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Found 1 result

  1. I guess I can understand their frustration. What's the ******* point of putting up 40 TD's every year if your team goes 7-9 every year? http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2016/11/drew_brees_moves_ahead_of_matt.html I like this particular convo: - "I'm so sick of hearing about brees stats and all we do is lose games this is not the drew Bree's saints it's the New Orleans saints and we should start to recognize that we have already lost so much overpaying this dude , draft pics good players and games it's time for him to take his stats up the highway and Peyton with him " - "Tired of his stats, go to Atlanta and hook up with Matt Ryan. Meanwhile get off this dam site.." - "At least Ryan winning games and not just padding his stats and I ain't going no where till brees leaves he found me here and I'll be here long after he is gone oooo an Peyton to do u go way cuz I ain't" He has a point, for the past 5 years it's been the Drew Brees' Saints and it has killed the team. Just another example debunking the narrative that the QB carries his team. No matter how good your stats are, if you can't build your team you will lose.
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