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Found 4 results

  1. Feel Freeman has lost a step? Julio isn’t worth the money? Matt Ryan is garbage? Doesn’t matter. Their contracts they have would make it a negative move cap wise to get rid of them. All of our top names our pretty much locked in. The only ones who are cut-able/trade-able is Sanu and Mack, and Mack may retire next year anyway. Ty Sombarlio is probably gon as well, but outside of those 3, it wouldn’t make much sense to get rid of anybody that would bring any cap relief. Quinn will get to at least the end of the season but I think a coaching change is pretty likely if we finish as bad a
  2. First off....I am crushed....my soul hurts this morning, but I had to look at things moving ahead and there is certainly positive news for us. First off all, and I mean ALL of our key players are locked up...here's whats out there for next year's contacts/free agency RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS Gabriel - lock him up, he is the real deal Wreh-Wilson - meh EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS FREE AGENTS Allen - Should hold onto him Garland - versatile depth, keep him King - probably keep him Starr - meh FREE AGENTS Babineaux - I know he wants to play, an
  3. To the best of my knowledge (I could be incorrect) Seattle and San Francisco have QB's that are on their rookie contracts. If they decide they want to get "paid", how will it affect their cap and ability to have the dominant type of rosters they currently have? Or will these young QB's see the type of roster they have now and take a "discount" on their inevitable pay raises in order to be able to compete at their current high level? It will be interesting to watch.
  4. This is a pretty interesting breakdown of a contract. Some of it is just opinion based but alot of it is close to correct info. Julio Jones is used as the example. Speaking of, If he has another good season, Atl is on the hook for a good payday for him. Thats two big contracts due next year. No way JJ plays out that rookie deal.
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