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Found 3 results

  1. L.A. Falcon fan here, Dear Coach Smith There is no need for us to be having funniest home videos in the locker room, goofing off, having fun and the team is 2-6. Cut the bulls!t. Spend that extra time watching tape or in the weight room. That sh!t is so irritating. Get control of the locker room. PS: you cant call yourself DBlock if you can't lock up offenses. Yours truly, L.A. Falcon Fan
  2. My Fellow Falcon Fans, After reading the post-game interview with Coach Smith, something struck me as very odd. Either we had a Coach Smith look-a-like leading our team to victory today or Smitty spent time with a dictionary this week expanding his vocabulary. There was no mention of the words resilient or characteristic or any derivitaves. I didn't know he had it in him! As a side note, it seems to me like we actually played to win today. Herm Edwards press conference from 2002 must have been on repeat in the clubhouse this week. Almost like we went for the kill and wanted to show everyone how aggressive we could be. It was very encouraging, and hopefully this is a trend of things to come. It worked, and it worked well. After all, if it isn't broken, then why fix it? PS: Mike Nolan is my hero.
  3. So I peruse the other teams boards from time to time, not as a member, but as a lurker and found the following: http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/mike-smith-taken-off-plane-chest-pains-216641/ In the thread 95% of these guys state that while we are hated, bitter rivals, they still had nothing but well wishes for Coach Smith. Even though, we hate them, and they hate us...it was refreshing.
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