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Found 1 result

  1. Don't know if this was posted yet or not, but I didn't see it's own thread. I know some people are grappling with the Mcgary trade up. With guys like Taylor and Ford on the board, we took a guy many think/thought we could have waited until #45 to take instead of a consensus first round talent in those other two guys. I didn't really care about that, my concern was his lack of foot speed when I watched his film and him getting beat on the edge similar to Ryan Schraeder, who I thought was his most in line comp during the process. Well, the guys are Cover 1 wrote a very detailed article about Kaleb Mcgary that both initially had the same assessment of Mcgary as I did, but then came to a realization of what Mcgary was taught and how he, and the Washington OL, were executing their blocks in establishing a pocket. (The article has a ton of videos, which are very useful, but I can't post them all so the link is posted first to paint the whole picture.) After this, plus the tweet thread that is referenced throughout this entire article, I've been sold on McGary. He's a f****** dancing bear on the edge that isn't looking to play any kind of passive blocking scheme. He's looking to fight for sixty minutes and dominate his opponent any way he can. It's not pretty and he can be beaten, but the thing is that the way he's looking to fight, he's in a favorable position that when he loses, the QB has plenty of time to navigate it or get the ball out because he's effective at distorting the line of a wide rusher, something I never even knew or thought about. His run game demeanor is downright nasty. He's looking to bring that 6'7 frame and lay it on you every chance he can get. If he gets his hands on you, it's most likely over and you're most likely getting landed on. He is always looking to make his opponent miserable. It's not just talk. You see it throughout his tape in the run game. My absolute favorite part about him and Lindstrom is they aren't grass blockers. They both are always looking for work and DL to knock out if their guy goes away. Here's an example: He's got work to do, admittedly. He's not the cleanest on the edge or in space. But his athletic scoring and testing tells you he can handle playing in a zone scheme and on an island in space. We also are a heavy play action team, which should help him as well. I'm excited about McGary. I was iffy on the Lindstrom pick at #14, but once you take them together, you've literally added two guys who will bring pain in short yardage and a much cleaner pocket in the pass game, but will be bringing the muscle for 60 minutes. You can't see that as a negative, no way you slice it. Matt Ryan just got better and we didn't think that was possible.