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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, J.R. and me have done a show on what we would like to see the Falcons running back group do. And hope that Todd Gurley can get more touchdowns on the ground. Let us know what you think about topic and video?
  2. What's up #Falconsfam? Here is another video. Talking about what maybe the meaning behind carrying 5 backs and a fullback. Does it mean more running the football under OC Dirk Koetter? Pound 4 Pound ATL speaks on it. In this video. And would love your take as well. Thanks!
  3. Checkout Pound4PoundATL's video on what we saw on the Atlanta Falcons Military Appreciation Day. From our live stream on our channel.
  4. Two birds, one stone and pun intended LOL. Here's some scouting footage of both Hill and a little of Kazee. Spoiler alert. They both can ball guys... Watch Kazee close on the qb while tries to scramble around the 9.55 mark. Great awareness and closing speed followed by a solid tackle. He also had a pick in this game if I'm not mistaken. He definitely has the potential to be an upgrade to Allen. Ball hawk and solid tackler. But of course we are supposed to be watching Brian Hill here... Man, how in the **** did he slip to the 5th? What can't this guy do? His knock was that he didn't catch many passes, but he caught a few in this game and looked fluid doing it. Totally can be in his game. Remember, Coleman's knock was that he didn't catch many balls in college. Now he is arguably the best receiving RB in all of the NFL... Brian's pass blocking, powerful running style, vision, ball security and burst are all plus attributes. Dude literally has no holes in his game... Should be fun to watch both of these guys practice. These guys both have serious potential....
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