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Found 1 result

  1. Two weeks in a row... we actually played great defense two weeks in a row. I have no idea if we can keep it going, but who cares, let's enjoy the moment. There was a lot to unpack from Sunday's win. Falcons put some good stuff on tape, but my time is short, so I wanted to take a quick look at a couple of things that jumped out at me. First, and this is a huge one -- a lot of us have been asking what exactly changed with Ulbrich and Raheem Moore taking over the defense, well the biggest one, imo, is the subtle adjustments made to the back end. Let me say this clearly, this is still Dan Quinn's defense -- just in case there was any question about that. We aren't out there running a new scheme. What has happened is that we're starting to muddy things up for the QB pre-snap a bit more. This is from the 1st quarter. We're looking at 3rd and long. Now a little refresher on pre-snap reads (PSR). Quarterback's are schooled to look for every indicator pre-snap to tip the coverage. In most route concepts, that read is going to tell them what side of the field they are going to read first. If it's zone, I need to look at this side of the field. If it's man, this route over here is gonna break open. Is it blitz? I gotta look to my hot first. That sorta thing. Qb's look at safeties. Are there two high or one? Is one corner pressed and the other off? That indicates split field coverage. Are the corners peeking into he backfield = zone, or looking at their receivers = man? Here we have giving every indicator that we are in man. Every defender is pressed, even Campbell at LB is in the tight end's face. Everyone is looking at their man. We got one safety deep and another a little more shallow, showing a robber look. For all the world, this looks like Cover-1 Robber, right? ht They even motion in the #1 receiver to a tight alignment. Still looks like man. But it's not. At the snap, we rotate into Cover-2... not our customary Cover-3, but 2. Both safeties split the field. Oliver at the bottom re-routes his receiver to give his safety time to get over the top. Deion at MIKE, opens up to the passing strength of the formation, which is the side McCaffery lined up on in the backfield, and looks to pick up the #2 receiver going vertical up the seam. This beautiful. Looks nothing like what Allen thought he was getting at before the snap. Next frame: Oliver at the bottom has released his man to the safety. He's got no threat underneath from McCaffery so he's free to continue to sink to break on that route if the QB throws to the receiver he just re-routed. Deion has his man up the pipe in the middle of the field with the hook player underneath. No throw there. Every defender has their eye on the QB and ready to break on anything and as you can see, Takk has already whipped the tackle. And here it is in motion. Not the best re-route I've ever seen at the bottom by Oliver, and I'd like to see him get a little more depth, but it's not bad. Everything else looks good. Look at the way the safeties held the disguise right until the snap. It's a subtle thing, but it really makes a difference. Good stuff. Good call wrinkle by Raheem. Good 3rd down call. His addition to that defensive back's room has made a tangible difference. EDIT: Yes, I know I called him Raheem Moore. I'm channelling the great D*ck Stockton, who didn't know what was going on out there Sunday. He called one of our INT's a catch by the Panthers.