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Found 1 result

  1. I’d of posted this in the “Current State of Falcons” thread… but it doesn’t allow feedback which I like: even at the risk of being chewed to pieces . Mine is that Atlanta is a few small tweaks away from getting on track. Sarkisian has made great strides but can’t do what Shanahan was able to do the first half of his first year and all last year minus the superbowl: overcome offensive woes. Thus, here is my watered-down Korn Ferry approach to offensive coaching adjustments: 1. Send Sarkisian back to the sideline (as he prefers) because Dan Quinn’s decision to move him up can’t be proven effective. During the bye week, Dan provided 3 primary reasons for putting him in the box: having the plays laid out before Sarkisian, seeing the hashmark, and seeing the yard line quickly. However, Atlanta went 3-1 before the decision and has gone 3-4 since that time. Also, Atlanta scored points and moved the ball effectively. Bye Week TDs Int Passing Avg. Avg. Pts Before 5 5 277.25 26 After 11 3 243.5 21 Total 16 8 254.75 23 Bye Week Rushing Yards Average Before 466 5.13 After 773 4.07 Total 1239 4.41 Tiki Barber also did a good job highlighting benefits to being on the sideline in the link below. Two big ones is that he can feel the urgency of the players and situation on the sideline; second he can communicate directly with the QB. It should streamline communication between Sark and the entire offense during adjustments between drives. https://www.si.com/nfl/video/2017/10/23/falcons-offense-steve-sarksian-calling-plays-sidelines Also, if Quinn’s philosophy is about featuring people in positions of strength, then apply it to Sarkisian and move him down. 2. Move Bush Hamdan, the QB coach upstairs to the booth. If Dan cares about hash and yard-line being communicated quickly then let Hamdan use the communication in to Sarkisian for that purpose. In addition, Hamdan can take notes of opposing defenses from a big picture view and share them at the half for adjustments. Also, if you don’t know already, Hamdan is leaving next year to University of Washington to be an OC which brings me to a few offseason changes. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/bush-hamdan-returning-to-montlake-to-serve-as-huskies-offensive-coordinator/ Moreover, the Rams are leveraging a similar gameday approach with the McVay calling plays on the sideline while Matt Lefleur the OC is in the box making observations. "Game day is when the conversations between LaFleur, McVay and the quarterbacks are the most urgent. Mannion is always listening in as McVay shares the play with Goff in the huddle, benefitting from what LaFleur sees up in the press box to inform his calls, and hears an extremely smooth relaying of information." - LaFleur an overlooked conduit in Rams' surging offense 3. Add QB Coach to Sarkisian in the offseason. If a head-coach can also call plays, then Sarkisian should have no problem playing OC and QB coach being a former QB himself. Also, I’m sure Hamdan provides little benefit to Matt and Shaub since they’re both vets. Lastly, the roster has been built to win now; barring career ending injury, Atlanta isn't rebuilding anytime soon: it's about the superbowl NOW! "FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Falcons have finalized their 53-man roster for the 2017 season. General manager Thomas Dimitroff has said all offseason that he believes this is “one of the most impressive” rosters he’s ever had, and now it’s complete." 4. Promote Raheem Morris from WR coach to Offensive Consultant and put him upstairs in the booth next year. He’s our Passing Game Coordinator which I found…“Nominally a passing game coordinator organizes the passing game from concepts, personnel, formations based on every conceivable situation. Most passing game coordinators are also position coaches, mostly at quarterback and wide receiver.” If Raheem is critical to the overarching strategy week to week and is a defensive mind, why isn’t he given the booth to concentrate on feeding Sarkisian potential in-game strategic adjustments? My gut feeling is that he’d greatly improve our ability to adjust between offensive series and halves. Today, his role as passing game coordinator is hampered game day dealing with receivers. While he has greatly benefited them, it’s time to promote him to keep him here a little longer and help Sarkisian in his continued development. 5. Hire a new WR coach… for reasons stated above.
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