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Found 1 result

  1. Preface: I like Julio and he's one of the best WRs in the league. But hear me out now. Premise: Let's compare players to Stocks. IF that's true, it doesn't make sense for anyone, especially the owner, of such stocks to be emotionally invested. Because investments GENERALLY give up the best dividends (or returns) when they're not picked "intuitively" but rather based on cold hearted decisions. Concept: There is a difference between Price and Value = > while these are generally directly related, they are NOT the same things! In fact, sometimes can even be indirectly related. Some "stocks" (players) are overpriced. They are still great players! GREAT players, who contribute A LOT individually but they take AWAY from the team as a WHOLE. Similarly, some players (stocks) are undervalued. They are great "deals" for the TEAM overall. Or vice versa. Example: Julio Jones is overpriced, Mohammed Sanu is undervalued. Both statements are true. Conclusion: Keeping Sanu, who's a VERY GOOD receiver and getting a lot more for Julio (who is a great receiver), than we would for Sanu ---> best returns for the TEAM. Yeah I said it! Come at me bros!
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