinn, it seemed that many of his Pro-Rex Ryan detractors believed that he wasn't this defensive guru that some had made him out to be. They argued that the success of the vaunted Seahawks defense was in fact, largely down to Pete Carroll's defensive philosophy and man-management rather than Quinn's individual skills as a coordinator. I'm pretty sure that one of our own TATF'ers even sourced the opinion of Seahawks fans on their message board and they more or less concurred with this theory. However, in light of the recent news about Bruce Irvin, I'm not sure if this portrayal of DQ is entirely accurate. If, as Robert Klemko and Albert Breer suggest, lots of Seahawks players are openly and privately lobbying for a move to the ATL, then it would seem that DQ played more of a significant role in the success of the Seahawks than the pro-Rex contingent would have had us believe. Why else would guys like Irvin want to trade playing for a super-bowl winning franchise littered with HOF candidates for Atlanta if this wasn't the case? If Carroll really was the architect behind Seattle's defensive success, then why do "so many players" want to leave to be with DQ? Was DQ really the mastermind or is this merely just a case of Seahawks players using the Falcons to lobby for larger contracts? Link: https://twitter.com/RobertKlemko/status/598930176274083840
  17. I just watched a recent press conference with Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn, and at the start of the press conference one of the replies by Thomas D. he replied to Dan Quinn as "Q" around 2:29 or 2:30. What do you think about that? Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Who cares? I grew up a big Star Trek fan and "THE Q" was an all powerful being who could control everything. SO when someone says someone is the "Q" that's what it means to me. But it might have different meanings to others. Thoughts? http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/5-Things-Quinn--Dimitroff-Pre-Draft-Presser/2d965c3c-b163-41d0-9baa-ced30975c72c Personally, I hate it when people try and create new catch phrases and symbolize someone doing such manners and things. I have a name and don't like it when somebody thinks it's okay to call me otherwise, it's disrespectful, and demeaning in my opinion. BTW: This is all in good fun and not some SERIOUS so let's get riled up about it Falcons fan's post. LOL!!!! First, post your thoughts on this, and second post a one word or letter name you feel that you would be replying to TD if he addressed you as a ONE LETTER PERSON.
  18. I really dont understand most of the posters on here..without having checked this board my wish list included guys like graham, mcphee, schofield, kendricks, boling, reed, orakpo etc and not McCourty or Suh or Thomas...Then i come on here, and because we havent signed these guys all is lost. Raheem Morris patented the word YOUNGRY when he was in TBay, cause his team was Young and Hungry. It seems this is the philosophy he has brought with him - and Quinn believes in it too. The guys you want to target in Free Agency are guys who are young, and underdeveloped. Still have growing to do until they are at their peak performance levels and guys who will fit the system. No one ever won anything from signing all the most established players. They get the money because theyve alrdy accomplished alot of things. So after the success and huge payday..wheres the motivation? The draft is where championships are built, so use free agency as an extended draft process...All the guys TD and Gm's target are guys they wanted at the draft and now its 4-5 years later and we have a much better read on their abilities and fits. Forget the 30 yr old Gores, and overpaid Suh's, Guys like Reed, Kendricks, Orapko (proving to the Redskins his real worth, hes never won anything either) and Hankerson are the way to win. Add experienced depth, that causes no distractions with no negative side, and only good things can happen if they grow. If not, you didnt spend much or ruin your team chemistry and still have the draft and your own money to retain your core (julio)
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