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Found 8 results

  1. I dont know if its a coaching style that quinn enables that seems to allow guys to maybe not be as prepared as they need to be, but both DK and Quinn were outcoached yesterday during the game as well, not just leading up to it. Im sure it will take some time for DK and the guys to get it together but it should not have been that bad. I know the oline has not played together but that Oline we played also had rookies on it. The Philly Oline is a bit better than Minnesota's. I was really holding out hope for this guy - very frustrating we were not able to get this done. Talking about K
  2. Ok, I know we’d need a lot of help over the next 5 games and we’d need to win out but anyone have any insight on whether they think we have any hope at sneaking in with the last WC spot? Could 9-7 get it done? My second question, if we don’t make the playoffs do we fire our coach and/or our coordinators? I’d hate to see a new regime come in here and us start over with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones just getting older but it seems it may be necessary. We have the best “on paper” team in the NFL - sure injuries hurt us but that was mostly on defense - if we were anything close to the 2016 Falco
  3. I’d of posted this in the “Current State of Falcons” thread… but it doesn’t allow feedback which I like: even at the risk of being chewed to pieces . Mine is that Atlanta is a few small tweaks away from getting on track. Sarkisian has made great strides but can’t do what Shanahan was able to do the first half of his first year and all last year minus the superbowl: overcome offensive woes. Thus, here is my watered-down Korn Ferry approach to offensive coaching adjustments: 1. Send Sarkisian back to the sideline (as he prefers) because Dan Quinn’s decision to move him up can’t be proven
  4. A.J Neibel....This guy as the Strength and conditioning coach has been by far...ABYSMAL!!! After Jeff Fish left, the quality of the conditioning dropped significantly! You can change top-level coaches but if you don't change the S&C coach, your team will still suck...FIRE A.J NEIBEL!!!! A.J was good as the assistant under Fish but not as the head guy!
  5. I was never really a fan of dunta but it was interesting to read his comments on "previous coaches". Doesn't suprise me though. "I have never been around a coach who grinds and grinds and grinds in practice and tells you to not stop on any play," cornerback Dunta Robinson said. On Robinson's other teams there was always a player hierarchy. Stars got better treatment. Coaches rarely yelled at them. Reid, he said, yells at everyone, regardless of status. Not in a belligerent, screaming, kicking sort of way, but in a stern, admonishing manner that is almost fatherly in tone. http://sports.yahoo
  6. http://www.ajc.com/n...eff-fish/nT4W2/ Jeff Fish, the Falcons director of athletic performance, was released on Tuesday, the team confirmed. The move is surprising because several players credited Fish with improving their strength, speed and agility. Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez credited Fish's kettle bell workouts with helping him to continue to play at a high level at age 36. He also oversaw quarterback Matt Ryan's offseason workouts last season that were credited for his improve strength down the stretch. Except for the 2009 season, the team has not been beset with a great deal of serio
  7. We had 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, an interception... granted DeCoud blew it big time, AGAIN, in this game; but all in all our D looked strong. If HD hadn't of fumbled that return I think we'd be talking about how awesome our DL and pass rush/run stopping looked.
  8. Posted 1 hour ago Jay Adams atlantafalcons.com Falcons wide receiver coach Terry Robiskie has been promoted to the assistant head coach position, the team announced Saturday The Atlanta Falcons today announced that they have promoted Terry Robiskie to Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers Coach. Robiskie’s experience in the NFL spans over three decades, and he is one of the most respected wide receiver coaches in the NFL. He will continue to tutor the Falcons wide receivers for a sixth season in addition to taking on assistant head coaching duties in 2013. “Terry has played an important role
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