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Found 5 results

  1. The only disappointing thing for me in the Saints game was how badly we blocked. Run blocking was nonexistent. On the series before half, Matthews let a man through on 2nd and 3rd down, causing us to punt and give the Saints a free FG. Schweitzer got push backwards about 5 times when we ran his direction, and had two holding penalties. Then you had Coleman completely blow his blitz pickup when we are about to win it in regulation. Matt had completed 13 straight balls before that. I don't know how we can improve the run and pass blocking, but we shouldn't be getting dominated all game
  2. So Teco went out with a concussion according to NFL Endgame show. Will he miss any games? Anyone know of any further updates??
  3. So here is the plan for the next week of Breakdowns and some small looks from this last preseason game. HERE IS THE PLAN - Today I will start on the Dontari Poe " Quick look " requested by Rise Up Reader and The Falcoholic Talking about his play during the preseason game. Also at the same time I will be recording an episode on Keanu Neal 2016 "look back" Tomorrow ( Tuesday 15th ) I will start up a "Look back Tevin Coleman " as well as a small look at Grady Jarrett 2016 + Preseason critique. Note I will not be looking into 2015 Coleman tape since hat woul
  4. Can someone please let me know WTF is going on with the run game. We run the ball a total 19 times for a whopping 44 yards with a beast of a first string RB and a speedster. Its it the blocking, the scheme, or this running by committee style of Shannahan play calling that won't give Freeman a chance to build a momentum and get into rhythm?
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