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Found 13 results

  1. So I saw that article about the secondaries rankings for the season, and we were #5. It made my blood boil with excitement. Since I received so much love from the Freeman highlight video I made, I decided to do one for the secondary. Do yah think we can have the best secondary in the league this year like the Broncos of 2015?
  2. Im hurt Like everyone else been a fan since 2002 .... But when I think of my team THESE ARE MY FALCONS !!!!!
  3. didn't see this posted yet... man the feels...
  4. This has been a magical and memorable season....we still have one more to go..I'm drunk...and I'm going to savor the moment. ..2 weeks from now...let's put a stamp on this thang and bring that trophy home...it's been a long time coming. ..
  5. I am so effin pumped. We're leaving at 9:30AM to blow the roof off the dome one last time.
  6. For those of you on Facebook and the like, the Atlanta Falcons media has started a social media campaign #InBrotherhood to support our Falcons throughout the playoffs. Change your profile pic to the pic below. I just did it. https://www.facebook.com/atlantafalcons
  7. I love our brotherhood end zone celebrations where give our big guys some love and have them spike the bowl, better than the dirty bird and def better than Cam's stupid dabbing.
  8. Don't know if this was posted. Didn't see it but I love this teams bond. http://www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/23551/falcons-devonta-freeman-spikes-bond-with-offensive-line
  9. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/videos/Atlanta-Falcons-Intro-vs-Carolina-Panthers/f464a527-2e65-4ea7-8be4-406b0ab97440 **** it. If someone can pull the video, I'm technology challenged. But this is how they entered the Dome Sunday... No single player introduction... Just took the field as "The Atlanta Flacons"... Best entrance yet in my opinion!
  10. Honestly, this might be the least upset I've ever been after a loss. Especially considering we got screwed. It's because I now know how good this team actually is. And it's really ******* good. To go on the road for 10 days, play in Denver, fly directly to Seattle afterward and stay there a week, play a **** good Seattle team coming off a bye week, go down early and fight back in the hardest stadium to win in in the league against the best defense in the league and only lose because of a no call and a self inflicted interception... I mean, I'm not sure we've ever seen a Falcons team THIS good. If we showed up a little earlier and decided to run on that first down instead of pass (benefit of hindsight, fine with the call), we walk out 5-1 with the hardest schedule in the league. It's okay to be upset at the garbage officials in this game, but let's not lose sight of the ultimate goal. This team has higher aspirations than a week 6 win in Seattle. This team is built for greatness. So instead of arguing with each other over what went wrong and placing blame, let's rally behind this team. The people that are able to go to the Dome this week, go in there and blow the ******* roof off and give our boys the homecoming they deserve! #RiseUp #Brotherhood #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall
  11. "I'll do whatever the team needs me to do, even if thats taking out the trash." Best quote of the season. Julio is the ultimate professional. I just hope that the overconfidence in the Broncos backfield comes back to bite them(yes they are good but I hope they try to single up JJ a time or two). I love the attitude that permeates from DQ down to the very last man.
  12. So, for the first time in my memory of attending Falcons home games, the pregame starting line up introductions didn't happen. The Falcons took the field under the announcement of The Atlanta Falcons under head coach Dan Quinn and the video boards had a new video I've never seen that was based on brotherhood. Not a single individual player was called out. And I really really liked it! Along with some other changes like not allowing anyone to step on the falcons logo that's on the Falcons locker room floor, I think this team has fully bought into each other and are building an identity for themselves from the inside out. EDIT: If anyone can find that video online OR the Louis Armstrong Georgia "Always Running" video that was played in the 4th quarter, would love to see both again.
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